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8 Best Beach Fishing Carts of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)


With recent events causing us to be primarily stuck indoors, many of \us have been getting cabin fever. We’ve compiled this list of the best beach fishing carts to help you get a head start when the weather turns and it’s time to go fishing again!

We’ve also compiled a number of fishing wagon reviews to help you choose the best one—there’s a lot to sift through on today’s market, after all. 

A beach fishing cart is essentially just a rolling wagon explicitly designed to hold fishing supplies. For example, most have room for a cooler, a tackle box, several fishing poles, and other necessities. Some are even sturdy enough for you to use as a chair as you fish. 

In the following guide, we’ll be going through beach fishing carts of all shapes and types. While they all have the same purpose and general functionality, we’ll be paying particular attention to material, size, folding mechanisms, and bonus features, so stay tuned!

The Best Beach Fishing Carts Reviews (Editor’s Picks)

In the following section, we’ll introduce our favorite beach fishing carts available on the market. Our list is in no particular order, but it is numbered for organizational purposes.

1. Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart
  • Fold-up utility cart for use in marine environments
  • Carries up to 350 pounds of gear to take on and off boats
  • Marine-grade aluminum prevents rust and corrosion

Your first option is a relatively straightforward utility cart, but it stands out from many other options because of a few bonus features. Firstly, this cart is wholly made of marine-grade aluminum so that it won’t rust over many years of waterside use. Secondly, because it has an all-metal body, it’ll hold up to extended wear better than any cloth or tarp-lined wagon, too.

The metal body makes it easy to wash down after a messy day fishing, too—Just spray it off with the hose and be done with it. It has nearly six square feet of storage space, which is more than enough for a cooler, and it carries up to 350 pounds. When fully unfolded, the cart’s total dimensions are 55″ long by 30.25″ wide by 23″ deep, but it collapses and becomes much smaller storage and transport size.

Keep two things in mind when buying this model: one, folding it and unfolding it can be a finger-pinching hazard, and two, depending on where you use it, you may find that the tires puncture or deflate easily. You may want to consider upgrading them.  


  • Folds for easy transport and storage
  • The all-metal body is sturdy, easy to clean, and designed to last
  • Very affordable, especially for an all-metal cart


  • Tires aren’t exceptionally sturdy
  • Not designed specifically for fishing, so no pole holders, etc. 
  • Finger pinching hazard

2. Mybeachcart Foldable Beach Cart

My Beach Cart® The Original Patented NO Rust Aluminum Foldable Beach Cart 13 INCH Big Wheels Balloon Tires for Sand Heavy Duty. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.
560 Reviews
My Beach Cart® The Original Patented NO Rust Aluminum Foldable Beach Cart 13 INCH Big Wheels Balloon Tires for Sand Heavy Duty. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.
  • The Original Patented My Beach Cart Rolls Over Sand And Carries All Your Beach Gear With Ease!
  • NEW! Exclusively For My Beach Cart, Stainless Steel Hinge Supports Provide Unmatched Frame Strength. 13 Inch Quick Release Balloon Tires Glide Over The Sand With Ease. Tire Pump And My Beach Cart Inflation Tool Included.
  • It's Made With NO RUST Blue Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum.

This beach cart from Mybeachcart is slightly different from the other options on this list for one main reason: it’s designed to look and function more similarly to a moving dolly than a wagon. Many users might like this design better because it’s easy to transport. It’s especially strong over uneven terrain for those who want to fish in remote locations. 

However, that same functionality may make it harder to pull and maneuver for some people, especially if you load it up with a lot of weight. However, those who don’t mind this different style will find that the other features really make this beach cart comfortable to use.

Firstly, this cart is rust-proof. While it’s only rated to hold up to 165 pounds, you could probably get away with more. It comes with large, balloon-style wheels that are excellent for dealing with sand, making this a genuinely beach-friendly cart. It also comes with foam padding along the bottom, an attached mesh bag for supplies, and a buckle system to hold everything in place.

While it lacks the pole holders and horizontal space of other carts, it’s still an excellent option to consider. 


  • Excellent for travel over sand and other problematic terrains
  • Rust-proof anodized aluminum
  • Mesh bag holds extra supplies like bait, towels, etc. 
  • Foam padding and buckles hold everything firmly in place


  • A bit pricey for what is essentially a dolly with accessories
  • Assembly is required, and the assembly instructions are difficult to read
  • Lacks fishing-related features, such as pole holders, etc
  • Stores gear vertically, which means sealed items (bait or coolers) could leak during horizontal transport

3. MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon

MacSports All Terrain Beach Wagon with Side Table|Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Cart with Large Wheels for Beach Day, Picnic, Camping, Outdoor Activities | Blue/White
  • Mac Sports' All Terrain Wagons boast large plastic wheels that grip better on rough surfaces and allow easier handling on terrain such as soft sand, wet dirt, rocks, grass,and snow. They are most widely known as reliable beach wagons!
  • The wagon's large interior can hold up to 150 lbs and comes with a foldable side table and mesh pockets to hold all your snacks and personal belongings
  • Folds to a small footprint of under 10 inches and weighs 22 pounds, making the wagon easily portable and simple for storage

This beach cart from MacSports is a generic collapsible model that’s designed for all-purpose use. While it’s missing some specific fishing-related features because of that, it’s more functional in other scenarios because of that, too. 

It has a tray on the front end of the cart, which can be incredibly useful for holding bait, measuring fish, and of course, carrying your drinks. The cart itself folds for transport, and it can hold up to 150 pounds, so you probably won’t be able to use it as a seat. However, while this inexpensive beach fishing cart is great in theory, it’s surprisingly bad for the beach.

The plastic wheels on this wagon are great for general use, but since the two wheels in front are together instead of on opposite sides of the cart, it tends to topple over when dealing with uneven terrain. As such, this unit is best for docks, piers, bridges, and other stable locations. 

And finally, the cloth liner on this model is tough to clean, and it will likely retain a fishy odor from the first day you use it. Be prepared to deal with that!


  • Excellent for general use
  • Collapses down to a briefcase-like size
  • The included tray is great for holding drinks and other items
  • Very affordable


  • Cloth liner is not ideal for fishing and is difficult to clean
  • Not appropriate for unsteady terrain
  • It doesn’t hold much weight
  • Missing some fishing-related features, such as pole holders, etc. 

4. Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo

Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo with Cutting Board System
  • Includes cart, liner, and cutting board system
  • Cart is light, strong, spacious, and corrosion-resistant
  • 125 lb. cargo capacity. Cargo area measures 33.5" x 15" x 9"

This inexpensive fishing cart from Drifter Marine is the first proper fishing cart on this list. Since it’s designed specifically for fishing, it comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, such as pole holders, a bait bucket holder, and even a cutting board (with slots to hold pliers and knives) for processing bait and fish. 

This cart is constructed from metal bars with a waterproof tarp liner on the inside. This makes it very easy to clean and maintain, but note that the cart itself is corrosion-resistant, not corrosion-proof. As with any other fishing gear you own, you should be careful to wash it thoroughly after using it near saltwater. 

Unfortunately, this cart can only hold an unimpressive 125 pounds, which is the smallest weight limit on this list so far. If you have lots of heavy supplies, such as coolers and other gear, that could be an issue, and it’s unlikely to support that weight plus the weight of a person if you need a place to sit. 

This cart is advertised with a “custom mesh bottom” that will let sand and water escape quickly. While some users may appreciate this, it might be a bother if the cart lets water or sand escape into your car or other undesirable areas.


  • Affordable, but with all the features you’re looking for
  • Tarp liner is easy to wash clean
  • Works well over any terrain


  • The weight limit is very low
  • Not corrosion-proof
  • Cart liner has a mesh bottom, so it’s not water-tight

5. Angler’s Fish-N-Mate Cart

Anglers Fish-N-Mate 310 Sr Fishing Cart with Poly Wheels
  • Detachable Handle
  • Poly Wheel Tires
  • Food Grade Cutting Board with Removable Bait Bucket

If you’re looking for a fishing cart that will handle all of your most demanding tasks, then the Angler’s Fish-N-Mate is worth a look. This particular model comes with large poly wheels that are designed to handle any kind of rough terrain, even when the cart itself is at its full carrying capacity. 

On the topic of carrying capacity, this cart can comfortably handle up to 200 pounds without breaking a sweat, meaning you’ll be able to bring multiple coolers, an umbrella, whichever fish you catch, and potentially, yourself! 

This cart does not come with a liner, so if you want one, you’ll have to purchase one from the manufacturer. However, unless you plan to carry small loose items, you’re unlikely to need one anyway. This metal cart does come with a limited lifetime warranty against corrosion, so you can safely use it for saltwater fishing. 

While this is an expensive product, it may well be one of the best beach fishing carts on this list in terms of durability. If you need something that will put up with a lot of abuse, it should be on your radar. 


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Great with all terrain types, even sand
  • The weight limit is high enough to handle just about anything 


  • It doesn’t come with a liner, but you can purchase one from the manufacturer
  • Prohibitively expensive—nearly twice as much as other options on this list
  • Poly wheels can puncture under certain conditions

6. Sea Striker BRSC-DLX Deluxe Cart

Sea Striker Deluxe Surf, Pier and Beach Cart – Outdoor Fishing Rolling Wheel Wagon
  • SURF CART: This all-around, versatile cart has a heavy-duty frame and comes with the capability to hold up to MOST 54 quart coolers. Get this adventure filled piece of equipment that includes a frame with seven durable PVC rod accessory holders
  • DURABLE: This cart is made with a powder coat finish to protect the cart from the elements. The outdoors has no match for this tough cart that can hold chairs, buckets, coolers, rods, fishing poles, and so much more
  • PORTABLE: Get the ideal transportation for all your gear with the pneumatic wheels on the bottom of your wagon. The rolling tires can ride over all terrain from beach sand to the pavement while pulling with the strong handle in front

If you’re looking for a budget cart that still gives you some of the fishing-related features you’re looking for, look no further than the Sea Striker. This is one of the least expensive options on this list (if not the cheapest, depending on current incentives), but it still comes with fishing rod holders and large, durable plastic wheels. 

However, the Sea Striker doesn’t come with a cutting board, bait holder, or liner, so it’s not exactly perfect. If you are looking for something a bit more complete, though, the manufacturer does offer “deluxe” options with all of the bells and whistles. Despite having “DLX” in its name, this is, in fact, a budget model. 

Unfortunately, we have two bones to pick with this model: firstly, the manufacturer does not list a weight limit, so you’ll have to be careful about how much you load up on this cart. This cart does have a powder-coated finish to help protect against corrosion, but the rod holders are simple PVC pipe. In the end, while it’s inexpensive, you get what you pay for to an extent. 


  • Very affordable budget option
  • It comes with rod holders included
  • Navigates over all terrain types


  • Bare-bones—no liner, cutting board, etc
  • No listed weight limit
  • Rod holders are just PVC pipe mounted to the frame

7. Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH Marine Cart

Gorilla Carts 200 Pound Heavy Duty Aluminum Poly Bed Fish and Marine Cart for Fishing, Picnic, and Other Outdoor Activities with Rod Holders, Gray
224 Reviews
Gorilla Carts 200 Pound Heavy Duty Aluminum Poly Bed Fish and Marine Cart for Fishing, Picnic, and Other Outdoor Activities with Rod Holders, Gray
  • HEAVY-DUTY CART: Poly fishing and marine utility cart wagon with 200-pound capacity for maneuvering heavy fishing gear, picnic supplies, or sporting equipment; Overall cart height of 24.75 inches
  • ALL-TERRAIN TIRES: Tough durable aluminum frame and solid, flat-free 13-inch all-terrain tires ensure durability and usability on different terrains
  • HANDY FISHING ACCESSORIES: Includes 8 removable fishing rod holders and a versatile foldable bait tray with lure and tool slots

If you’re looking for a real “gorilla” when it comes to the best beach fishing carts, then you’ve found it—literally! This marine cart is designed with your most demanding fishing needs in mind. It has a full poly basket rather than a tarp-lined metal basket, and it’s fully modular, too. 

As you’ve probably guessed, this fishing wagon is a bit pricey. While it has a noticeably higher center of gravity than other carts on this list, it does come with quality all-terrain tires that don’t require filling and won’t puncture. 

This cart is guaranteed to carry up to 200 pounds, so no worries about carrying capacity here. The modular aspect applies to all attachments on the cart; you can remove the rod holders, side tray, and wheels, and the rest of it folds flush to the tray.

The cart does have a few flaws, however, that you’ll want to watch out for. Firstly, the side table isn’t incredibly sturdy, so you might find that your supplies slide off too easily for it to be practical. Secondly, while it works great if you rinse it after every use, sand tends to make its way into the wheel bearings and cause havoc. 


  • Puncture-proof hard tires for any terrain
  • The modular function makes it easy to transport and customize
  • High carrying capacity can handle just about anything
  • Made from corrosion-proof aluminum


  • Some weak points around the wheel bearings
  • The side table isn’t efficient
  • Fishing rod handles drag on the ground when the cart is collapsed

8. Berkley Fishing Cart

Berkley Collapsible, Wheeled Fishing Cart Grey, Regular
  • Collapsible design with adjustable handle for easy storage
  • Supports up to 200 pounds and offers plenty of space for rods, a 48-quart cooler, chairs, and other essential fishing equipment
  • 6 removable rod holders, hook and loop straps, and a fabric liner to keep gear secure

If you don’t have time to look at the other fishing carts on this list but still want a quality product, Berkeley’s line of fishing carts is an excellent place to look. For this guide, we’ll be looking at their standard cart since it will suit most people, but they also offer a “jumbo” version, a sportsman’s cart (built to hold a small cooler and just a few rods), and a Sportsman Pro (with the cooler included). 

All of their cart offerings are quality and built with similar materials, but they’re affordable, too. They feature corrosion-resistant aluminum frames, and the regular model can fold virtually flat, as well. The standard model is a great “jack of all trades” fishing cart—it has all the features you want at a great price. 

However, do note that this is not a high-durability model. It’s designed for light use, as both the frame and wheels are lightweight and portable. If you need one that can handle heavier wear, consider the Jumbo or sportsman models or pick another fishing cart entirely. 


  • Feature-rich for a great price
  • Rated to support up to 200 pounds (Sportsman model can support 300 pounds)
  • Available in several different sizes and types


  • Designed for light use—won’t stand up to abuse
  • Tires on the regular model are a huge weak point
  • Not easy to collapse

Weigh your fish the right way:

The 10 Best Fish Scales for 2023 (An Informative Buyer’s Guide)

Best Beach Fishing Carts Buyers Guide—Knowing What to Look For

The fact of the matter is that you’re unlikely to go out of your way to look for a fishing cart unless you fit into several categories. First, you enjoy fishing on land, such as from a pier, dock, bridge, or beach, or you need an easy way to bring all your gear to and from fishing boats. 

Secondly, you’re experienced with fishing. A beginner might not have the forethought to purchase a beach fishing cart, nor would they be likely to have enough gear to warrant needing one. 

However, regardless of whether you’re experienced or not, a fishing cart can be a huge benefit, especially for those who travel to different areas frequently to fish. The best fishing carts are all-inclusive workstations in addition to carrying carts. However, what exactly you need in a cart can vary widely based on how and where you fish. 

Fishing Cart Wheels

For example, if you like to fish on the beach—hence, beach fishing cart—you may want to look for a wagon that can roll over sand easily. If the shores near you are rocky rather than sandy, you should consider that as well, since your wheel needs will be different. 

However, if you like to fish from bridges or docks on the beach, you may be able to get away with an all-terrain tire. For reference, most agree that “balloon wheels,” or large, round, smooth wheels, work best over sandy beach terrain.

These same balloon wheels are not appropriate for rugged terrain, though. If you like to hike through the woods to get to your favorite freshwater river, for example, balloon wheels would be more harmful than helpful to you.  

Cart Material and Durability

The durability of your cart should be high on your list, as well. If you use your cart all year long, for example, you’ll want something sturdy that can hold up to all weather conditions. However, if you only use your cart at the beach during the summer, a lightweight cart with as few as possible plastic parts would be ideal. 

Different materials handle conditions differently. For example, we would choose a plastic-free cart for summertime use because plastic can melt in harsh sunlight. However, metal can heat up in hot conditions, as well, especially if it’s painted black. Clearly, you have a lot of things to look out for!

Weather plays a significant role, but the main durability factor you should consider is whether you need your fishing cart for light or heavy use. The Berkley fishing cart from above, for example, works great for light use but isn’t sturdy enough for much else. On the other hand, the Fish-N-Mate is exceptionally sturdy but prohibitively expensive for someone who only needs a few days of use each year. 

A special place you should consider looking at is your cart’s liner if it has one. If included, Liners can be a particular weak spot for beach fishing carts, as they can tear or puncture if hit with something sharp (i.e., a fillet knife, pliers, fishing hook, etc.). However, using no liner or opting for a heavy-duty plastic liner can help you avoid this.

Finally, if you’re planning to purchase a generic beach cart that’s not necessarily designed for fishing, it may be best to avoid absorbent cloth liners. While these are usually fine for normal beachgoers, if your cart absorbs any fishy water or oil, it will never lose that unmistakable fishy smell. On the other hand, a water-repellent liner will shed any smelly liquids, and you can wash them easily under a hose, too. 

Portability and Disassembly

Fishing carts aren’t always small items, so if you often take a compact vehicle to the beach, you may have to develop creative ways to transport your fishing cart. Many carts are designed with innovative disassembly solutions in mind to make this job easier, but not all of them are. 

For example, several of the carts on this list fold together to make them easier to transport. Some come apart rather than folding, and some don’t disassemble at all. Before you purchase any beach fishing carts, make sure to double-check that they’ll fit in the vehicle you plan to use. 

Weight is something you should consider when it comes to portability, too. Many general-purpose beach carts are lightweight and easy to transport, but that isn’t always the case for those designed for fishing. If you can’t lift the fishing cart into your vehicle, it won’t be of much help to you, after all. 

Size and Features

While your fishing cart’s outside dimensions are essential, don’t neglect to investigate the inside dimensions, either. This is especially important if you’re an established fishing enthusiast who already has a lot of gear. If you’re new to the sport, you can buy products to fit inside your cart, but if you already own a cooler, a tackle box, and several fishing poles, you’ll need to make sure that the wagon can accommodate them. 

While we’ve put a high value on carts with many features on this list, you don’t have to do the same thing. For example, if you have a professional fishing cooler with an integrated cutting board and rod holder, you might not need to search for these features on a cart at all. Instead, you could save yourself some money by purchasing a cheaper cart without those extra features. 

Maintenance and Safety Tips

It’s always your responsibility to use your fishing cart (and your other fishing supplies) in a way that’s safe for you and everyone around you. Not only does that mean being careful, but it also means taking care of your fishing supplies. 

This is especially important for any fishing cart you own, regardless of its size and what it’s made out of. Firstly, make sure to always wash your cart after any trip out to the water, especially if you’re fishing in saltwater. You should try to wash after freshwater outings, too, though corrosion isn’t as much of an issue. 

Above all, you must always keep your fishing supplies safe and secure inside your cart. Even if your cart has a sturdy liner, don’t allow any sharp objects—such as hooks, knives, and lures—to sit loosely inside. If your cart tips over, you could end up losing these tools on the beach, and they could hurt someone who finds them or steps on them.

Be sure to treat your other fishing supplies with care, as well. Even fishing weights can be picked up and eaten by a passing dog or gull, which can be bad for their health. Fishing line can also cause trouble for all sorts of wild animals, especially birds, who get tangled up in it.

This is where the maintenance aspect comes in. If your beach fishing cart gets a hole or tear in it, for example, you could end up losing fishing supplies through it. It’s your responsibility to others (and yourself) to patch that hole and keep your cart in tip-top shape to prevent these scenarios from happening. 

Creating Your Own Fishing Cart

If you can’t find a fishing cart that matches up with your expectations, you’re not out of luck just yet. Creating a custom fishing cart for yourself is easy and practical for the vast majority of people, even if you’re not very proficient with DIY projects. All you need is a cart and the supplies you want to attach to it.

Of course, the first thing you should consider when building your own beach fishing cart is the wheels. Balloon wheels aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the price for a lifetime of convenient beach use

After that, all you need to consider is what you use on your everyday fishing trip. Rod holders are a must, and they’re effortless to make with PVC pipe, a bolt, and a nut. Just cut your tube to the proper size, thread the bolt through one end of the tube to hold your rod securely, and attach it to your fishing cart with a bracket, bolt, glue, or whatever works best for your setup. 

Obviously, your fishing cart should be able to hold a cooler—not just for keeping fish fresh during hot beach days, but also if you want to bring cold drinks or sandwiches with you on your trips out. Many fishing coolers also have cutting boards integrated into the lid to make processing both bait and fish easier, so you may not have to worry about adding an additional one of those, either. 

Finally, consider how much other cargo your cart can carry. Do you want to be able to install a seat on the cart itself? If so, opt for a wagon with a higher weight limit. Alternatively, you could just bring a folding chair, but why limit yourself when you’re building a custom beach fishing cart?

Don’t underestimate the convenience of extra slots and pockets on your fishing cart, either. Mesh bags are always an excellent choice at the beach since they easily shed both sand and water. Just make sure to choose one that’s waterproof so it won’t absorb water and odors. 

If you want to get even more creative, consider alternative gear-carrying solutions, such as magnets. By affixing strong magnets to your cart, you can carry any fishing tool, such as pliers and fillet knives, that’s made from a magnetic metal. However, just make sure to use magnets that are strong enough to securely hold all of your tools, as you don’t want them to fall off as you travel. 

Best Beach Fishing Cart Comparison Chart

ProductPriceOccupy Internal SpaceWeight CapacityUnique Features
Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart$$$24"350 lbsFolds for easy transport and storage, very affordable
Mybeachcart Foldable Beach Cart$$$32"165 lbsRust-proof anodized aluminum
MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon$$$26"150 lbsExcellent for general use, very affordable
Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo$-$$36"125 lbsWorks well over any terrain, affordable
Angler's Fish-N-Mate Cart$-$$43"200 lbsSturdy and long-lasting
Sea Striker BRSC-DLX Deluxe Cart$$-$34"210 lbsVery affordable budget option
Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH Marine Cart$-$$41"200 lbsPuncture-proof hard tires for any terrain
Berkley Fishing Cart$24"200 lbsFeature-rich for a great price

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Wrap Up

What did you think of our buyers guide for the best beach fishing carts of 2023? These eight products all have their own merits and drawbacks, but we believe that they fulfill a wide range of needs. If you’re looking for a fishing cart, you’ll likely find one that fits your needs (or at least a very similar option) on this list. 

However, don’t let what’s included on this list stop you, either! Not only are there plenty of beach fishing cart options on the market—far more than we could fit in one buyer’s guide—but it’s relatively easy to make your own custom cart, too. After all, all a fishing cart is, in the end, is a beach-friendly wagon with a few extra fishing-related accessories.  

If we had to pick an overall winner from the options on this list, it would be the Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo. While the low weight limit on the cart is a limiting factor, it’s affordable, durable, and complete with all the accessories you’ll need. If you need one that can support a bit more weight, there are several heavy-duty options for you to choose from, too. 

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