Must Visit Snorkeling Resorts in Belize

Belize is a Premier Snorkeling Destination


Belize is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The adventures are plentiful in Belize. Between the resorts and the country’s tourism, they offer something for everyone.

With extraordinary white sandy beaches adorned with crystal clear turquoise water, historic ruins, abundant wildlife, and the world’s second-largest barrier reef, Belize offers a lifetime of adventurous memories for you and your partner, your family, or a friend.

The Belize barrier reef encompasses 185 miles of the great Mesa-American Barrier Reef System that stretches miles from Mexico to Honduras, with Belize and Guatemala in the middle. That means Belize’s entire coastline remains pristine, protected, and teeming with sea-life.

So if you’re in search of the best snorkeling resorts in Belize, you’ll be justly rewarded by staying at any of the top 10 best snorkeling resorts we’ve listed below. 

Our Top Ten Picks

Belize is a coastal country with various beachfront hotel resorts offering overwater bungalows, beachfront cabanas, and traditional hotel stays. There are numerous spots for snorkeling in Belize. So we’ve amassed a selection of the best snorkeling resorts in Belize just for you. 

1. Tranquility Bay Resort

The Tranquility Bay Resort offers access to world-renowned snorkeling just feet from their beaches. They offer guests snorkeling gear to rent; however, they advise you to bring your snorkel-gear to observe a sea of color from an unimaginable amount of marine life.

The resort lies on the Ambergris Caye—a small island—inside the Belize marine reserve, Bacalar Chico. 

The staff and management at Tranquility Bay Resort aim to deliver on your experience during your stay, one of many reasons guests return. Although, they also return because the property offers seaside cabanas from affordable pricing to luxury suites.

2. Pelican Reef Villas Resort

Pelican Reef Villas Resort is a unique luxury resort in size. As a boutique resort located in the town of San Pedro, you’ll need to make additional arrangements on either a two-hour ferry ride from Belize City or a 20-minute flight—take your pick.

Once you’ve arrived, the staff and management teams work hard to ensure you feel right at home. The intimate beachfront resort offers two room-styles with either a beach view or a garden view, all with that Caribbean-style and comfort.

They combined a variety of adventures to choose from, that include snorkeling. They offer at least five snorkeling excursions.

Pelican Reef Villas’s first adventure is the Mexico Rocks Snorkel and Beach BBQ, a full-day excursion with a morning and afternoon snorkeling and barbeque in between.

Guest’s looking for a low-key day can take a morning boat ride to watch West Indian Manatees lumber along the mangroves, followed by lunch, ending with a short swim with dolphins.

For those looking for a break from snorkeling, checkout our Hol Chan Reserve & Shark Ray Alley adventures for a short 2.5 hours of travel and snorkel in all.

The resort’s most affordable half-day excursion takes guests to the Belize Barrier Reef’s north region near the Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos.

The Pelican Reef sails off Caye Caulker for shopping and lunch, and then it’s off to Shark Ray Alley for some snorkeling, then back to your boutique resort.

3. Tobacco Caye Paradise

Tobacco Caye Paradise resort has over-water and beachfront cabanas. More like a Bed and Breakfast concept, the resort only has six cabanas and at this time doesn’t allow children.

The property is a full-time residence for this privately operated family-owned resort. Getting there requires a privately chartered boat ride just 30-minutes off-shore from Dangriga.

They offer four snorkel trips, and gear is not required. They also provide coursework in other underwater sports and package deals. Each snorkeling tour has a professional dive instructor from the local diving experts at Island Adventure Ltd., part of the Belize Adventure Group.

4. Robert’s Grove Beach Resort

Robert’s Grove Beach Resort tops our best-snorkeling resorts for families—sorry, Rover will have to stay at home since the hotel doesn’t allow pets.

The beachfront resort is on the peninsula of Placencia, and you can get to the resort by one of Belize’s domestic airlines, Maya Air or Tropic Air.

The resort can arrange almost any adventure you seek, from fly fishing, sea kayaking, and, best of all, snorkeling.

The resort offers nine room layouts that sleep as little as three people or as many as six people. Room rates vary, but the price guarantee is an excellent way to earn business by honoring another hotel’s lower value.

5. Mahogany Bay Village

Mahogany Bay Village is Hilton owned, isolated on the tiny island of Ambergris—Belize’s largest island at 25 miles long and approximately 1-mile at its widest point. They offer exceptional accommodations and a myriad of activities and services.

Guests can contact the Concierge’s Desk when looking for something thrilling, low-key, or looking for a restaurant with local flair. The Concierge can also point you in the right direction for snorkeling excursions.

Many snorkeling adventures head out to the famous Shark Ray Alley to swim alongside nursing sharks, turtles, stingrays, and many other sea creatures. But you can also snorkel in the infamous Blue Hole of Belize—a unique opportunity to be taken by excursion or as an adventure accommodation package.

6. Belizean Dreams Resort

From Belizean Dreams Resort are ‘all-inclusive’ vacation packages. The resort is a two-hour car trip south of Belize City to Dangriga, a journey worthy of its destination. They customize vacation packages just the way you want.

One of the many things Belizeans are known for is their hospitality. A country that almost exclusively relies on tourism for income. And at Belizean Dreams, they’ve earned the reputation as one of the top 10 Hotels for Best Service in Belize.

The snorkeling adventures offered through the hotel start at a half-day and are suited for strong swimmers as young as five years of age.

7. Las Terrazas Resort

The Las Terrazas Resort is truly a luxury to behold, located in the town of San Pedro. The destination resort is only accessible by a two-hour ferry ride from Belize City or a 20-minute flight—take your pick. They offer five different room layouts, all with the comforts of home and lavish seaside amenities, specials, and adventures. While children are allowed, pets are not.

The resort partners with dive master’s that offer training and knowledge to guide you safely and privately no matter what snorkeling excursion you choose from:

  • Blue Hole
  • The Elbow
  • Mexico Rocks
  • Sail and Snorkel Cye Caulker

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8. Hamanasi

The Hamanasi is an adults-only hotel and a 40-minute drive from Dangriga Airstrip via Maya Air as recommended by the Hamanasi resort. They are a family-friendly resort offering six different room layouts and locations throughout the resort property.

A majority of snorkeling is a 35-minute drive within the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. All trips are accommodating by a certified Belizean tour guide.

Most snorkeling locations are easy to navigate and traverse without disorientation. Guides are also capable of seeing to the bottom of the reef floor as an added protection.

9. Sapphire Beach Resort

Some consider the Sapphire Beach Resort the jewel of the Ambergris Caye, or perhaps an ideal location for one of the best snorkeling resorts in Belize.

Although guests of the Sapphire can not access or exit the barrier reef from the resort’s beaches due to ecologically protected seagrass that supplies the reef with oxygen, guests can make reservations with the resort’s front desk for any of the following six snorkeling reserves in Belize.

  • Basil Jones is a lagoon that has closed off much of the wildlife from the rest of the barrier reef that they’re not found elsewhere in the reef.
  • Punta Azul is quite literally the ocean’s arches, caused by the crashing waves and wind exposure that have cut away at the limestone to form the arches.
  • Tres Cocos is home to some of the strangest named fish, such as the parrotfish, porkfish, trumpet fish, squirrelfish, and harlequin bass. 
  • The notorious Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef Atoll
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley
  • Mexico Rocks are known for their boulder-sized coral.

10. Royal Palm Caye Resort Island

The Royal Palm Caye Resort situated on the remote island of Saint George’s Caye, Belize, is a distinct island of great adventures teeming with life above and below the water’s surface.

As far as world-renowned snorkeling goes, the Royal Palm Caye Resort Island delivers on one of the best snorkeling resorts in Belize, with water temperature hovering around balmy 80 degrees. Royal Caye Palm Resorts offers snorkeling adventures to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, Gallow’s Point, and Swallow Caye Reserve.

A Few Other Snorkeling Spots Worthy of Mention

Besides the ten we compiled above, Belize offers these other abundant resort gems—all that guarantee equally breathtaking snorkeling spots to suit your taste.

  1. The Placencia Resort
  2. Hopkins Bay Resort
  3. Thatch Caye Resort
  4. Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge
  5. Ranguana Caye Cabanas
  6. Copal Tree Lodge
  7. Blue Horizon Lodge
  8. Brisa Oceano Resort
  9. Royal Belize Private Island
  10. Turneffe Island Resort

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Belize’s coastline has a legion of resorts with access to some of the best snorkeling locations on Earth. This amassed list of the best snorkeling resorts in Belize should assist you with planning a legendary vacation to Belize.

A visit to the coastal country, easier accessed by plane or skiff, should check-off one bucket list item for anyone planning a snorkeling trip to Belize.

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