9 Best Incontinence Swimwear of 2021 (Buyer’s Guide!)

Incontinence is a pesky problem that can be a little embarrassing to discuss. It generally affects older adults but can also affect children, teens, and young adults.  

If you’re planning a vacation or just taking a trip to the pool, you want to be sure that you avoid any potential slip-ups while you’re out. Swim with confidence and regain your freedom in the water with incontinence swimwear.

Having done the research, we’re presenting you with the best swimwear for incontinence that’s at your disposal. By listing the pros and cons of each, our incontinence swimwear reviews will give you the info you need to choose the best products to suit your needs.

Based on customer satisfaction, usability, and comfort, our reviews guarantee that you’ll find a fit. We’ll also discuss the advantages and drawbacks of incontinence swimwear and any key features to look for when shopping.

However, before we get started, we need to establish what exactly incontinence swimwear is. 

The Best Swimwear for Incontinence (Editor’s Picks)

Every product has something to offer that makes it an excellent option for purchase. Although our list is numbered, the products are not arranged in any particular order regarding the quality or rank.

Here are our top choices for incontinence swimwear, including options for kids and adults alike!

1. Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers 

The Swimmates brand is known for providing quality products to those who experience incontinence. They’re designed to be seamlessly worn under a bathing suit and contain various forms of incontinence. 

The moisture-proof barrier helps to keep both your bathing suit and the pool area clean. In conjunction with the high-waisted elastic band, these disposable diapers offer a secure fit that won’t slip off. There are also inner gatherings around the cuff where the thighs are to give extra support for containment. 

Additionally, this disposable swimwear is unisex for both males and females. The smallest size is even suitable for children as well. Be sure to measure around your waist before buying to determine the proper size.


  • Designed to have minimal swelling when exposed to water
  • Features tear-away side seams for easy removal
  • A moisture-proof barrier for optimal containment
  • It comes in various sizes to suit many different body types


  • It cannot be worn alone
  • The high-waist design is uncomfortable to some
  • Some customers say that the sizes run small

 2. MyPoolPal Swim Diapers

The MyPoolPal Swim Diapers are a great choice for those who are looking for versatility. Boasting the option to be worn under or over, you can choose which option suits you best.

Incontinence swimwear is all about being discreet, and these swim diapers are not only that, but they are also comfortable and effective. The lightweight, breathable material makes it fast-drying in case of an incident. Since these are made to mimic regular swim bottoms, they give you protection and style. 

There’s also an inner liner specially designed for containment, and the cuffs around the thigh guarantee no leakage. You can wash these swim diapers time and time again for maximum reusability. 


  • Antibacterial protection to trap potentially dangerous bacteria such as e-coli
  • Breathable material that prevents overheating during use
  • Reusable swimwear that can be worn as a swim diaper or a diaper cover
  • Fast-drying material that can work soon after washing


  • It doesn’t include a moisture barrier 
  • Customers say that sizes run large
  • Expensive for what you receive

3. InControl Swim Briefs

These swim briefs are the perfect option to be worn as your regular swimwear to the pool. The InControl Swim briefs have an adjustable rise waistband that helps you get the perfect fit. 

There are snaps located on the front of the briefs that allow for quick and easy adjustments so that you can shorten the length of the briefs. They come in a plain blue color on the outside to be discreet and worn with various swim tops. 

The InControl swim briefs come with a waterproof outer shell and also one layer of absorbency. There’s also a comfortable sports mesh lining to create a 

wonderful feeling.

These briefs come in one size that can be adjusted to fit various waist sizes from 24″-42″.


  • Waterproof outer shell that helps to prevent water and no moisture from causing sagging and leakage
  • Adjustable rise waistband that can change the level of the briefs
  • Plain blue color allows for discretion and versatility as primary swim bottoms
  • Crossover snaps on the swim briefs allow for size adjustment from 24″-42″


  • It doesn’t come in a variety of colors 
  • The cuff around the thigh may be too tight; not suitable for larger body frames
  • There may not be enough layers of absorbency for optimal containment

4. Splash About Jammers 

These fitted swim trunks are specially created for bowel incontinence. Should you have any concerns about leakage, you can rest assured that the Splash About Jammers will give you the confidence to swim freely.

Designed with comfort in mind, these Jammers have been made from the very soft neoprene material that fits snugly to your body shape. Additionally, they have specialized waist seals and silicone deals around the thighs for maximum containment. 

They also have a stylish sporty look that allows them to blend in with everyone else’s swim attire; it doesn’t have to look like you’re wearing a diaper. The Splash About Jammers come in various sizes from XS to XL, and they also have children’s Jammers available for purchase.


  • Very discreet and sporty design for both men and women
  • Specially designed to be comfortable with a secure fit
  • Offers UPF50+ Sun Protection
  • Reliable for bowel incontinence


  • Swimwear not to be used for urinary incontinence
  • It only comes in two colors, one for men and one for women
  • It doesn’t include a moisture barrier

5. Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper 

Kiefer Adult Swim Diapers are an excellent option for those who value mobility. They’re designed with a trim fit to allow free movement, and they can be worn as-is or beneath a swimsuit. They don’t look or feel like a diaper, but they offer all the necessary protection of one. 

These swim diapers are washable and reusable, but they stand out as also being stain resistant. Lined with polyester for a comfortable fit, you don’t have to worry about them causing chaffing or irritating your skin, despite being trimmed and snug.

Kiefer swim diapers won’t disappoint when it comes to minimizing swelling and bulkiness because they don’t absorb water or other liquids. 


  • Stain-resistant adult swim diapers that can be used for various forms of incontinence
  • It offers a trim fit for maximum mobility
  • It does not absorb water like standard diapers
  • These swim diapers are both washable and reusable


  • It doesn’t have a special seal around the thigh to prevent leaks
  • Limited size options available
  • It doesn’t include a moisture barrier

 6. SpecialKids.Company Swimwear 

Designed especially for children that may have special needs, SpecialKids.Company swimwear can be used for both urinary and bowel incontinence. These one-piece swimsuits are available for girls aged 3-16 years old. They are reviewed on this list because customers have stated that petite women can also wear this swimsuit with little to no problems. 

This swimsuit is a one-piece that has a built-in waterproof lining in the seat, constructed with breathable PU coated polyester. This swimsuit also promotes a snug fit due to the adjustable elastic tape around the leg holes and the waistband. 

Protecting your skin from the sun is the UPF50+, and the material is also chlorine resistant and dries quickly to avoid irritation. SpecialKids.Company swimwear comes in a stylish halter top design that ties around the neck. 


  • Stylish halter top design for girls aged 3-16
  • Offers UPF50+ protection from harmful sun rays
  • Built-in waterproof lining into the swimsuit
  • Washable and reusable swimsuit


  • Not geared towards men
  • This bathing suit can only be worn by girls and small women
  • Removal may be more difficult because it is a one-piece swimsuit

7. SOSecure Swim Briefs 

SOSecure Swim Briefs are a discreet and comfortable swimwear option for adults that are experiencing mild to severe incontinence symptoms. These briefs are available for adults, teens, and children as well. 

These containment swim briefs are touted for their ability to provide superior protection. They are washable, reusable, and designed to be worn under a swimsuit, as they provide a snug fit. 

They also feature adjustable closures that give you the option to make it as tight as you’d like for that feeling of security. SOSecure swim briefs are designed for bowel incontinence, but they also provide limited protection against urinary leakage. 

Made from a high stretch fabric and soft fleece lining, you can’t go wrong with the SOSecure Swim Briefs if you want to enjoy a worry-free day at the beach or in the pool. They are effective, comfortable, and soft to the touch to prevent skin irritation.


  • Very elastic fabric with soft fleece lining for a comfortable fit 
  • Velcro closures offer adjustable sizing that opens up flat, making them easy to put on or remove
  • Elastic waistband and leg cuffs for a secure fit


  • It can only be worn underneath another swimsuit
  • No variety of colors available for selection
  • Designed specifically for bowel incontinence but can be used for urinary incontinence as well 

8. Swimmy Bathing Suit for Special Needs

The Swimmy Bathing Suit is specially designed for children and adults who have special needs and experience symptoms of incontinence. These trunks are unique in that they can contend with both bowel and urinary incontinence. The Swimmy incontinence swimwear is suitable for trips to the pool or beach without worry of leakages of any kind. 

There is a black holding slip as well as a dual sealing system to offer optimal containment while in use. The elastic cord is adjustable for a better fit around the waist and thighs, and the trunks feature a silicone belt around the thigh cuffs and the waist. 

The versatility of these incontinence swim trunks, via the elastic cord, accommodates a variety of body shapes and sizes to get the most comfortable fit. Thanks to the innovative fabrics used to construct this product, the swim trunks are soft and guaranteed not to irritate the skin. The Swimmy bathing suit is an excellent choice for both children and adults. 


  • Double sealing system in place to prevent leakages
  • Very comfortable trunks manufactured with soft materials 
  • Discreet design that comes in a neutral color


  • Only comes in one color
  • The swim trunks will wear down over time
  • Some customers have said that the black slip rips easily

9. Swim-sters Special Needs Swim Diapers

Anyone who is in need of a swim diaper when lounging in the pool can benefit from the Swim-sters brand diapers. This swim diaper is more stylish and vibrant than a traditional swim diaper. Unlike normal diapers, it also doesn’t absorb liquids, so it won’t appear bulky while you’re in and out of the water. 

Swim-sters diapers are to be worn beneath a swimsuit for extra protection against spillage. Because this product targets bowel incontinence, it’s manufactured with an antibacterial lining that helps to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. Studies have shown that this swim diaper has effectively restricted bacterial contamination in the water. 

Swim-sters special need diapers are reusable and machine washable for convenience. They do not contain latex, which protects those who may have any allergy concerns. Additionally, the sizes range from XS to XL, and the elastic bands around the waist and thighs make for a comfortable and snug fit. 


  • Swim-sters are not bulky and they don’t absorb liquids 
  • Latex-free and machine washable
  • Prevents harmful bacteria from being spread and entering the water


  • Only designed for bowel incontinence
  • No variety in color options
  • Does not have a moisture-barrier lining 

Incontinence Swimwear Buyer’s Guide – Knowing What to Look for

It’s important to make an informed decision when purchasing your incontinence swimwear. Having provided you with a variety of choices to suit your needs, let’s go over a couple of key topics that’ll help you make the final decision. There are certain features that you should look for that will indicate quality and security. 

Also, what are the benefits and drawbacks of incontinence swimwear, if any? Should you wear incontinence swimwear underneath traditional swimwear or on its own? 

We’ll address these questions and more in this comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you get a reliable product.

Can You Just Use Regular Adult Diapers?

The short answer to this question is “no.” Although it is tempting to just use what you have, a lot of regular incontinence products do not work very well under water. If you use regular pads or adult briefs when swimming, it may swell up or start to disintegrate. 

Incontinence swimwear is made with the specific situation in mind and has a different “saturation” point compared to regular products. The saturation point refers to the absorbency level, which can vary from product to product.

Some swimwear also have a plastic barrier and elastic bands to prevent leakage and contamination. On top of that, incontinence swimwear will fit more comfortably and give you more flexibility to swim.

Now that we’ve confirmed that regular products are not a suitable replacement, let’s get into the different types of incontinence swimwear. 

Types of Incontinence Swimwear

The selection of incontinence swimwear is fairly simple regarding what options you have at your disposal. You can opt to choose swimwear that can be worn to the pool without the accompaniment of a cover, or you can use disposable swim diapers that fit discreetly beneath your swimsuit.

The only other caveat is whether your swimwear is also reusable. Some people choose to have reusable swimwear to cut down on the price of continuously purchasing swim diapers when they want to enjoy time in the water, but others may be put off by the idea of reusing these products.

Below we’ve given a few more details to explain the differences and why one option may be better than the other, depending on your needs. 

Disposable Swimming Diapers

As stated, disposable swim diapers give you the option of easy removal and disposal. They’re designed to be discarded; therefore, they generally come equipped with tabs on the sides that can be torn, and you don’t have to make much of a mess. 

This is different from reusable swimwear that slides on and off, though you can find some reusable swimwear that has tabs as well. In these cases, they tend to serve for size adjustment as opposed to removal. 

Disposable swim diapers are typically white and always worn beneath another swimsuit.

Reusable Swim Gear or Tights

Reusable incontinence swimwear can be worn underneath another swimsuit, or they can be worn as-is. They come in a variety of colors for both men and women, and they usually have a more discreet look than disposable diapers. 

You can wash reusable swimwear time and time again, but they may wear down over time. Since they aren’t disposable, they’re usually made from a more durable material that will last you through many wears.

(You can check our other top pickups here of Disposable and Reusable Swimwear Diapers)

Containment Swim Diapers

In general, the point of incontinence swimwear, along with being discreet, is to contain any symptoms of incontinence. Some swimwear may be labeled as “containment briefs/swimwear” because they offer a more specialized design to contain and prevent leaks. 

This means you might see that they have special seals around the thighs to keep urinary or bowel incontinence from spilling. Perhaps the swimwear has multiple layers of absorbency pads or moisture barriers to keep you dry and stop leakage. 

Containment briefs and other swimwear are normally made specifically for bowel incontinence. 

Benefits of Using Incontinence Swimwear

There are many benefits to using incontinence swimwear, the chief advantage being that you can still enjoy the pool without worries of an incident. However, speaking more practically, the swimwear itself has benefits related to convenience as well. 

Here are the perks that you can look forward to should you choose to purchase any form of incontinence swimwear – disposable or reusable.

Advantages of Incontinence Swimwear:

  • The swimwear can be worn beneath your bathing suit for extra protection.
  • Various models of swimwear have soft material that makes it comfortable to wear and offers breathability.
  • You can purchase close-fit swimwear to reduce bulkiness. 
  • Incontinence Swimwear comes in various sizes for both children and adults.
  • Incontinence swimwear is specially designed to have a minimal amount of swelling, and it won’t disintegrate in water.
  • You can opt to have disposable swimwear that you can discard immediately after use, making cleanup a breeze.
  • You can purchase reusable swimwear, which is the most cost-efficient option that allows for many years.
  • Some forms of incontinence swimwear are designed to be worn by themselves as it resembles traditional swimwear, so you get protection and style all in one. 

These are the most prominent benefits you can obtain if you get the right incontinence swimwear for your next beach or pool visit. There are many ways to still enjoy the same activities that you’ve always enjoyed, and incontinence doesn’t have to get in the way. 

Drawbacks of Using Incontinence Swimwear 

There are some disadvantages to incontinence swimwear that one should be aware of before purchasing. If you don’t want to be caught off guard, here’s what you should know beforehand.

Disadvantages of Incontinence Swimwear:

  • Some incontinence swimwear options may be bulkier than others; be sure that it’s a close-fit before you purchase.
  • Some options are less discreet than others, especially when worn underneath your regular swimwear.
  • Purchasing incontinence swimwear can be expensive if they are disposable, as they must be changed regularly.
  • Depending on the material that the models are made from, it could present landfill issues.
  • Various models that have plastic layers on the outside can be noisy. 
  • Some incontinence swimwear is not necessarily easy to put on and take off. 
  • Some products aren’t breathable.
  • You can become vulnerable to overheating after long use. 

For the most part, these disadvantages are all remedied by doing your research and selecting a reliable pair of incontinence swimwear. Issues such as noisiness, bulkiness, and being costly can be fixed by purchasing reusable swimwear, offers a close fit, and doesn’t have much plastic on the outer layer.

How to Use Incontinence Swimwear 

It’s relatively easy to use incontinence swimwear because they’re designed for all-around convenience. Depending on the type of incontinence swimwear that you choose, you have a few options for use.

If you have incontinence swimwear with tabs on the sides, it makes it incredibly easy to slide on and off and adjust the size. With products that can be worn under your standard swimwear, then you’ll simply slide the incontinence swimwear in first, secure it, and then put on your regular swimwear. 

Even if your incontinence swimwear doesn’t have tabs on the side, assuming you’ve picked the proper size, you can just slide them on. If they’re designed to be worn alone, then that’s the only step, make sure you have a close-fit product that will reinforce its main purpose, which is containment. 

Another consideration for use is if the swimwear is disposable. In this case, you want to make sure that you are changing your swimwear regularly to avoid any accidents while you’re out. 

If the swimwear is reusable, monitor how long you’re using them, based on the form of incontinence that you experience. There may be instances where you should have a backup pair with you to exchange them if needed. 

In short, it’s easy to use incontinence swimwear as a reinforcement beneath your regular swimwear or as a standalone swimsuit or bikini. In the next section, we will discuss size, material, absorbability, and a few other features that are key to successful use.

Features to Look for When Choosing Incontinence Swimwear

There are four key features that you should look for when purchasing incontinence swimwear. You have a lot of different options to choose from, whether you need disposable or reusable swimwear. 


Incontinence swimwear should be comfortable and discreet. It should be a close fit against the body with minimal swelling. As they are already designed not to absorb water, they should be thin and virtually invisible under regular swimwear. 

If your swimwear comes in various colors, it’s even better because it looks more natural than some swim diapers appear. 

Another consideration when choosing a discreet product is the noise it may make. It may make you self-conscious if you’re walking around with a rustling sound from your underwear. The swimwear should be a soft material that has minimal plastic layering to eliminate noise when in use.


Absorbability is the main component that makes your swimwear reliable. Generally, you want to choose one that is super-absorbent but you can opt for one suitable for your incontinence level.

Ensure that the swimwear you purchase has a protective moisture-proof barrier or a waterproof lining. This will help with containment and keeping you dry; they also won’t disintegrate when wet. 

Aside from absorbability, elastic bands help to prevent leaks of liquids and solids while you’re wearing them. If you feel that the swimwear is close to your skin and not easily shifted when you move, that’s a good indication that they’re a quality product.

Easy to Remove

Although incontinence swimwear should have a tight fit, it should also be easy to remove. You don’t want to purchase a product that causes additional mess during removal. The swimwear should slide on and off or have tabs on the side for easy removal.

It could also have size adjustment features to allow you to make it tighter or looser, so you can be sure it’s tight when in use, but easy to remove when you’re finished with it.


Your swimwear must be comfortable. Sometimes the elastic bands can be too tight, or the material can cause skin irritation because the swimwear is supposed to fit snugly. In this case, fleece and polyester materials that are soft and breathable will keep you from overheating and won’t be harsh on your skin. 

Incontinence Swimwear Maintenance

There are many ways to maintain your swimwear once you’ve picked the best choice. If you have disposable adult swim diapers, you’ll just have to be sure to develop a routine that will fit your schedule.

There is a bit more maintenance required if you have reusable swimwear. Many of the list options are machine washable, and they need to hang-dry instead of being machine-dried. 

Be aware that you follow the label’s instructions because you run the risk of shrinking the fabric if the swimwear is not properly washed and dried.

Furthermore, you’ll want to wash your swimwear regularly to avoid stains that are unable to be lifted. There is one option on the list that’s stain-resistant, which should help, but for other swimwear, you’ll have to be more diligent. 

Over time your reusable swimwear may wear down, and you’ll have to purchase more. Another tip to increase your swimwear’s longevity is to consider additional absorbency pads or liners inside your swimwear during use. This will serve as an extra barrier of protection and help keep stains at bay.

Best Incontinence Swimwear Comparison Chart

ProductPriceFabric MaterialGender/Department/AgeUnique Features
Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers$FoamAdultDesigned to have minimal swelling when exposed to water
MyPoolPal Swim Diapers$Nylon, SpandexYouthFast-drying material that can work soon after washing
InControl Swim Briefs$SpandexAdultAdjustable rise waistband that can change the level of the briefs
Splash About Jammers $SiliconChildren, AdultOffers UPF50+ Sun Protection, reliable for bowel incontinence
Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper $PolyesterBaby boysIt offers a trim fit for maximum mobility, it does not absorb water like standard diapers
SpecialKids Company Swimwear$Polyamide, ElastaneChildren Built-in waterproof lining into the swimsuit, washable and reusable swimsuit
SOSecure Swim Briefs $PolyesterChildren, Teens and AdultVery elastic fabric with soft fleece lining for a comfortable fit
Swimmy Bathing Suit for Special Needs$PolyesterMenDouble sealing system in place to prevent leakages
Swim-sters Special Needs Swim Diapers$SpandexAdultLatex-free and machine washable

Wrap Up

Incontinence swimwear is an excellent option to help manage your symptoms, and you can find reasonably-priced products to improve your quality of life. By using our buyer’s guide and assuring that you focus on the main features for quality and reliability, you can find the best product for your needs. 

Remember that experiencing incontinence doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the activities and hobbies that you love! It’s a common condition that takes a bit of patience but is totally surmountable. As summer approaches and you make plans to visit the pool, check out some of the recommendations on our list to get the best protection. 

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