Best Toddler Fish Games

Best Toddler Fish Games of 2022


Although we’d all love to forget everything on our schedule and take the family on a fishing trip, that’s not always a viable option. Unless you live in the countryside, it can be challenging to come across lakes or rivers for fishing. If your child likes to fish or you don’t want them to stay inside playing on the phone, you could always opt for an entertaining fishing game. 

Fishing games typically mimic real-life angling and reward catches with points. Not only do fishing games for toddlers teach them how to fish, but they are also a fun and competitive way to bond with your little one. 

Below we’ve compiled the top 15 best toddler fish games on the market. We cover every detail you need to know about each game so you can find the best one for you and your kid. 

Let’s get to the games!

The Best Toddler Fish Games Reviews (Updated 2022)

Continue reading below to learn about the best fish games for toddlers. Please note that the games aren’t in any particular order. The numbers aren’t related to a ranking because each product has its own unique benefits. 

1. Top Bright Toddler Fishing Game

This game comes with 26 wooden fishing puzzles that contain vibrant designs with numbers, letters, and beautiful pictures of sea creatures. The puzzles are designed to help your toddler improve their memory, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

Your toddler uses a magnetic rod to capture each of the 26 pieces. Whether they want to play alone or you want to join in, it’s a fantastic way for your kid to dive deep into their imagination and feel like they’re on a real-life fishing trip. It’s also an excellent way to teach your toddler how to socialize and interact during challenges. 

The wooden puzzle pieces contain real high-quality and non-toxic wood, so your child can play without any risks. While the most fun part of the game is catching the fish, your toddler can also learn about the alphabet and counting while they enjoy their indoor fishing adventure. 

The game is designed for ages 2-4, but the set will last years, and some older kids still enjoy solving the puzzles.  


  • Wildly entertaining and educational
  • Non-toxic and safe materials
  • Durable and long-lasting pieces


  • Sometimes the magnets don’t attach to the rods
  • Toddler may find it boring after playing a few times
  • Smaller than other toys

2. Funcorn Fishing Bath Toy 

Not every child enjoys a bath, but you can make them excited to wash up with a fun fishing game. The Funcorn Fishing Bath Toy is an excellent way to keep your toddler busy during bath time. With the Funcorn set, you get a fishing net, rod, 3 toys, a bag, and 2 strain toys. Your toddler can also enjoy this fun game in a swimming pool.

One cool thing about this fishing toy is that it helps showcase how to catch fish using both a rod and a net. The pieces are soft and smooth, so you don’t need to worry about your toddler injuring themselves while enjoying their game. Not only can your child enjoy catching the fish, but each toy makes a noise when they squeeze them. 

Your toddler must scoop up all of the cute fish toys using either the rod or net. Once they’re done playing, you can put everything in the handy organizer bag to neatly store the game and prevent mold. It’s the perfect fishing game for toddlers older than 18 months. 


  • It comes with an organizer bag for easy storage
  • Made from high-quality soft plastic
  • An extremely entertaining way to encourage bath time


  • Some children don’t enjoy playing with the hook
  • The reel doesn’t wind up 
  • Paint comes off fast

3. Small World Toys Sand & Water  

If you’re looking for a more realistic toddler fishing game, the Small World Toys Sand & Water game gives your child a real-life feel for angling. The set comes with 2 magnetic lures, a rod, reel, and a large battery-powered 9×4 inch toy fish. The primary focus of this toy is to help your toddler develop motor skills, encourage critical thinking, and boost confidence. 

All you need to do is set the battery-powered fish in a pool of water and let the magic happen. The magnetic lures attach the fish’s mouth, and your child can reel it in like a pro. This toy stands out from others because of the realistic action-oriented functionality of the rod and reel. 

The Small World Toys Sand & Water toy is the perfect gift for any toddler 3 and up. Small World Toys has been around for over 5 decades and are known to provide high-quality and long-lasting products for kids. All of the materials are non-toxic and completely safe to play with. 

The only real downside is batteries aren’t included, but the fun never stops once you get your power source. 


  • Mimics real-life fishing techniques
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Improves multiple skills


  • Batteries not included
  • Rod isn’t very sturdy
  • Batteries drain fast

4. Akamino Wooden Magnetic Fun Fishing Game

Several fishing games are either made from old plastic or require batteries to play. The Akamino Wooden Magnetic Fun Fishing Game is ready to go right out of the box. All of the pieces contain non-toxic materials and soft edges to avoid injuries, and all of the designs are vibrant and eye-catching. 

The set comes with 2 wooden rods and an assortment of wooden fish pieces that contain numbers. Your toddler can fish out the wooden pieces to solve basic math problems, increase their mobility, and to boost their critical thinking skills. Although it may be tempting, the wooden pieces cannot go in the water as it can cause them to fade and produce mold. 

Akimino’s fishing game is the perfect activity to play at home with your preschooler as it doesn’t require any other equipment other than what’s in the set. Since the pieces contain high-quality wood, they can provide you with at least a few years worth of fun. Your toddler can choose to play alone, or you can grab the other rod and play along and help them solve problems. 


  • Perfect birthday or Christmas present
  • It helps improve mobility and hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches toddlers to solve basic math problems


  • It cannot be used in water
  • Rod isn’t very durable
  • Difficult to store

5. LOYO Fishing Game for Kids

If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s colorful toys. The Loyo Fishing Game for Kids comes packed with several vibrant fish pieces that your child won’t be able to get enough of. In the set, you get 45 kinds of fish in 10 different colors. It’s a fantastic way for your toddler to learn about numerous types of sea creatures and have fun during the process. 

Some of the key benefits of this game are helping your child coordinate colors, improve motor skills, build patience, and learn different fish characteristics. One feature we truly love about this game is that it comes with an inflatable pool to place the pieces in. Not only does it make the game more realistic, but it makes it a lot more fun.

LOYO uses durable plastic for the fishing rods, which makes them ultra-flexible and difficult to break. The magnet at the end of the rod is extremely strong and should catch the fish as soon as they are nearby.

You can also use this game in the bathtub if you have a toddler that’s always resistant to washing. The game will make them enjoy taking a bath or at least keep them entertained. 


  • It comes with a handy organizer bag to keep toys dry
  • Includes inflatable pool 
  • Over 45 kinds of fish 


  • Magnet weakens over time
  • Colors can fade easily
  • Some toddler like to chew the fish

6. Battat Fishing Set

Like the Small World Toys Sand & Water fishing toy, the Battat Fishing Set is a realistic toddler fishing set. The reel is functional, and the magnetic hook allows your child to cast out and catch the toy fish. In the set are 4 types of fish that are made from high-quality, safe materials. 

The set comes with 2 rods, so you can sit down and enjoy the indoor fishing adventure with your child. You can also use the set in a bathtub or swimming pool. 

Battat has been making children’s toys for over a century and has been a top manufacturer in the United States for over 40 years. The Battat Fishing Set is the perfect gift for children over 3 and should remain fun for at least 2 years. 

Since the toys are chewable, you should always supervise your child when playing with the Battat Fishing Set. One thing toddlers absolutely love is the rod makes a clicking noise as they reel in their fish. While the toy is designed for kids, even adults seem to get a kick out of it when they give it a try.


  • Realistic fishing rod with clicking sounds
  • 4 types of fish made from durable materials
  • Great birthday or Christmas gift


  • Requires supervision
  • Magnets aren’t very strong
  • Not as educational as other products

7. Nashrio Magnetic Wooden Fishing Set

The Magnetic Wooden Fishing Set by Nashrio is incredibly fun and educational for children 2 and up. Not only does it keep your toddler entertained, but it also helps them improve their critical thinking and aptitude skills. 

The game comes with a wooden board with several colorful fish that contain numbers and letters. Your child needs to use the wooden fishing rod with a magnetic tip to collect different fish. You can use numbers and letters to spell out other words or even conduct math problems. 

All of the pieces contain high-quality and polished wood that’s built to last several years. All of the edges are soft, and Nashrio eco-friendly and non-toxic paint for each fish piece. 

Not only does the Nashrio Magnetic Wooden Fishing Set teach your kid about different types of fish, but it also helps them improve their motor skills and recognize different patterns. The set can also help boost your child’s imagination and help them become more creative by combining different colors and numbers.

Since the set only comes with one rod, you can only play one person at a time. However, you’re more than welcome to sit there and help your child with the game’s objectives. 


  • Well-polished and durable materials 
  • Suitable for practicing multiple skills, including counting and spelling
  • Easy to store


  • It only comes with one rod
  • Some children like to chew the pieces
  • Not usable in water

8. Gamenote Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Game for Toddlers  

Teaching children the alphabet is never easy. However, the best way to improve their study is to provide visuals. The Gamenote Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Game comes with several vibrant pieces that contain letters that your toddler will love playing with. This toddler fishing game is a fantastic way for your child to memorize colors and letters and have fun while doing so. 

The fish pieces are about 2-inches long, and the pool is roughly 12 inches in diameter. You can easily put all of the fish in at once and have an absolute alphabetical bonanza, or you can put a few fish in at a time to spell out certain words. You and your child can use the fishing pool or just use the fish to play alphabet games. 

The set comes with two magnetic rods, so it’s great to play in doubles or groups. If you’re looking for a fun game to bring to birthday parties, this one really hits home and is extremely educational. Other children will be dying to show off their spelling and fishing skills, encouraging the rest to try harder to improve. 


  • Extremely engaging and entertaining
  • Great for groups 
  • It uses a unique way to teach the alphabet


  • Pieces are easy to lose
  • Magnets weaken quickly
  • Some children get bored after a few times

9. Montessori Toys Magnetic Fishing Math Game

Teaching math is never easy, especially for toddlers. However, with the Montessori Toys Magnetic Fishing Math Game, you can create a fun and engaging way to teach basic arithmetic. Since it comes with two rods, you can hop in and play along with your little one. 

As with other games on our list, kids use the two wooden fishing rods with magnetic ends to pick up the colorful fish pieces on the board. The game comes with 25 fish and 5 manipulatives (+=X/) to perform simple and complex equations. Not only does this game help boost your kid’s math skills, but it also helps improve hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. 

All of the fish pieces contain vibrant colors to keep your toddler interested. The Montessori Toys Magnetic Fishing Math Game is the ideal activity for duos, groups, or birthday parties. All of the pieces contain high-quality and safe materials, and Montessori Toys is a reputable brand for toddler games. 

However, younger children may not understand the math objectives. With that in mind, the game’s fishing aspect is still enjoyable for children ages 2 and up.


  • Heavy focus on developing math skills
  • Fun to play in groups
  • High-quality materials from a reputable brand


  • Can’t play in water
  • It might be too advanced for some toddlers
  • Easy to lose the pieces

10. Haktoys Deluxe Fishing Game Toy Set

If you’re looking for a more interactive fishing game purely for entertainment purposes, the Haktoys Deluxe FishingGame Toy Set is an excellent option. Although the game is designed for pure fun, it’s still a fantastic way to improve your toddler’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s incredibly affordable and should create years worth of fun for your little one.

The game’s objective is to use the fishing rods to catch as many fish as possible on the spinning fishing pond. One thing we love about this game is that it comes with flashing LED lights and cool sounds to keep your kid interested as they play along. All of the materials are free of BPA, high-quality, soft, and safe. 

The amazing thing about this game is it’s suitable for up to 4 players, making it an excellent choice for siblings, friends, or parents. The set comes with 4 fishing poles, 26 fish, and a double-layer fishing board. One of the only downsides is that the game requires batteries, and they aren’t included in the set. 

You can also purchase additional rods if you want to add more players or get two sets to bring to parties. 


  • Fun and engaging 
  • Suitable for up to 4 players
  • LED lights and fun sounds for the ultimate entertainment


  • Batteries not included
  • Not very durable
  • No educational objectives

11. WHISKY Fishing Game Toy Set

This entertaining fishing game why WHISKY Toys provides never-ending fun for you and your child. The set comes with 24 colorful fish pieces, 5 fishing rods, and a motorized platform that plays music while the game is activated. Unlike many other games on this list, the fishing rods contain plastic hooks your toddler uses to catch the fish. 

The objective of the game is for the players to catch as many fish as possible and store them in their color-coded bucket. Whoever catches the most fish wins. It’s an enjoyable activity to play with friends and family as there’s a bit of a competitive edge. The game is designed for children 4 and up, and you can choose to play indoors or outside. 

Not only is the game wildly entertaining, but it also helps improve your child’s coordination, concentration, and reflexes. One cool thing about this game is that the fish open their mouths while rotating. That kind of realism gives your child a realistic idea of what angling is like. 

Since the game comes with 5 rods, it makes for the perfect party game for birthdays or Christmas. 


  • It comes with 5 rods for multiple players
  • Fish open their mouths, adding a more realistic feel
  • Interactive sounds 


  • Rotating board can break easily 
  • Pieces can sometimes go missing
  • No education objective

12. Cute Stone Fishing Game Toys With Slideway

Although the Cute Stone Fishing Game design may look complicated, the objective of the game is extremely straightforward. The set comes with 10 fish pieces, 2 rods, and a magnetic fishing board that causes the fish to move around. The slide allows fish and dolphins to slide around the board, making it even more challenging to catch them.

With the fun music and moving pieces, the Cute Stone Fishing Game is incredibly interactive and offers a fun indoor fishing activity for your toddler and their friends. The moving pieces help improve your child’s patience and coordination since they need to concentrate on catching a fish successfully. The game also helps improve color recognition, which is a huge bonus.   

All of the materials are safe and non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about your child getting hurt. However, it’s still recommended that they play under your supervision. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Interactive music and sounds
  • Non-toxic, durable materials


  • Rotating board can break easily
  • Requires adult supervision
  • Only suitable for children 3 and up

13. Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game

Without a doubt, toddlers love rubber duckies. With the Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game, your child can enjoy playing with the beautiful yellow ducks and learn basic fishing skills. This game is suitable for multiple occasions, including bathtime, birthday parties, carnivals, or just while having fun in the yard. 

The set comes with an inflatable pond, 2 rods, and 6 ducks to catch. Setting up the Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game is incredibly simple. All you have to do is inflate the pond, add a little bit of water, place the ducks inside, and you’re good to go. 

The ducks have small rings on their heads, so the objective is for your kid to catch as many as possible using the rods with hooked tips. All of the hooks are made from soft and safe materials, but you should still make sure they don’t attack other kids with rods (some users have issues with this). 

This duck fishing game by Bundaloo is the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. The best part is that everything is included, and you can even throw in other toys to add to the excitement. Bundaloo’s Duck Fishing Game is also an excellent way to improve a child’s mobility and hand-eye coordination.   


  • A huge hit at parties and events
  • Easy to play 
  • Everything is included in the set


  • No educational objective
  • Some kids just like to play with the ducks
  • The inflatable pond can break easily 

Toddler Fish Games Buying Guide (Your Guide for Selecting the Best Product)

With all of the options to choose from, it can be a bit tough to select the best toddler fish games to suit your child’s needs. Some are flashy, some educational, and others are downright boring. However, choosing the best product is easy if you know what to look for. We’ve created this neat little buying guide below to help you make the right decision. 

Types of Toddler Fish Games

Here are the different types of toddler fishing games on the market:

Water-Based Games

Who doesn’t like to play with water? Numerous toddler fish games are suitable for both the pool and bathtub. Water-based fish games are awesome because it gives your child a more realistic invitation to fishing. They can practice casting and reeling in just like you would with a real fishing rod. 

If you’re going to choose a water-based game, make sure the set comes with a storage bag that prevents the pieces from molding. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the game for very long.

Board Games

Most other fish games come with a board (usually made from wood) that make for a lot of fun. The wooden pieces typically contain vibrant colors that are appealing for children in order to keep them entertained. The only downside to wooden board games is that you can’t play with them in the water. However, they are still an excellent choice for living room fun or birthday parties. 

Educational Games

If you can make learning education, it’s a huge “win-win” opportunity for you and your child. Fortunately, numerous toddler fish games come with an educational objective. Whether it’s learning how to spell, count, or solve math problems, there are several entertaining fish games to help enhance the learning process. 

Benefits of Toddler Fish Games

Who knew that learning how to fish comes with so many benefits? Some of the primary benefits of using a fishing game are:

  • Improved motor skills. Moving the fishing rod around requires hand-eye coordination and precision. By continually playing a fishing game, you can expect your toddler’s motor skills to improve over time. 
  • Improves concentration. While real-life fishing requires a lot more patience, fishing games can be an excellent way to improve your toddler’s concentration. The games necessitate them to focus on a particular objective and use problem-solving skills throughout the activity. 
  • Helps relieve stress. As a parent, you’re probably well aware that toddlers are full of energy. An interactive fishing game is a great way to relieve stress and for you and your child. 

Things to Consider when Choosing a Game

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to pick the best toddler fish game, there are 4 main things to look for. Below are some of the factors to think about when choosing a toddler fish game.


One of the most challenging things about choosing toddler toys in general is finding products that last, especially if your kid enjoys rough play. Therefore, you should always make sure the game you’re getting contains high-quality materials. Most of the toddler fish games above are made of wood or durable plastic, so they should last a few years before wearing down. 


Safety should always be your main concern when choosing toys. The last thing you want is for your child to choke or hurt themselves while trying to have a little fun. Therefore, always check the game’s features to see that the materials are safe and non-toxic. Fortunately, all of the games above contain harmless materials so you can have peace of mind and not lose sleep.


While you always want to keep your budget in mind when shopping for toys, it’s sometimes not best to go with the cheapest option. If you shop solely on price, you might end up with a cheap game that will break after a few times. With that in mind, you still don’t want to break the bank when buying games for your kids. Try and find a fishing game within a reasonable budget. 

Age Limits

Several toddler fishing games are suitable for specific age groups. Some toys are good for 18 months and up, where others are more enjoyable for kids over 2. Always check to see whether or not a game is suitable for your child’s age. If your toddler is a bit too young, they still may enjoy the game and grow into it in the future.

Best Toddler Fish Games Comparison Chart

ProductPriceProduct Size (L x W x H )Recommended ageUnique Features
Top Bright Toddler Fishing Game$$$5" x 5" x 7"2 - 6 yearsWildly entertaining and educational, non-toxic and safe materials
Funcorn Fishing Bath Toy$10' x 8" x 2.6"1 - 5 YearsIt comes with an organizer bag for easy storage, made from high-quality soft plastic
Small World Toys Sand & Water$9" x 13" x 8"1 - 5 YearsHigh-quality and durable materials, improves multiple skills
Akamino Wooden Magnetic Fun Fishing Game$24" x 2 x 5"2 - 3 YearsPerfect birthday or Christmas present, it helps improve mobility and hand-eye coordination
LOYO Fishing Game for Kids$28" x 19" x 13"2 - 4 YearsIncludes inflatable pool , Over 45 kinds of fish
Battat Fishing Set$$$10" x 9" x 9"3 - 9 Years4 types of fish made from durable materials, great birthday or Christmas gift
Nashrio Magnetic Wooden Fishing Set$11.8" x 8.9" x 0.6"3 years and upWell-polished and durable materials
Gamenote Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Game for Toddlers$7.7" x 7.5" x 1.5"3 - 6 yearsExtremely engaging and entertaining, great for groups
Montessori Toys Magnetic Fishing Math Game$$$10" x 8" x 2"2 - 6 yearsHeavy focus on developing math skills, fun to play in groups
Haktoys Deluxe Fishing Game Toy Set$$$10" x 1.5" x 10"3 years and upFun and engaging, suitable for up to 4 players
WHISKY Fishing Game Toy Set$10" x 7.5" x 14'3 years and upIt comes with 5 rods for multiple players, interactive sounds
Cute Stone Fishing Game Toys With Slideway$$$17" x 11" x 4"3 years and upBeautiful design, interactive music and sounds
Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game$$$35" x 19" x 6"3 years and upA huge hit at parties and events, easy to play

(You might also be interested in reading about the Best Tropical Fish for Kids)


Fishing games are an excellent way for your child to get hands-on experience with angling, improve necessary skills, and of course, have fun! As you can see, there are several games on the market that tick all of the boxes. Since most of the products above are inexpensive, you’re more than welcome to try out several until you find one your child truly loves.

Remember, always consider the durability, safety, price, and age limits when choosing a toddler fish game. By doing so, you’ll find a high-quality activity that your little one can enjoy for years. 

We hope this guide helps you select the best toddler fish games. If you know somebody looking for the perfect gift for their toddler, please share this article with them. Now you’re ready to pick the best toddler fish games.

Happy fishing!

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