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10 Best Inflatable Islands of 2023 (Reviewed!)


Nothing gets a pool party or lake day going like an inflatable island. They’re epic floats designed to hold multiple people plus drinks, sun shades, and all kinds of fun features. If you want to make a big splash this year with your friends, a floating inflatable island is the way to go.

Investing in an inflatable party boat gives you plenty of chances to have fun in the water with your friends and encourages community. These well-made party boats will have you in the water with your friends and enjoying your day.

We’ve put together a list of the best inflatable islands designed to withstand excited people and offer a few extras throughout the day. Plus, we’ve answered some questions you may have about how to choose the right one for you with inflatable party island reviews. Let’s take a look.

Product Table 

The Best Inflatable Island Reviews, Our Top Picks! 

Here are our favorite inflatable islands in no particular order. Each one has exciting features and helps you get back out on the water to enjoy the day with your friends. Whether you go with something simple, or a top of the line, fully loaded inflatable party boat, each of our favorites is an excellent investment for your next water day.

1. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Floating Island Raft

Bestway Hydro-Force Tropical Breeze 6 Person Inflatable Party Island Water Float Lounger with 6 Cup Holders, Backrests, and Detachable Sun Shade
  • Large floating island ensures ultimate summer fun that comfortably fits up to 6 adults with supportive backrests similar to a small chair for relaxation
  • Pool float includes a detachable sunshade to protect from the intense sunlight on hot summer days; Water mat mesh floor area allows you to dip your feet and legs in the water
  • Made of durable PVC materials that resist daily wear and tear for ideal use on the lake, river, or ocean waters; Fold compactly for easy storage and transport

The Tropical Breeze float is a fun option with a canopy to help protect you from the sun when you need it. It seats up to six people with extra-wide seats and armrests and a place to lounge. Under the canopy, a dipping pool helps you keep cool without having to jump back into the water.

It uses tear-resistant PVC for durability and features cup holders and a place for a cooler. The sunshade is removable if you’d rather lay out in the rays, and an all-around grab-line makes for easy mounting. 

It comes with a heavy-duty repair kit for emergencies out on the water, plus the handles are durable. You can tie it to your boat or anchor from multiple positions, and it folds up easily for storage thanks to quick-release valves.


  • Includes the cooler with the float in addition to a cooler port
  • The canopy is wide enough to cover most of the seating
  • Provides a heavy-duty patch kit for repairs


  • Requires a heavy anchor
  • Somewhat heavy even when folded up

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2. WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander

Wow Sports Inflateable Floating Island - Stadium Islander for Up to 12 People - Multiperson Raft for Lake
  • SEATING FOR 12: The Stadium Islander is the only 12 person inflatable island on the market! Equipped with mesh seats and back rest, providing comfortable accommodation for a group of individuals.
  • EASY LOUNGING: Large opening in the center makes it easy to get on and off, enhancing the overall spaciousness. In addition to this extra space it hold up to 2640lbs (1197kg).
  • FEATURES: The Stadium Islander comes with a large reinforced grommet for tying off and an anchor bag, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience on the water.

The twelve-person floating island is a simple circle designed to keep everyone front and center. It supports nearly 2500 pounds and features a heavy-duty PVC for tear-resistant performance. Plus, it’s bright and easy to use.

The open center allows you to put your toes in the water and makes it easy to swim under to climb in the float. It’s one of the only twelve-person floats on the market, and it’s big enough to give everyone a comfortable place to sit. 

It includes the anchor bag and the tie off to keep you stable, and it takes just a few minutes to inflate with an electric pump. It rolls up for storage when you’re finished with it and accommodates both adults and children.

It’s best for large parties because you’ll need at least three people to keep it balanced. However, large families or friend groups should have an easier time getting everyone on board.


  • Includes tie-down and anchor bag
  • Seats twelve people with simple, round seating
  • Open in the middle to keep cool


  • Doesn’t include a patch kit or sunshade
  • Folds up if only two people are on it

3. Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

This floating island features seating for five people plus two full-length lounge areas for two more. The middle is mesh so you can keep your toes cool in the water, and the back panel makes it easy to crawl up onto the float.

It uses a heavy-duty PVC to withstand punctures and tears, and the light color helps reflect sunlight better. It includes cupholders for each seat and lounge area and two places to add ice for coolers. 

It’s suitable for land or water use and inflates in just a matter of minutes with a pump. It has six handles and a sandbag for an anchor, but you’ll have to use one of the handles as a tie-off point. It’s comfortable and provides support for your back as you sit. 


  • Seating for seven including two full-length lounge areas
  • Includes the sandbag anchor
  • Multiple handles for a better entry


  • No sun canopy and no potential to attach one
  • No tie-off grommet besides one of the handles.

4. Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island Lounging Pool Float

Intex Blue Tropic Inflatable 5 Person Raft or Swimming Pool Island Water Floating Lounger Raft with Backrests, Built in Cooler, and 4 Cupholders
  • Inflatable floating island is great for chilling and relaxing in the lake or swimming pool on a warm summer day
  • Accommodates up to 5 people, making it the perfect choice for 5 person floats for adults, and features 3 lounging backrests to provide ultimate comfort while floating
  • Featuring 4 convenient cup holders and a built-in cooler to keep drinks within reach while staying chilled, with a spacious design suitable as a float for multiple people

Intex’s floating island seats up to five people with three seats and a couch. Four cup holders ensure that there are drinks to go around, and there’s a place for a large cooler spot. The mesh floor is open to the water so you can keep cool while the light-colored material reflects the sun.

It uses a heavy-duty PVC, resistant to tears and punctures. You can inflate it in just a few minutes using an electric pump while the tie-downs are available on the handles. It’s a mid-sized island, so it’s a little easier to carry and to store than huge versions.

It’s cozy and convenient to get on and off. The deflation period can take a longer time than some because there are limited release valves, but overall, it’s fun for families and small groups. Be sure you purchase your sandbag anchor for safety.


  • Includes multiple seating options
  • Mesh floor keeps your toes cool
  • Inflates in just a few minutes with an electric pump


  • Only four cup holders for five seats
  • Deflation takes a while because there are no quick-release valves.

5. Sea-Doo 8 Person Inflatable Mega Island Lake Float W/ 4 Speaker Music System

Sea-Doo 8 Person Inflatable Mega Island Lake Float W/ 4 Speaker Music System
  • 8 person Inflatable Lake Float w/ Sun Deck, Detachable Boarding Platform, 3 Heavy Duty Multi Use Anchor Attachment Points, 4 Boarding Handles
  • 4 Speaker Waterproof MP3 Storage Console System w/MP3 Cord and Adapter(simply plug into your MP3's earphone jack)
  • Extra Heavy Gauge PVC construction, Triple Welded Heavy Duty Mesh Floor, 4 Independent Chambers, Sand Anchor w/line

Sea-Doo is already known for over the top water accessories, and this inflatable party island is no different. It features four boarding handles and seating for eight. There are six chair spaces and enough space for two people to lounge at one end.

The middle is mesh so that water can come in to cool your toes without letting in anything else. The handles make it easy to get on and off, while the durable PVC material is puncture and tear-resistant. Four independent chambers help ensure it stays inflated even if you have an accident.

It also includes a waterproof MP3 chamber with speakers so that your tunes are on the raft and not far away on someone else’s boat. Six drink holders and two built-in cooler spaces keep everyone hydrated.


  • Full, waterproof speaker system designed to work with your Mp3 player
  • Super duty anchor attachment for safety
  • Triple welded seaming resists tearing


  • No sun canopy is included
  • Included anchor bag isn’t heavy enough with a full raft

6. Bestway H2OGO! Giant 20FT Inflatable Parrot Pool Lake Summer Party Float with 6 Cup Holders/Handles/More

Bestway H2OGO! Giant 20FT Inflatable Parrot Pool Lake Summer Party Float with 6 Cup Holders/Handles/More, Red/Yellow/Blue
  • Perfectly oversized at 16’5” x 10’9” (5 m x 3. 27 m), big enough for 6 adults (1190 lbs)
  • 6 cup holders, so each person has a place for their drink
  • 4 heavy-duty handles and a wraparound grab rope to make getting on a breeze, along with a detachable tail that doubles as a swim-up platform

This super fun tropical bird-inspired float looks like the floats of your childhood blown up for adult water days. It features seating for six adults along with four heavy-duty handles and a wraparound rope for getting on and off the float more easily.

The float uses PVC vinyl for tear-resistant durability, and a detachable tail functions as a swim-up platform. It has six cup holders, once for each seat, and the quick-release valve is convenient for deflating at the end of your day. Just fold it up and put it in the carry bag.

You’ll need to purchase an anchor for safety, and there’s no tie-down grommet to tie to a boat. However, the handles are sturdy tie-down points, and the bird is lighter than some enormous floats. It inflates in a matter of minutes when you’re ready to use it.


  • Fun, tropical-inspired design
  • Includes enough cupholders for everyone
  • Easy release valves for quick deflation


  • No anchor bag included
  • The tie-downs are the handles, not a separate grommet attachment.

7. CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island
  • Floating island for 6 people with removable sun shade
  • Two extra-wide pillow backrests
  • Cooler bag and 6 cup holders

The Tropical Breeze II is another inflatable floating island with a canopy and handles for easy mounting. It features seating for six people with cup holders all around, and the sunshade removes if you want to bask in the rays.

The PVC material and welded seaming are durable and puncture-resistant. Light material reflects the sun while a mesh middle allows in water to cool you off without letting in debris. It’s an open, couch style seating so you can sit six or lounge with just a couple of people during the day.

You’ll have to purchase a separate anchor and make sure you always tie it to the anchor or another boat. The canopy catches breezes and helps the float drift, so you may have more than you can handle with just some paddles to keep your position. However, it’s comfortable and open.


  • Open seating for up to six people or a couple lounging
  • Mesh in the middle is heavy-duty for young children
  • Includes enough cupholders for everyone


  • Canopy catches breezes and blows the raft off course
  • No anchor bag comes with the inflatable floating lounge

8. SportsStuff Cabana Islander

  • One-of-a-kind island for up to 6 people
  • Detachable wind-resistant nylon cabana top
  • Includes a 16 QUART COOLER includes zippered lid, cup holders, rope grommet, and molded handle

For a slightly smaller take on the floating island, this cozy cabana features seating for one person laying down or up to six seated. It has a canopy and a boarding pad to make it easy to get on and off.

It features a floating cooler off to the side and cup holders for each person. The handles make it easy to get on and off while the wind-resistant nylon allows air to pass through, so it catches less of a breeze.

It comes with a sandbag to help anchor the float for safety, and you can use one of the handles to tie it to a boat to prevent drifting. The sandbag isn’t quite heavy enough, so you may want to invest in a bigger anchor if your area gets a lot of wind.


  • Canopy allows air to pass through better for less dragging.
  • The open seating accommodates one, two, or up to six people without folding up
  • Floating cooler and mount pad keep the interior minimal


  • The anchor isn’t quite strong enough in windy areas
  • No separate grommet style tie down for safety.

9. Intex Marina Breeze Island

Intex Inflatable Marina Breeze Island Lake Raft with Built-in Cooler | 56296CA
  • Lake or pool raft designed to allow for relaxation and fun while out on the water
  • Designed for use by 2 people
  • Great pool float for kids or adults

Intex’s Marina Breeze Island is a streamlined inflatable party boat with extra-large backrests and flexible seating. It includes a built-in cooler and a mesh interior to allow water to cool your toes while keeping out debris from a lake or ocean.

It includes four cup holders and multiple handles to help you board. The boarding platform itself is easy to use, and a wraparound rope gives you more grip. It comes with a sandbag anchor for safety, although there’s no separate tie-down.

Durable PVC resists tears and punctures, and the design is streamlined to allow for multiple seating arrangements. It’s a simple option for a fun day on the water with a few of your closest people.


  • The simple design allows for multiple seating arrangements
  • Wraparound rope and handles plus launch pad for easy boarding
  • Comes with a sandbag for safety


  • No sun canopy for sun protection
  • No separate tie-down for the anchor or to secure to a boat


  • Hang out on AIRHEAD’s COOL ISLAND and have a party
  • Suntan on the roomy sundeck, then cool off splashing around in the mesh area
  • Four drink holders and a sundry holder, perfect for storing suntan lotion, are conveniently located between the wet and dry areas

For a straightforward floating island concept, this option does away with seating and makes everything an open pad for lounging. People can sit or lay on the platform or dip their toes in the mesh side to cool off. 

It includes four drink holders and a holder for items like sunscreen or sunglasses or anything you need to keep handy. It has two tie-down points for anchoring, and the durable PVC material resists tears and punctures.

It removes all the complicated options from floating islands and allows you to extend your boat or dock with more space for sunbathers and people who need a quick rest. The company also offers a few accessories sold separately to help you customize your raft platform.


  • The simple design allows for multiple seating options
  • Quick inflation with an electric pump
  • Two tie-down points for extra stability and safety


  • No back or seats — just a simple platform
  • No sun canopy or option to attach one.

Inflatable Island Buyers Guide – Making The Best Purchase

Investing in an inflatable floating island is a fun addition to any water day, but how do you know the right kind to get? Here’s what you need to know to select just the right party island for your water days and what to do to keep it looking great.

Types of Inflatable Party Boats

Floating islands come in several different models, depending on your needs:

  • Mats — mats are flat pieces of foam that float on the water. They’re deceptively easy to roll off of, but they’re simple just to roll up and roll out. They don’t require inflation but often don’t have many features other than the mat.
    (You can check our article on Best Floating Water Mats)
  • Floating raft — Raft style islands are inflatable and range from simple flat islands to elaborate seats, couches, and pads that rival boats. If you want features, the rafts are the way to go.
    (You can check our article on Best Inflatable Floating Rafts)
  • Platforms — A platform allows you to float along on a flat surface for sunbathing or taking a quick breather before diving back into the water. They’re a simple way to extend your surface area for more people.
    (You can check our article on Best Inflatable Swimming Platforms)

Choosing An Inflatable Island

Inflatable islands can be a significant investment, so here’s how you know you’re making the right choice. Consider these features when making your decision.

Number of People

If there are only two or three of you at any given time, investing big bucks on an island that seats 12 could be unnecessary. If you’ve got a ton of people in your party, a float that seats two could be disappointing.

Consider how many people are likely to be out with you and go from there. You could go up or down a size as far as seating, but don’t range wildly outside of your typical party size.

Size of The Water

Are you going to be in the lake? The pool? There’s a considerable size difference between an enclosed pool and an open lake or ocean. Your 12 person float may fit in well at lake day and may not work at all for a pool.

Where are you planning to use this float? The location will determine the overall size, much like the number of people you have in your party will. Ensure you have the right size for your space and don’t overstep your bounds.

Purpose of the Float

The purpose of the float will help determine the number of features you need. If you all love being in the water and just need a place to rest for a few minutes, a flat island is enough to get you exactly what you need. 

However, if you plan to sit and talk and want more space than just your boat, an inflatable island with seats, couches, or other chairs could be a good option. Some of them even have mesh to allow water to come through in the middle so you can keep your feet cool.

If you plan to use the raft a lot like a boat, other features such as cup holders and coolers are relevant. Also, sun shades can protect you while you’re out of the water and make being on the island more comfortable. 

Some floats are designed to offer seating on land as well. If you’d like to be able to use it at the beach or beside the lake, look for one with a reinforced bottom material to withstand the ground. A separate tarp could be an excellent investment to help prevent tears.

Benefits of Using an Inflatable Floating Lounge

The inflatable island is a huge party pleaser, providing extra space for you out on the water that you may not usually have. If you use a small boat, it can also provide a place for you to lounge around without spending thousands of dollars on a boat with the same kind of seating. 

In fact, inflatable islands are an affordable way to increase your seating, giving you enough space to host quite a few people an accommodate their comfort while out on the water. Cup holders and dipping pools, these offer some pretty serious convenience.

They’re easier to store than a boat, too. Invest in an electric pump, and you have a way to get out on the water without having to store a massive boat in your driveway. Plus, there’s not nearly as much maintenance as a boat requires.

They’re also just fun. They offer a simple, more affordable way to get out on the water and in the fresh air without having to invest in a boat. If you need more excuses to spend time in the great outdoors, this could be a good one.


They can be relatively expensive for something in danger of getting a puncture. While they do use durable materials — more durable than a cheap child’s float — you’ll always have the risk that one misplaced pen or piece of brush will put an end to your investment.

You may want to consider investing in a repair kit to help deal with small punctures and tears. You should also go over the rules each time anyone gets on the float, so everyone knows what to do.

They’re not powered by a motor and can’t support one. You’ll need a boat to anchor the float to, or you’ll have to invest in paddles and an anchor yourself. These are extra costs to consider in addition to your float.

You’ll also have to invest in an electric pump to blow up the float. There’s no way your lung power will be able to handle it. Also, some of them can get quite heavy, especially if you’re trying to drag them out of the water. 

If your float doesn’t have a cover, you’re at a higher risk of sun exposure as you’re sitting on it. Be sure you’re using the proper skin protection and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Using Your Inflatable Party Island The Right Way

In order to be safe with your inflatable island, you’ll have to take a few precautions to set it up and take it down. Here’s what you need to know.


You’ll have to purchase accessories that help secure your floating island if your kit doesn’t come with one. Islands are lightweight as far as the wind and current go, so you’ll get dragged along further than you want if you aren’t careful.

Purchasing something to secure the island to your boat is the first course of action. If you have a boat, even just a simple rope to tie to the hitch on the back will give you enough stability to safely board your floating island.

An alternative is a standalone anchor. Attach it to your floating island and drop it down to keep you from floating. If you use this method, it’s best to have a set of paddles on board in case of emergencies.

Never use your float for anything other than its intended purpose. Life jackets could be appropriate and may be necessary depending on what public waterway you’re in. Our website has an interactive resource for US Drowning Statistics, Worldwide Drowning Statistics, and Drowning Prevention to help you understand safety.

You should always follow all safety precautions to ensure that you and your other riders have a safe day while out on the water. The floating island is no substitute for a life jacket and swimming skills.


The best way to set up your floating island is to carry it with you onto the water and use your pump to blow it up. That way, you don’t have to haul it out and risk it snagging on a tree branch in the water. 

If you can’t do that, it’s essential to haul it slowly out onto the water’s surface, watching carefully for debris and other hazards. When you’re done, gently deflate the float and pull it back onto your boat or haul it back in slowly to shore.

Be sure you check your float each time you blow it up before you allow people to enter the float. Ensure there are no leaks and that the float is balancing in the water. Otherwise, you could make the damage worse. 


This investment will require a bit of maintenance to ensure that you get as much life out of it as possible.

  • Always check the float for rips or tears each time you plan to take it out. Keep a repair kit with you for emergencies.
  • Allow the float to dry completely before folding it up to prevent mold or mildew in storage. If you do notice mold or mildew, gently clean your float with a gentle cleanser to remove the spots.
  • Take care when you’re inflating not to over-inflate the float. Always check seaming and joints for signs of wear and tear.
  • Never jump from the boat to the surface of the island as this can cause injuries and damage to the island.
  • Storing long term should be a careful consideration. Ensure that you’ve cleaned the surface, it has had time to dry completely and that you are careful about how you fold it up to store.

Safety Tips

  • Always be smart about your raft. It’s not designed to save your life if you can’t swim or to substitute for child supervision around bodies of water. IF you cannot swim or your child can’t swim, wear proper safety gear.
  • Never try to flip the raft over for fun. This action could trap someone underwater long enough to lose consciousness. When you’re on the float, calm heads should prevail at all times. 
  • Never drag or tow the float while people are in it unless you’re going at a very low speed. If the float starts to break over the waves or begins to flip, it could cause serious injury. The best option is to haul the raft empty and board once in position.
  • Use your tie-downs and anchors each time you’re in the float to prevent drifting. This is not only for your safety but also for the protection of the boat. Floating debris can snag and potentially tear the boat if allowed to drift freely.
  • Keep paddles on board in case of emergencies. That way, you have a way to get the raft back to shore without having to swim with it. You can also use them to redirect the float with the current. 
  • Always supervise any children who are on or near the floating island. It’s not a substitute for vigilance, and children can get trapped underneath the float. If you plan to put young children in the mesh dipping pool, always be sure to check that the mesh is intact with no holes or tears. Never leave children alone on the floating inflatable island.

Best Inflatable Islands Comparison Chart 

Product NamePriceSize in CM (LxW)Weight capacity (Pounds)Distinct Features
Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Floating Island Raft$$153x1081190Heavy-duty patch kit for repair, durable and tear-resistant PVC
WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander$$366x3102640Tie-down and anchor bag, Open in the middle to keep cool
Tropical Tahiti Floating Island$$457x3651320Heavy-duty PVC to withstand punctures and tears
Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island Lounging Pool Float$$152x125770Includes multiple seating option
Sea-Doo 8 Person Inflatable Mega Island Lake Float W/ 4 Speaker Music System$$$162x125704
Extra Heavy Gauge PVC construction, Triple Welded Heavy Duty Mesh Floor
Bestway H2OGO! Giant 20FT Inflatable Parrot Pool Lake Summer Party Float with 6 Cup Holders/Handles/More$$$181x159.51190Quick release valves for easy deflation, Sturdy pre-tested vinyl
CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island$$128x1141190Swim-up platform and heavy-duty handles
SportsStuff Cabana Islander$-$$102x82120016 QUART COOLER includes zippered lid, cup holders, rope grommet, and molded handle
Intex Marina Breeze Island$221x259661Boarding platform for easy access
AIRHEAD COOL ISLAND$$107x881080Two tie-down points for extra stability and safety

Wrap Up

A floating island is such a fun way to spend the day out on the water. It gives you a place to relax, come out from under the sun and lounge around while you have snacks or beverages. Instead of trying to hang out on all separate floats, use an inflatable party island to hang out.

Whether you choose one fully loaded with features or a simple, streamlined option, a floating island offers so much fun for your water day. Be careful, follow all the safety precautions, and ensure that everyone using the float is aware of the rules.

Follow all the safety precautions while on the water, and always keep an eye out for debris that could damage the integrity of your float. Once you’ve covered what everyone needs to do to stay safe, you can have a grand time out on the water with nothing but you and the sky and a few of your best friends.

If you fancy great whitewater journeys, or bountiful fishing trips on lakes and rivers, the Best Inflatable River Rafts are made out of highly durable material to withstand rocks and streams.

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