Best Special Needs Swim Diapers

7 Best Special Needs Swim Diapers, Disposable and Reusable Options


Taking a swim through some cool water or lounging on a boat are both therapeutic and relaxing activities. Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy some time in the sun. 

If you’re worried about whether your body can physically handle a day out on the water without an accident, we want to help. Several waterproof diapers are tailored to kid, teenager, or adult-sized bodies. Producers designed them to be easy-to-use and comfortably fit people with various abilities and body sizes.

You and your family can hit the water without concern. Be an informed shopper, and consider this buying guide as you look for the best special needs swim diapers

We have researched several products and determined which ones are best for general use, maximum comfort, and whether the products are reusable or not. Depending on you or your loved one’s abilities, this adult-sized waterproof diapers review can help arm you with the knowledge of which diaper features are best and where to find affordable ones.

This guide will feature products with different materials, varying care instructions, and from kid-to-adult sized diapers. Using a swim or waterproof diaper will help keep you secure and give you peace of mind while you’re in the water. 

The Best Special Needs Swim Diapers (Top Picks)

Regardless of ability level, children and adults should have the chance to enjoy the water safely, and special needs swim diapers can help make that a possibility.

This product review is in no particular order. While we number our picks, you may find that any of these waterproof diapers prove to be successful for you and your family. Read the descriptions to determine if the design fits your needs entirely. 

1. My Pool Pal Reusable Swim Diaper (Adult)

My Pool Pal Unisex-Adult's Swim Brief/Diaper Cover, Black/Gray, Large (Pack of 2)
10 Reviews
My Pool Pal Unisex-Adult's Swim Brief/Diaper Cover, Black/Gray, Large (Pack of 2)
  • Swim Diaper protection without the look of a diaper. Reusable
  • Elastic waist and leg opening forms a comfortable seal to help prevent leakage. Fast Drying and Breathable.
  • Weave type: Knit

The My Pool Pal Reusable Swim Diaper is an excellent choice for adults who need either a cover for a more absorbent diaper or are looking for reusable swim briefs to wear beneath their swimsuit. 

This swim diaper is available in several different colors, including black and gray, although users can also find pinks, blues, and whites through My Pool Pal. The diaper’s interior features an antibacterial liner with a well-ventilated film layer; this helps prevent unwanted air pockets, rashes, or infections.

That antibacterial layer makes this swim diaper fantastic; it helps stop the spread of any potential bacteria or germs and is designed mainly to protect against fecal bacteria. 

To find the reusable special needs swim diaper that fits best for you, reference the company’s size chart. They will advise a size based on the length of your leg and the width of your waist. There are five sizes available, from extra small to extra large. Some users note that the sizes may run a bit large, so carefully measure your body and consult the size chart. 

Users should not wear this diaper in the water alone. Manufacturers made it to fit under a swimsuit as a protective barrier or over a traditional absorbent diaper to make it slightly more waterproof. It may not be as effective entirely on its own. 

To reuse this swim set, simply wash it in the washing machine. From there, let the special needs swim diaper hang dry to prevent any unwanted shrinking or discomfort for future uses. 


  • Comfortable fit and soft, durable material
  • Nylon and spandex material gives the swim diaper flexibility
  • No bulky or sagging look
  • Available in several classic colors
  • Interior antibacterial layer protects against bacteria spread like E-coli


  • Cannot be worn alone; wear it with a swimsuit or as a diaper cover
  • Diaper will likely show under tight swimsuit bottoms
  • Cost may not fit every budget
  • Sizing can be tricky; Sizes run a bit large

2. Ecoable Cloth Diaper Cover

For a breathable and durable, reusable cloth diaper cover, consider Ecoable’s Cloth Diaper Cover. The incontinence briefs have a flexible fit and are made with a highly resistant material. 

The company’s reusable swim diaper adjusts at the waist to accommodate kid, teen, and adult-sized bodies. It generally fits people with hip measurements between 22 to 50 inches. This adjustable and workable coverage is useful because users can simply resize their incontinence brief instead of continually buying new sizes. 

The brief attaches via snap buttons. Its snap design allows for caregivers or wearers to efficiently and carefully remove the waterproof diaper. It’s machine washable and can be reused many times before wearing down or needing a replacement.

We do want to note that this diaper cover is intended to serve as a cover. Users should not use it as a standalone swim diaper. Wearers should pair it with a disposable swim diaper or an absorbent inner layer, which they will need to buy separately. 

As mentioned, the diaper material is waterproof and resistant— it helps prevent the spread of bacteria and stop accidents well in their tracks. However, the diaper is a bit bulky and will likely show under tighter swimsuits. 

This special needs swim diaper is available in several colors and patterns— it does not resemble traditional-looking diapers. It’s comfortable and offers an excellent range of motion for wearers. The outer material is soft and slick and doesn’t make crinkly noises as other waterproof products may. The diaper features an elastic band around the leg area and at part of the waist to offer flexibility and added security. 


  • The diaper is comfortable and waterproof
  • Allows for a wide range of leg motion
  • An elastic and adjustable waist helps fit many body sizes
  • Available in several patterns
  • Diaper snaps on and off for easy application and removal


  • Users would need to buy separate absorbent layer or waterproof disposable diapers as well
  • Design can appear bulky
  • Sizing could be difficult

3. SOSecure Containment Swim Brief

Sosecure Reusable Swim Brief Diaper Adult Sizes
191 Reviews
Sosecure Reusable Swim Brief Diaper Adult Sizes
  • High tech stretch fabric with soft fleece lining
  • Elastic waist & legs for added security
  • Velcro closures which offer fully adjustable sizing that opens up flat, for ease in dressing

Discovery Trekking Outfitters created a reliable form of incontinence swimwear to generate a fun-looking and safe, reusable swim diaper.

The SoSecure Containment Swim Brief is available in youth and adult sizes. It fits snug on a user’s body and is typically worn underneath a traditional swimsuit. No extra swim diaper is needed underneath this containment brief, which could be useful for wearers who want to limit the bulkier diaper look.

This product is unisex and can fit both men and women comfortably. If the wearer is smaller than an adult or teenager, there are similar swim diapers for children. The design is nearly identical, but the children’s briefs can also feature fun designs on the adjustable velcro closures.

Those adjustable closures are a signature feature for these swim briefs. They maximize containment and secure the swim diaper to the wearer’s body firmly. Its elastic waistline and leg areas ensure further containment as a reliable seal. 

The outer layer of this special needs swim diaper is a stretchy, water-resistant material, but the inner layer is a softer fleece lining. It feels comfortable to touch. While a fleece material choice may sound unusual in swimwear, it helps create a soothing experience for wearers. If you struggle with sensory stimulation, this swim brief will hopefully feel pleasant.

To ensure an airtight fit, you may need the wearer’s measurements exactly. It can be tricky to determine their precise measurements, but the company does offer an online guide for picking the correct size.


  • Adjustable closures provide extra security
  • Elastic waist and legs create a tight seal for wearers
  • Machine washable
  • Soft fleece inner lining
  • Available in adult and child sizes


  • More expensive containment swim brief option
  • Velcro closures may look bulky under tight swimsuits
  • Sizing may be difficult
  • Some users recommend still wearing a diaper underneath

4. Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper

Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper, Size Medium/32-34-Inch Waist, White
157 Reviews
Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper, Size Medium/32-34-Inch Waist, White
  • Washable and reusable adult swim diaper
  • Lined with polyester and stain resistant
  • Can be worn alone or under other swimsuits

For a slimmer swim diaper that resembles a speedo more than it does a diaper, consider the Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper or the Youth Swim Diaper if you’re looking for smaller sizes. 

The Kiefer company has been optimizing swimwear and streamlining how we swim for about 70 years. Their swim diaper, made of nylon, creates a slim, agreeable fit for users. It’s sleek and comes in two colors: white or royal blue. 

Users can choose to wear the diaper under their swimsuit or as a standalone swim bottom. The design is snug enough that it won’t show easily under one’s swimsuit. 

The brief is lined with polyester and nylon and does not absorb extra water. It works as a barrier between your body and the pool water. The cut on these swim diapers is athletic— the company says the design improves mobility for wearers. You’ll be able to kick and swim freely, without your swim briefs getting in the way.

The adult style and the youth swim diaper strongly resemble one another. They have the same material and colors. The sizing matches standard adult and child sizes, but you can double-check their size chart to be sure you receive a fitted swim diaper.

The Kiefer special needs swim diaper is one of the most affordable reusable incontinence briefs in our guide. It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that this brief is probably going to work best as a standalone diaper. For example, if users try to wear it over a disposable swim diaper, the small brief design likely won’t completely cover a bulkier diaper. 


  • Stain-resistant material
  • Can be washed frequently 
  • Swimsuit material is unlikely to discolor
  • Snug, no-show design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Size range is limited compared to competitors
  • Sizes run small
  • Accurate swim diaper sizing could be difficult
  • Swim brief doesn’t work well as a diaper cover; too small

5. Swimsters Reusable Swim Diaper

Special Needs Swim Diaper - Reusable Swim Diapers (L-Size 14/16-Waist: 21-32'; Weight: 90-118 pds, Black)
146 Reviews
Special Needs Swim Diaper - Reusable Swim Diapers (L-Size 14/16-Waist: 21-32"; Weight: 90-118 pds, Black)
  • Special Needs Swim Diapers are specifically suited for persons who require a diaper while swimming
  • Designed for persons with bowel incontinence.
  • Swimsters are not bulky as they do not absorb liquids.

For a reliable swim diaper choice, consider this classic pull-on. The design resembles a pair of gym shorts crossed with a swimsuit; it has an elastic waistline and elastic legs to prevent leaks or spills.

While this special needs swim diaper will be snug in the waist and leg areas to prevent leaks, it’s comfortably spaced around the groin. Users won’t feel that this design is too tight or restricting. 

Swimsters produces several kinds of reusable swim briefs, varying in waist sizes depending on what you need. It fits best on children, teens, or small adults. The briefs predominantly come in either a solid blue or black color. 

This special needs swim diaper is on par with competitors; its price is reasonable and less than the cost of most swimsuit bottoms. This pair of incontinence briefs are latex-free, so allergic individuals can trust their swim experience won’t lead to an uncomfortable rash. The briefs can be washed and worn again. 

The design for this special needs swim diaper is pretty straightforward. Users can pull it on quickly. Pulling it off will require paying careful attention in case of accidents, but the diaper itself is reliable. Wearers can put it on under their swimsuit as a standalone diaper or use it as a diaper cover. It’s really up to you! But it will ensure your fun day on the water is enjoyable. 


  • Reasonable and affordable price range
  • Latex-free material 
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Successfully prevents bacteria or solid waste from spilling into the water
  • Fits children and teens well


  • Limited size range; Larger adults likely won’t find a comfortable fit
  • Users say it can be challenging to match the correct size
  • Briefs may show under light-colored swimsuits or tight swimsuits
  • Looser material in the groin area may start to sag while wet

6. Rearz Cloth Adult Swim Diaper

Lil' Bella - Cloth Adult Swim Diaper / Pool Brief - One Size
33 Reviews
Lil' Bella - Cloth Adult Swim Diaper / Pool Brief - One Size
  • ✅ FIT: One-size design features crossover snaps, which can be adjusted to fit waist sizes from 24"-42" (61cm-107cm).
  • ✅ DESIGN: This diaper features our newest friend, Bella. She is a whimsical and carefree pegasus

For swimmers who would like a bit more fun in their swim gear design, check out Rearz. This company produces cloth diapers for adults in fun designs and colors. We recommend the Lil’ Bella design, but there is also a dinosaur option, a barnyard print, and more. 

A swim diaper shouldn’t have to look dull or resemble a traditional diaper. Some kids, teens, or adults may prefer a fun design. Rearz works to satisfy the wearer’s fun side while also keeping them protected. 

This swim diaper is uniquely cut— it provides a bit more space for leg mobility and range of movement. Users can comfortably kick their legs around. There is elastic around the leg and groin area to serve as a barrier for any fecal spreading.

The waist of the design is not as elastic as competitor swimsuits. It attaches with crossover snaps or velcro, depending on which Rearz diaper you buy. This attachment method could work well for some users, but some people say its waist design makes them fearful that wearers could accidentally unsnap or un-velcro the pants. 

The range of waist sizes this swim diaper can cover is excellent, though. This incontinence diaper can fit waists from 24 to 42 inches because of the adjustable snaps or velcro. 

This swim brief features a waterproof outer layer, a sport mesh interior liner for breathability, and a layer of absorbency to help stop spills. This special needs swim diaper ships discreetly to your home but could be visible under smaller or tighter swimsuits for wearers. 


  • Material is well ventilated and absorbent 
  • Fun designs
  • Adjustable waist fits many body sizes
  • Design allows for leg-mobility space
  • Washable and reusable


  • Velcro or snap system could unlatch if the user pulls at it frequently
  • No reliable elastic waist 
  • Diaper could appear bulky under swimsuits

7. Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers

Swimmates Adult Swim Underwear, Pull-Up with Tear-Away Side Seams, Unisex, Disposable, Small/Youth XL (22"- 36" Waist), 22 Count (Pack of 1)
  • SWIMMATES DISPOSABLE SWIM DIAPERS offer an easy and discreet solution. Wear under any bathing suit to help contain bowel incontinence. Perfect to feel comfortable in all swimming environments such as the beach, pool, aqua therapy or any water activity
  • UNISEX, DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR features Kufguards (inner leg cuffs) and a moisture-proof barrier to contain bowel incontinence. SwimMates are designed with a unique absorbent material that won't swell in water or break apart when wet like regular diapers
  • EASY REMOVAL and DISPOSAL swim diapers made with convenient features like a full-rise waist panel for a better fit and comfy wear, along with color-coding for the front and back and tear-away side seams make them easier to use

Keep yourself and the pool squeaky clean with these affordable disposable adult diapers. Users can wear their Swimmates diapers under their swimsuit bottoms to limit any seepage of urinary or bowel incontinence. 

The disposable diapers have tight-seal elastic leg cuffs and should fit snug to wearers’ leg and groin areas. These diapers also feature a full-rise waist to ensure that the briefs stay firmly on the wearer’s body. The design stops leakage and fits securely to the user’s body.

The company says that the diaper material may swell slightly when wet, but it won’t enlarge to a bulky size. The material also will not shed off while swimmers are in the water.

To put the swim diapers on, users can pull the briefs up over their body, entirely over their groin and hips area. To later remove the brief, you can easily tear-away at the seam located along the diaper’s sides. It’s a no-mess way to detach and dispose of the swim diaper quickly.

The diapers come in a pack of 22. At its price-per-diaper rate, it’s the most cost-efficient diaper in our Special Needs Swim Diaper buyer’s guide. 


  • The disposable diapers are latex-free.
  • Diaper design and materials provide full coverage
  • Perforated sides make for easy removal and quick disposal
  • Extremely affordable


  • Diapers run a bit smaller and fit best on smaller bodies
  • Diaper’s high-waist design may be visible under swimsuit bottoms
  • It may not fit as comfortably on larger thighs or hips
  • Diaper swells when wet slightly and could feel saggy

Special Needs Swim Diapers Buyer’s Guide (Making the Best Purchase)

You’ve seen the products on the market, but you could still be wondering exactly which kind of swim diaper may be right for you. This guide will detail some of the benefits of using briefs specifically made for swimming, how to maintain them, and features you should watch for while shopping.

Regular Diapers Versus Swim Diapers

In case you’re unsure of the difference between a typical diaper and one designed for swimming, we can explain. 

There are slight variations between the two types, including how they’re made, the materials used to make them, and their ultimate purposes. 

Regular diapers often have some of the following materials: 

  • Pulp
  • Terrycloth
  • Fleece
  • Cotton Fibers

The interior of these diapers are absorbent; their purpose is to carefully and thoroughly soak up liquids while preventing leaks at the same time. The outer layer of average diapers is waterproof. It withstands some movement and friction and holds the diaper in place. 

Swim diapers, or swim nappies, are almost entirely waterproof. There is some level of absorption that can happen, but it’s typically minimal. These diapers reject liquid and act as a barricade for waste or incontinence management.

You’ll find a lot of nylon, fleece, polyester, and neoprene in these waterproof diapers because they’re all comfortable materials that can easily resist liquid or, at minimum, dry quickly. 

Swim diapers are a handy tool for wearers who want to enjoy their day in the water confidently without worrying about an uncontrollable urinary or bowel movement.

Types of Special Needs Swim Diaper

Within the swim diaper market, consumers can find a mix of products that vary entirely based on a user’s needs. 

As you’ve likely noted from our guide, several popular ways to categorize or organize incontinence swimwear are “disposable or reusable” diapers and standard youth or adult sizes. 

Disposable diapers are most likely to resemble the traditional diaper model. They’re nappies that you can use once in the pool and then toss away once they are soiled. Some disposable swim diapers have almost a cotton-feel and tear away easily to throw away.

Reusable swim briefs are a bit more eco-friendly. It’s a diaper that one user can wear, thoroughly wash, and then wear again. These diapers usually have a more cloth or spandex-like texture. 

Reusable swim briefs are flexible and look more like a pair of underwear than they do a diaper. Users typically will pull them on and pull them back off like a pair of underwear or shorts, too. 

Standard Sizes of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

Some manufacturers classify their swim diapers as “youth” or “adult” sized, and sometimes they don’t clarify which type at all. 

As a general rule of thumb, youth diapers can range from about 19-inch waists to 27-inch waists, for children varying from about 40 pounds to 120 pounds. For any child or teenager with measurements larger than that, consider checking out the standard adult-sized diapers. For children smaller, you may still be in the toddler-diaper zone. 

Adult-sized diapers usually fall under a pretty significant range. They can vary from extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large. We typically see that most adult standard sizes range from 26-inch to 54-inch waists, for adults weighing about 110 to 250 pounds. 

It would be best to check out the “specs” or measurements for swim diapers before you buy them, like with this swim diaper’s measuring chart

Benefits of Using Special Needs Swim Diapers

Using some form of swim diaper can bring some confidence to the wearer’s life. Going for a swim or hanging out at the pool or beach is often a wonderful experience. Everyone should have the option to enjoy that fun safely, and incontinence swimwear helps make that a reality for many people.

It can feel challenging to find excellent swim diapers that can fit adults, teens, or larger kids, but producers are working to change that. More affordable, functional, and fashionable-looking incontinence swimwear is becoming available for shoppers.

With just a bit of digging, consumers can find swim diapers that fit their body well, suit their budgets, and make them look and feel their best.

Companies also make swim diapers to hold up while in water specifically. Regular diapers may shred apart with too much water absorption. Swim briefs won’t fall apart and won’t clog your pool’s filter either.

Give yourself, your kids, or your loved one a chance to get back in the water and splash around. Feeling that joy is one of the greatest draws of using swim briefs.

Disadvantages of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

Wearing swim diapers can come with a few disadvantages, as well.

To start, it can be costly for consumers. Disposable swim diapers will need to be tossed after every use. Some reusable swim briefs only work as diaper covers, and companies may still advise that users double up with their ordinary diaper and a swim diaper. The waste and costs can quickly add up.

It’s possible that users could grow out of their reusable swim diapers or accidentally shrink them in the dryer. Reliable, comfortable, and reusable swim briefs can be expensive, and having to replace them frequently could be a strain on your wallet.

Health Concerns of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

According to the CDC, no swim diaper or swim briefs will completely prevent leaks. The products will stop the most physical matter from spreading into the water, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Even with the disposable or reusable swim diaper on, officials still recommend frequent changing and bathroom breaks. That’s the only way to truly ensure that germs and bacteria are not seeping into the water. Regular trips to the bathroom or swim brief changes could also make the wearer feel significantly more comfortable in a clean swim diaper. 

How to Use Special Needs Swim Diapers

Most swim diapers are pretty simple to use; they work like a pull-on. The user, or a caretaker, pulls the diaper up past the wearer’s thighs and hips. The elastic band around the waist and legs should help hold the briefs in place. 

To remove them, users should be careful. Sliding them back off can be messy, so keeping your body still and changing in a clean and sanitary place with available disposal units is critical. Be sure to always wash your hands after removing a swim diaper.

Once the product is off, either dispose of the diaper or prepare to clean it. For reusable diapers, remove any solid wastes from the nappy. Check the instructions on your reusable diaper to see if there are specific washing guidelines. If not, consider following a specific guide to be sure the diaper is fully clean.

One more note: you may find that some companies recommend doubling up a swim brief with a regular diaper for maximum coverage. That is pretty typical for users; it helps further prevent any seepage during your swim day.

Features of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

We’ve covered the purpose and features of your average adult or child swim diapers throughout this guide. There are two key features we wanted to drive home again, though. These are signs of a secure and comfortable swim brief.

Elasticity of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

Whether they’re disposable or reusable, most special needs swim diapers have an elastic waist and elastic legs. This flexible feature must sit firmly and tight on a user’s body because it works as a diaper barrier.

The elasticity is also what gives a user the flexibility to move around as needed. Without this feature, the swim diaper is pretty useless. 

Special Closures of Special Needs Swim Diaper

Some swim diapers, especially reusable ones, feature specific closure systems to lock the brief in place firmly. It limits any weak spots and keeps the diaper tight on one’s body.

These closures could look like a velcro that attaches near the leg or hip area. It could also look like a hook/loop system along the belt of the diaper. If the wearer is incredibly mobile, these additional closures could be an added layer of health security. It will help keep bodily waste inside the diaper and outside of the water while still giving the user a full range of motion.

Maintenance of a Special Needs Swim Diaper

For disposable diapers, maintenance is simple. Be sure to store your clean, fresh briefs in a dry place when you’re not using them.

After wearing the disposable diaper, be sure to dispose of the brief properly. You should not leave human waste in reachable places; be sure to throw it away entirely. And do not flush any diaper down any toilet.

Reusable diapers require a bit more maintenance. New incontinence briefs should also be kept in a dry, clean place. When an item is used, you must clean it thoroughly. Any waste should be removed and disposed of from the diaper, and the product should be thoroughly washed.

Follow the swim diaper’s instructions for cleaning to reuse the Special Needs Swim Diaper again safely.

Safety Tips for Special Needs Swim Diaper

An important note; don’t ever re-wear a Special Needs Swim Diaper once it’s soiled. It should either be thrown away or washed and dried. Wet or damp diapers could harbor mildew or bacteria. Wearing them before they’re clean could lead to unwanted infection or discomfort.

Best Special Needs Swim Diapers Comparison Chart

ProductPriceMaterialAgeUnique Features
My Pool Pal Reusable Swim Diaper (Adult)$Spandex, NylonYouthComfortable fit and soft, durable material
Ecoable Cloth Diaper Cover$CottonBabiesThe diaper is comfortable and waterproof
SOSecure Containment Swim Brief$PolyurethaneUnisexMachine washable, soft fleece inner lining
Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper$PolyesterBaby BoysStain-resistant material, can be washed frequently
Swimsters Reusable Swim Diaper$Spandex, NylonYouthLatex-free material, comfortable fabric
Rearz Cloth Adult Swim Diaper$Microfiber, PolyesterAdultMaterial is well ventilated and absorbent, fun designs
Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers$PolyesterUnisex adultThe disposable diapers are latex-free, diaper design and materials provide full coverage

Wrap Up Special Needs Swim Diaper

Don’t let incontinence hold you back from safely enjoying the water. There are dozens of swim diapers on the market for children and adults with differing abilities. Knowing what to look for and understanding the features you prioritize in a diaper will help you narrow down choices quickly and make a confident decision.

Happy swimming with your pick of a Special Needs Swim Diaper!

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