Best Beach Umbrellas

14 Best Beach Umbrellas of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)


They are colorful, cheery, and iconic. When we think of the beach umbrella, it reminds us of fun summer days by the ocean or lake. However, though beach umbrellas may conjure up one image, there are actually many types and styles on the market with just as many uses. But they have one thing in common: the Best beach umbreallas must withstand strong winds from the sea.

Beach umbrellas cater to different needs, environments, and weather conditions. The best beach umbrellas are durable, dependable, and are tailored to address your lifestyle. 

We looked at the many different brands on the market to review the best beach umbrellas as well as the different types and what to look for when choosing one that suits your needs.

The Best Beach Umbrellas, Our Top Picks for this season

With any product, determining the best ones on the market has subjective elements depending on your needs. However, some certain common traits and attributes affect their quality. 

Before making any determinations, it is crucial to recognize the evaluation categories. For our purposes, the categories are wind adaptability, portability, weight, travel models, big and clip-on umbrellas.

We put these umbrellas to the test. After evaluating the many brands’ choices on the market, these are our picks for the best beach umbrellas.

Although we are using a numbered list, please note that these picks are in no particular order.

1. The Abba Patio 7ft Beach Umbrella

Abba Patio 7ft Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Push Button Tilt and Carry Bag, UV 50+ Protection Windproof Portable Patio Umbrella for Garden Beach Outdoor, Teal Blue
  • Integrated sand anchor and telescoping steel pole secures your umbrella with a simple twist
  • Oxford fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection from 99% of intensive ultraviolet rays
  • Easy-to-use - the tilting mechanism allows you to easily press the push button to angle beach umbrella for maximum sun protection

The Aqua Blue Abba Beach Umbrella is an outstanding offering. It incorporates quality manufacturing with practical accessories. The design is excellent, featuring a telescoping pole with a sturdy sand anchor. The frame allows for easy deployment and breakdown. 

Once you open the umbrella, you will find useful amenities, such as an under-canopy netting to store smaller items. The umbrella fabric is UV treated, offering extra 99% protection from damaging rays. Push-button tilting makes angling the umbrella easy, and the velcro strap carrying bag allows for easy transport and storage. 


  • Vented canopy
  • Fiberglass ribs for flexibility
  • Powdered coating for rust resistance
  • Easy setup


  • Ribs can become brittle.
  • Canopy material is thin.
  • No weighted base

This quality product might not be the ideal choice for strong winds, but the UV Protection is solid and it’s one of the best beach umbrellas if you want to protect your family from hazardous UV rays.

2. The Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella

The attractive umbrella, which displays festive stripes of alternating blues interspersed with white, is a superb product. The material is heavily UV treated, providing excellent sun protection. A strong 1.26-inch pole supports the structure, while the tilting mechanism is simple to operate and is also easy to set up and break down. 

The umbrella is entirely collapsible. The umbrella in its broken-down state is one of the most compact on the market. The fabric is UV treated, offering extra protection from the sun, and it comes with a carrying case for practical transport and storage. 

The manufacturer states clearly that their product is not for areas that have high winds. Their product is solely for calm environments but the large size and UV protection make this one of the best beach umbrellas for families.


  • Offers excellent UV protection
  • Great price point
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design


  • Plastic coupling is not made for moderate winds.
  • Can slip from base
  • Made for only ideal climate

3. The Dekero Large Windproof Beach Umbrella

Dekero 7.2ft Windproof Beach Umbrella,UV Protection Portable Umbrella with Sand Anchor,Tilt Aluminum Pole, Carry Bag for Beach Patio Garden Outdoor Fishing
  • ☂Wind-resistant design: 8mm diameter extra thick and strong fiberglass ribs + 2 layers of extra-large vents + 3 yellow wind-resistant floor plugs + sand built up around the base.
  • ☂UV protection 50+: Unique black coating sunscreen cloth: 100% block harmful UV rays from passing through the Roof,even the noon-time summer sunlight cannot penetrate at all through the covering layers; wet the sand and enjoy your holiday in the comfort of the umbrella, when it’s 39 degrees outside, and 30 degrees below the umbrella!
  • ☂360° tilt for maximum convenience + full height-adjustability. The spring 360° metal pole, allows you to conveniently tilt the umbrella so you can follow the sun all day, without having to move your chair or the umbrella base.

If people have problems locating your party among the array of beach umbrellas, Dekero has your answer. With colors like apple green and a striking deep blue, you will be impossible to miss. With a satisfying seven feet of diameter, the coverage will leave no part of your body out of the shade. The silver screen coating offers 99% protection against UV rays. 

The umbrella comes with a three-layer canopy that adds strength and wind resistance. The strategically placed vents keep airflow constant while adding to its stability. 

Four firm plugs and a place to add sand to the base will have you prepared for those occasional gusts of wind. The aluminum base is sturdy but keeps the weight down, allowing for more effortless transport. 

We like the xolourful designs and the high quality of this umbrella. It stands out on this list if the best beach umbrellas, but definetely deserves to be on it.


  • Can endure windier conditions
  • Great colors
  • A robust canopy that is tear-resistant
  • Has 360-degree tilt capability


  • Costlier than competitor models
  • The angled knob can loosen during windier conditions.
  • The shaft near the tilting mechanism can loosen.

4. The Movtotop Beach Umbrella

When we updated the article, we noticed, that this product is currently not available.

The engineers at Movtotop came up with an innovative design for their big umbrella. The bright sky blue umbrella offers six and a half feet of coverage. 

The leaf design comes with air vents that keep the air flowing while not interfering with its shading. It is made of durable polyester that has a heavy coating and provides 100% UV protection. 

It comes with a sturdy pole and fiberglass ribbing. Not only is the sand anchor easy to install and increases wind resistance, but the tilting mechanism is also in an ergonomic location, making adjustments fluid and straightforward. Moreover, it can also maintain its angle in moderate winds. 

Tear resistant material and excellent airflow are the characteristics to describe this pick if the best beach umbrellas


  • Excellent airflow
  • Easy to break down 
  • Good in moderate winds
  • Polyester is tear-resistant


  • The aluminum base could be sturdier.
  • Inserting the base into the sand requires extra effort.
  • The company offers quick solutions if dissatisfied with the product.

5. The Sport-Brella Vented Canopy Umbrella

Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella for Beach and Sports Events (8-Foot, Blue)
9,506 Reviews
Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella for Beach and Sports Events (8-Foot, Blue)
  • UPF 50 plus PROTECTION - The Sport-Brella XL will keep your skin safe and protected from UVA and UVB rays. With side panels for extra coverage and wind flaps for ventilation and airflow, you’ll get everything you need
  • UPF 50 plus sun and weather protection and water repellent, protects over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Canopy supported by 4.5 mm steel ribs and a 5mm steel stretcher

For those looking for more excellent all-around protection, the Sport-Brella Canopy Umbrella is a superb choice. Made to anchor at an angle, the design offers protection from above and to the sides, thanks to the flaps that extend to the ground. The flaps have screens allowing for extra ventilation while keeping dust, sand, and other particles from drifting into your space. 

The canopy is supported by steel ribs, which create extra support and strength. The pole is fitted with a pointed tip to make it easier to anchor. The canopy contains strong UV protection and is water-resistant, and it also comes with two additional anchor chords in case of increased winds.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Ribbing is strong
  • You can weigh down the additional anchors.
  • Tear-resistant material in the canopy


  • The pointed tip is made of plastic that can break in harder soils.
  • Above coverage has limited person capacity.
  • Limits on angle 

6. The EasyGo 8 Foot Heavy Duty HIGH Wind Beach Umbrella – The Best Beach Umbrella for wind

EasyGo 8 Foot HEAVY DUTY HIGH WIND Beach Umbrella - Giant 8' Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor & Carrying Bag -Sturdy Pole
  • HIGH UP50+ UV PROTECTION: EasyGo Heavy duty beach shade umbrella offers you UPF 50+ cover from 99.5% of UVA/UVB. The UV ray protection keeps your delicate and beautiful skin safe from the risk of cancer. The full swivel umbrella has a pole with a silver coating, and push buttons that can be used to adjust the beach umbrella to give you shade from any angle. The sand anchor enables you to move it and place it firmly on the beach to ensure firm wind resistance on a windy day.
  • DURABLE CANOPY AND CONNECTORS: The rugged canopy cover of this windproof heavy duty beach umbrella is made of premium fabric which ensures maximum sun and rain protection giving you the best protection from the weather elements. The canopy of this premium beach umbrella is made of premium high-quality water-repellent fabric for maximum sun protection.
  • DURABLE CANOPY AND CONNECTORS: The rugged canopy cover of this windproof heavy duty beach umbrella is made of premium fabric which ensures maximum sun and rain protection giving you the best protection from the weather elements. The canopy of this premium beach umbrella is made of premium high-quality water-repellent fabric for maximum sun protection.

Some may find that seven feet of coverage is not enough, and these engineers kept that in mind when they extended their beach umbrella by an extra foot. The East Go showcases a leaf design with all the colors of the rainbow. The solid rust-resistant aluminum pole has multiple height adjustments and is easy to use, while the fiberglass ribs keep the structure stable. 

The canopy is UV treated and provides superb protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It includes a heavy-duty screw to anchor the umbrella to the ground and remains sturdy on windy days. The canopy offers ventilation near the top, which keeps the air flowing without sacrificing any of its strength or coverage. 


  • Excellent for locations prone to heavier winds
  • Carry bag is firm and convenient.
  • One of the best coverage areas of any beach umbrella
  • Angling will not allow for full side coverage.


  • The lower pole can bend in some conditions.
  • The release button for adjustments is prone to sticking.
  • Set up requires extra effort due to anchoring.

 7. The Sansuntek Beach Umbrella

SANSUNTEK Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor,6.5ft Portable Travel Beach Umbrella for Sand with Tilt Aluminum Pole, Sun Wind Resistant Umbrella for Beach Patio Backyard Outdoor with Carry Bag
  • Durable Aluminum Frame: Made from sturdy aluminum for strength and stability.
  • Foldable Design: Compact and portable with a foldable canopy for easy storage.
  • Vibrant Color: Features a bright and colorful design to add style.

The Sansutek Beach Umbrella is a superb choice for both the sand and the patio. The canopy’s striking striped greens and blues are placed on a silver-coated polyester cloth, making it both durable and protective. 

It has an adjustable tilt design that allows the user to adjust it to accommodate their needs. The fibrous ribs give the structure more flexibility, allowing it to resist changes in the wind. It is easy to assemble as well as to break down.

The carry bag is portable and easy to store, and it comes with anchor accessories that are simple to use. The cloth is UV treated, offering excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Top vents provide plenty of airflow without sacrificing stability. 


  • One of the most attractive umbrellas on the market
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent tilt apparatus
  • Smaller coverage area than other big umbrellas
  • The carrying case can tear without careful handling.

8. The Ammsun 6.5 ft Beach Umbrella

AMMSUN 6.5 ft Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor,Portable Beach Umbrellas for Sand Heavy Duty Wind,UV 50+ Sun Protection Umbrella for Beach Patio Garden Outdoor,Carry Bag,Turquoise
  • ☂ SUN PROTECTION: The beach umbrella can provide UPF50+ protection for your skin, it's able to block over 98% UVA and UVB rays. The umbrella with tilt feature allows you to adjust the angle with a push-button for optimal shade all day long.
  • ☂ PREMIUM QUALITY: 1.10/1.26 inch premium aluminum pole with height adjustment options. You can lower the umbrella to withstand winds and rains. 8 fiberglass ribs make it stronger and more durable.
  • ☂ SAFETY & STABILITY: Integrated sand anchor design and air vent in the top increase its wind tolerance and give the umbrella more stability in windy conditions. You don't need to purchase a separate sand anchor.

Manufacturers are continually looking for ways to keep their umbrellas light without sacrificing too much stability and coverage. The Ammsun Beach Umbrella does an excellent job in accomplishing both ends. 

The attractive umbrella has a six and a half foot diameter with a UV measure of +50. The easy to adjust tilt is simple to use and will ensure coverage as sun angles change. 

The pole is a standard 1.26-inch circumference aluminum alloy. The sand anchor design increases stability, and the fiberglass ribbing adds strength without increasing weight. The umbrella is safe for light winds but is best when the climate is calm. The carry bag is compact and easy to store. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Easy adjustments and set up
  • Portable and easy to store


  • Not reliable in stronger winds
  • Limited coverage and accessories
  • Tips can break in moderate winds.

9. The Beachbub All-In-One Beach Umbrella

BEACHBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System. Includes ULTRA Base (compliant with the ASTM F3681-24 Beach Umbrella Safety Standard). (Deep Ocean Blue)
  • THIS UMBRELLA INCLUDES THE ULTRA BASE WHICH IS COMPLIANT WITH THE ASTM F3681-24 BEACH UMBRELLA SAFETY STANDARD: Engineers from the Consumer Product Safety Commission have determined that for a 7½' umbrella to be safe it must incorporate 75 lbs of resistance at the bottom pole. This was found to be effective in securing an umbrella in winds up to 30 mph.
  • THE beachBUB ULTRA BASE EXCEEDS THE SAFETY SPECIFICATION BY 160% WHEN PROPERLY FILLED: As municipalities begin to implement this standard on their public beaches beachgoers will need to use an ASTM F3681.24 compliant anchor or run the risk of not being permitted to use their umbrella on the beach.
  • UNMATCHED WARRANTY COVERAGE: Every All-In-One Beach Umbrella System is covered by our standard 3-Year Protection Plan, as well as a 10-Year Frame Warranty, and a Lifetime Warranty on the beachBUB ULTRA base. beachBUB sets the standard for product durability and customer satisfaction.

Designers and engineers are always re-imagining products, and perhaps no beach umbrella on the market has taken creative imagination further than Beachbub. 

Beachbub, when designing their All-In-One model, went right to the source, asking thousands of beachgoers what they look for in beach umbrellas. At the top of their list of concerns were umbrellas that fly away with an uptick in the breeze.

Beachbub created the ingenious “Sand Gopher” system, which anchors the umbrella to the ground, making it strong enough to withstand 35 mph winds.  

The canopy is durable and treated with the highest UV protection. It is easily adjustable. It comes with a simple carrying case and weighs only nine pounds when fully loaded. The Beachbub All-In-One umbrella is one of the most reliable umbrellas on the market. 


  • The best wind resistant umbrella on the market
  • Endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association
  • Comes with all stainless steel hardware
  • Useful accessories


  • Expensive
  • Plastic wings are prone to snapping.
  • Limited side coverage 

10. The Kitadin Portable Beach Umbrella

KITADIN 6.5FT Beach Umbrella for Sand Portable Outdoor Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor Fiberglass Rib Push Button Tilt and Carry Bag Sky Blue
  • STURDY FRAME - 1.26 inch premium iron pole with anti rust powder coated and 8 fiber ribs, which makes it more durable and stronger.
  • STABLE IMPROVED - Lengthened spiral sand anchor and Included aluminum stick secures your umbrella with a simple twist. (Make sure the sand anchor is fully rotated into the sand.)
  • SUN PROTECTION - UPF 50+ UV protection filters out 98% of harmful UV radiation rays. Adjustable tilt to angle for maximum coverage from the blazing sun.

Large beach umbrellas offer great coverage but have drawbacks in terms of weight and portability. The portable beach umbrella goal is to provide ideal coverage while cutting down weight and increasing transportability. 

The Kitadin does an excellent job in all of these categories. Its six and a half feet span provides comfortable coverage for two adults, and with a UV protection of 50+, it offers more than adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

An integrated sand anchor and steel pole add stability. It is easy to set up and break down. The durable polyester top is durable and water and tear-resistant. The vent strategically placed near the top provides excellent ventilation while increasing its wind resistance. 


  • Excellent price point
  • One of the lightest portable umbrellas on the market
  • Variety of beautiful designs
  • Durable carry case


  • The plastic anchor can snap in tough soils.
  • Not meant for high winds.
  • The plastic latch will require extra effort to increase grip.

11. The Aoske Portable Beach Umbrella

AosKe Beach Umbrella UV 50+,Umbrella with Sand Anchor&Tilt Aluminum Pole, Outdoor Sunshade umbrella with handbag, Portable Beach Umbrella with Carry Bag for Beach Patio Garden Outdoor-Orange
  • ☂【WITH PORTABLE REMOVABLE SAND ANCHOR】: The 6.5ft beach umbrella comes with a portable sand anchor that can help you twist the umbrella's insert into the sand or dirt easily and provides a stronger anchor. The stable aluminum pole makes the large patio garden umbrella more sturdy, maintaining stability and ensuring safety under windy conditions, so you can enjoy the whole day at the beach without worrying that the umbrella will be blown away.
  • ☂【100% UV RESISTANT & WATERPROOF MATERIAL】: The AosKe Beach Umbrella is made of 160GSM polyester with a thick PA coating, which provides up to 50+ UV protection and blocks harmful radiation in the summer. It is UV resistant, long-lasting, fade-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • ☂【STURDY ALUMINUM POLE & FIBERGLASS RIBS】: The adjustable height aluminum pole and 8 high tenacity fiberglass ribs of the portable beach umbrella provide more durability and extended protection, making it even more wind-resistant and stronger. The strong aluminum pole helps extend the life of your seaside umbrella and won't rust.

The Aoske has many attributes, but the area it excels in the most is its maneuverability. It has one of the best tilting apparatuses of any umbrella on the market, making it perfect for those who remain by the water for long periods and need to make adjustments.

Its six and a half foot diameter provides excellent shading, and its UV-protected canopy blocks out much of the suns rays, and you have a choice of three attractive color patterns. 

The unique trident style anchor is excellent for grass and soil; however, it does struggle with sand, as it is very lightweight. The Aoske features an all-aluminum frame that is relatively strong and sturdy. The portability is excellent, and the compactness of the umbrella allows for easy storage.


  • The anchor is superb for grass and tight soils.
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Improved vent design


  • Difficult to anchor in sand
  • A bit pricier than other competitor models
  • Anchors are plastic and can snap in harder soils.

12. The Sport-Brella Versa-Brella

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Sun Umbrella (Midnight Blue)
  • Upf 50 Plus Protection. The Versa-Brella Is A Clamp-On Shade Canopy Umbrella That Offers Upf 50 Plus Protection To Help Keep Skin Safe From 99.5% Of Uva And Uvb Rays
  • Rugged Cover And Durable Connector. The Rugged Canopy Cover Won'T Rip Or Tear; A Heavy-Duty Universal Clamp Connects To Square And Tubular Surfaces And Ensures A Secure Hold On Golf Bags, Beach Chairs, Or Even Bleachers
  • Adjusts To Any Angle: The 4-Way, 360-Degree Swivel And 2 Push Button Hinges Allows The Versa-Brella To Be Adjusted To Any Angle To Block The Sun

The advantage of a quality clip-on umbrella is that it can provide excellent coverage while at the same time being easy to transport and not as susceptible to the higher winds that create problems for an expansive canopy. The Sport Versa-Brella does an excellent job of combining a large umbrella’s attributes with the convenience of a smaller one. 

It has a durable and sturdy connector that is adjustable to most surfaces. The 360-degree swivel is a nice touch, allowing the user to easily angle the umbrella to meet their needs. 

The umbrella offers maximum UV protection coverage and is resistant to tearing. It weighs a mere 1.8 pounds, making it easy to transport, and it needs only a small space for storage. Whether you are going to the beach, the pool, or the park, it has you covered (literally).


  • Great color selection
  • Easy to set up and break down
  • Attaches to strollers and carts
  • Innovative canopy design


  • Coupler will loosen in stronger breezes.
  • The handle is short, making it difficult for taller people.
  • Does not offer full-body coverage

13. The G4Free UPF 50+ Adjustable Beach Umbrella

G4Free UPF 50+ Adjustable Beach Umbrella XL with Universal Clamp for Chair, Golf Cart, Stroller, Bleacher, Patio (Silver/Pink)
  • UPF 50+ UV Protection Umbrella. UPF 50+ high rating blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays; silver coating layer fabric reflects heat to cool you down. This sun umbrella protects your skin and keeps you cool.
  • 30% Larger & Easy Transport. This shade canopy umbrella is 44*44 inch when opened, 30% larger surface area than the standard clamp-on umbrella. Come with a portable carrying case, weighing only 1.5 pounds, 40 inch long when folded, so it can be taken anywhere.
  • Adjustable All Position Clamp. Flex spring top in shaft and bottom handle allows the umbrella canopy bent in any direction of 360° to adjust right away and sun protection. Universal clamp installed enables to connect the square and tubular surfaces of armrest or support of the chair. Clamp on vertically or horizontally direction to adapt different position of beach chairs, golf bags, wheelchairs, strollers, courtyards, boating, scooters, etc. The maximum clamp diameter is 1.5 inches

The G4Free portable beach umbrella engineers designed it with protection in mind. Covered in a well-tested UV resistant material, the canopy blocks out 99% of all damaging rays while the silver coating dissipates heat, and at the same time, prevents the colors from fading. The canopy is over 30% larger than the average clip-on umbrella. 

It offers a 360 degree swiveling top that makes it adjustable to whatever the user desires. The universal clamp allows it to clip safely and efficiently to both flat and round surfaces making it ideal for beach or lawn chairs. Fiberglass ribs enhance strength and provide stability. 

Even more, the fabric is tear-resistant, and the manufacturer stands behind the durability of their product with a one year warranty. 


  • Extra-wide coverage
  • Heat dissipating material
  • Universal clamp for multi-surfaces and chairs
  • One year warranty


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Not stable above moderate breezes
  • Slight play in the adjustment handle

14. The Ammsun Chair Umbrella

AMMSUN Chair Umbrella with Universal Clamp 43 inches UPF 50+, Portable Clamp on Patio Chair, Beach Chair, Stroller, Sport chair, Wheelchair and Wagon, Blue
  • ☂ SUN PROTECTION: UPF50+ oxford silver cloth fabric can keep your skin safe from 99.5% UVA/UVB rays, the clamp umbrella spans 9.6 square feet when open, the 180-degree adjustment provides maximum sun protection in any direction.
  • ☂ VERSATILE: Can clamp on round and square surface of strollers, wagons, bleachers or golf carts up to 1.38 inches.
  • ☂ STABLE & DURABLE: Made of 8 steel ribs with a steel pole, which provides a stable structure and strong wind resistance.

While many of the new clip-on umbrellas have come with unique space-age designs, the engineers at Ammsun decided to go the more traditional route. Its appearance is striking, as it looks like a miniaturized version of their large umbrellas with leafed sides that extend into draped corners. 

The quality is undeniable as the silver-coated cloth fabric provides superb UV protection while the canopy area shades a considerably large area.

The pole is made of steel, giving it a sturdy base. What is unusual is the steel ribbing, which is not common in today’s beach umbrellas. The full steel framing keeps it steadier when the breeze increases; however, it still manages to stay under two pounds even with its steel framing weight. 

It’s attractive carrying case makes it easy to transport and simple to store. 


  • Easy setup and breakdown
  • Surprisingly light
  • Great UV protection
  • The universal clamp is strong and can be used on most surfaces.


  • Lacks full adjustability at the top
  • It may require additional tightening in blustery weather.
  • No variance in colors 

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Best Beach Umbrellas Buyer Guide – Making the Best Purchase

As seen above, there is a large amount of information to consider when thinking about purchasing a beach umbrella. Umbrellas fall into categories, and these different types can offer unique advantages or may fall short in meeting your needs. However, deciphering the information can be overwhelming and may leave you asking the question, “Which umbrella is right for me?”

Considering Location When Choosing Beach Umbrella

First and foremost, it is imperative to decide the environment in which you will typically use your umbrella. Different locations have different conditions. Wind, sun, moisture, soil conditions, and other factors will impact your choice of the best beach umbrella to meet your needs. Take into account the places you will most frequently need an umbrella, then factor in that location’s most common conditions.

Ease of Transport – A must for our best beach umbrellas

If the place that you use most often requires transporting your beach umbrella to that location, the ease of moving it will be a factor. The weight, comfort of break down and set up, compactness, and carrying case accessories are crucial. Having an umbrella that is difficult to move or setup can cause headaches and quickly turn a good purchase into a bad one.

Cost – The best beach umbrellas don’t lie heavy on your wallet

Umbrellas can range in price, depending on the manufacturer, materials used, size, and weight. Although you can attribute cost increases to the product’s quality, it is most advantageous to determine a price range. Cost increases are also attributed to accessories or not needing extras.

Types of Beach Umbrellas

There are three classifications of beach umbrellas. Those categories are large, portable, and clip-on/lightweight. There are also subcategories, such as wind resistance, portability, UV protection, and durability

Large Beach Umbrellas are best for shade but not wind

Large beach umbrellas, or umbrellas with seven feet of diameter or more, offer more coverage, allowing more people to benefit from their use. The material they use for the canopy is often thicker and can provide maximum coverage against the sun’s damaging rays when treated with UV protection. Large beach umbrellas use heavier materials in their structure as well, adding to sturdiness and durability.

Portable Beach Umbrellas

Portable or midsize beach umbrellas usually range between five to seven feet in diameter. They are excellent if you typically go to locations with no more than two people. 

They offer good coverage and UV protection, but they are lighter, more practical to transport and store because of their smaller size. They are often easier to break down and set up as well.

 Clip-On Beach Umbrellas

The clip-on beach umbrella offers the ultimate convenience. Manufactures make them for only one occupant. Their small size makes them easy to carry, and they take up little space when storing them. 

The best clip-on beach umbrellas can adhere to both flat and round surfaces and are incredibly versatile. Although customarily used with beach chairs, they can also be placed on carts, baby carriages, and other apparatuses with wheels.

Drawbacks of Each Category of Beach Umbrellas

No design or model of a product is perfect for every condition, and often when you gain something in one area, you lose it in another. Beach umbrellas are no exception when it comes to this rule. Here are the disadvantages of each category of a beach umbrella.

Large Beach Umbrella Drawbacks

The size of the canopy that offers its greatest attribute can also serve as its biggest detractor. The larger the canopy, the more surface area the wind can push against. 

Large beach umbrellas are often more susceptible to becoming dislodged and can become dangerous projectiles because of their size. Due to their size, they often use thicker and heavier materials, making them more challenging to carry and store.

Portable Beach Umbrella Drawbacks

Although they do not have as great a surface area as the larger models, they are still susceptible to winds with surface areas of five to six and a half feet. 

Manufacturers, recognizing the desire to have a lighter product, will often use lens dense metals or plastic in their construction. The more lightweight materials are not generally as durable and may also have more limits on UV protection.

Clip-On Beach Umbrella Drawbacks

Clip-on beach umbrellas are made first and foremost, with convenience in mind. It is a personal edition of a larger product, and it will lose some qualities during its miniaturization. 

The main attribute lost with a clip-on umbrella is coverage. Their lightweight construction, although great for travel, also sacrifices durability.

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Best Uses for Each Type of Beach Umbrella

The person who uses the product the way the manufacturer intended it to has the best experience. Each category of beach umbrella is constructed with certain types of activities and environments in mind. Here is how to use each type of beach umbrella.

Best Uses for a Large Beach Umbrella: Shade

Although they have the word “beach” in their name, large beach umbrellas perform best in areas with calmer winds. The bay, lake, or patio are the ideal locations. 

Due to their size, it is also easier to utilize them in places that are not difficult to get to. For those who want to transport them to the beach, it is critical to get one made of steel framing that has sufficient anchors and can be filled with sand to ensure they remain stable.

Best Uses for a Portable Beach Umbrella: Wind

The portable beach umbrella is your best bet if you need adequate coverage and are going to locations prone to windier conditions. The five to six and a half foot diameter will allow for two people coverage. 

Also, the slightly smaller diameter makes your umbrella less vulnerable to becoming a sail. However, it still requires a strong and adequate anchor. Most umbrellas of these classifications are built utilizing aluminum, making them lighter and easier to transport.

Best Uses for a Clip-On Beach Umbrella: Easy set-up

Though manufacturers make them specifically for beach chairs, clip-on umbrellas are not ideal for long days by the water. They work best when fixed to a chair, table, or cart in less windy conditions where overexposure to the sun is not as much of a concern. 

They provide protection; however if you plan on spending hours on the sand, choosing an umbrella that offers more coverage is a better bet. Yet, if you plan on going to the park or pushing a stroller, they are perfect.

Features Best beach umbrellas have

Classifications of beach umbrellas vary; however, the best beach umbrellas will have some typical features that you should look for when purchasing. All quality beach umbrellas will offer UV treated material in their canopy. The shade is not as good as from Best Beach Tents for families but therfore a beach umbrella is less hassle to set up.

A treated canopy not only protects its user but keeps the material from deteriorating as well. They will also feature easily angled or swiveled tops, making it simple to adjust the best coverage umbrella. 

A beach umbrella must use quality materials. Heavier umbrellas should use steel or high-grade aluminum in their ribbing. Plastic is also acceptable, but only if it is high-grade. 

Also, check for venting, especially in the large and portable classifications. Adequate venting increases wind resistance while allowing airflow. 

Finally, in the large and portable categories, it is vital to havea quality anchor like our picks of the Best Beach Umbrella Anchors. Otherwise even the best beach umbrella will not stand safely in windy conditions.

Installation – The best beach umbrellas are easily set up

A quality beach umbrella is one that is easy to setup. Most beach umbrellas come in sections of three to four connecting pieces, with tubes that slide together that you can secure with a clamp or button. For large and portable umbrellas, the most significant part will be the anchor and the tools to install them. 

Anchor kits will come with two main types of tools, a hand-drill or shovel, to create your anchor holes. They will also come with bags or another apparatus to fill with sand to increase hold and stability. 

Some umbrellas have the drill and anchor integrated into the tip as well. Other accessories include ties and additional anchors, which can be purchased separately. 


Beach umbrella maintenance is reasonably simple. To keep the canopy in its best state, use a soft brush and mild soap to clean. You can use a hose to rinse it with cold water and allow it to dry. 

Make sure that you remove any sand or debris from crevices or holes in the pole and ribbing. Toothbrushes are ideal for removing sand from tight spots. A good maintenance will ensure that the best beach umbrella will maintain its quality for many years.

Safety Tips

Beach umbrellas have one overwhelming safety concern: wind. If you frequent windy spots, make sure you take your time in setting your anchor holes, and it would be wise to purchase additional anchors. 

When possible, lean your umbrella into the wind so when there are gusts, it forces the umbrella deeper into the sand, rather than pulling it out. Large bags filled with sand to be used as anchor weights are most effective in preventing accidents.

It is vital to make sure the drills used are appropriate for the soil. There are drills on the market that are ineffective for sand and will not anchor an umbrella properly. Finally, never leave your beach umbrella unattended, even though the best beach umbrellas in the portable category withstand strong winds.

Best Beach Umbrella Comparison Chart

ProductPriceDiameter (ft)MaterialProduct Features
The Abba Patio 7ft Beach Umbrella$7'PolyesterVented canopy, fiberglass ribs for flexibility
The Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella$7'FabricOffers excellent UV protection, great price point, lightweight
The Dekero Large Windproof Beach Umbrella$6'Fabric and FiberglassCan endure windier conditions, great colors, a robust canopy that is tear-resistant
The Movtotop Beach Umbrella$6.5'PolyesterExcellent airflow, easy to break down, good in moderate winds
The Sport-Brella Vented Canopy Umbrella$8'FabricExcellent coverage, ribbing is strong
The EasyGo 8 Foot Heavy Duty HIGH Wind Beach Umbrella$8'Aluminum, CanvasExcellent for locations prone to heavier winds, carry bag is firm and convenient.
The Sansuntek Beach Umbrella$6.5'PolyesterOne of the most attractive umbrellas on the market, very lightweight, excellent tilt apparatus
The Ammsun 6.5 ft Beach Umbrella$6.5'Polyester, Fiberglass RibsVery lightweight, excellent UV protection
The Beachbub All-In-One Beach Umbrella$7.5'220G Woven MAX UPF Polyester 1.5mm Indus Grade Aluminum ½" Fiberglass Ribs, Stainless Steel HardwareThe best wind resistant umbrella on the market
The Kitadin Portable Beach Umbrella$6.5'PolyesterVariety of beautiful designs, durable carry case
The Aoske Portable Beach Umbrella$5.9AluminumBeautiful design, lightweight
The Sport-Brella Versa-Brella$3.5'Fiber, PVCGreat color selection, easy to set up and break down
The G4Free UPF 50+ Adjustable Beach Umbrella$3.5'FiberExtra-wide coverage, heat dissipating material
The Ammsun Chair Umbrella$4'FiberEasy setup and breakdown, surprisingly light, great UV protection

Wrap-Up of the best beach umbrella

Before making a purchase, make sure that you do your research. Take into account all your needs as well as the conditions that you will most often encounter. 

Check the construction of the beach umbrellas you are considering. The quality of materials and the engineering of clamps, venting, and anchoring mechanisms are critical in determining whether you are getting a useful and quality product. 

The best beach umbrella is the one that meets your needs and does so consistently over many uses.

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