Best Inflatable Hammocks

Best Inflatable Hammock: Relax In Style With these 7 Inflatable Loungers

Best option
Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Chair and Camping Sleeping Bag Compression Sack. Easy Setup is Perfect for Hiking Gear, Beach Chair and Music Festivals. (Camo Urban)
Best Inflatable Beach Lounger
WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch for Backyard Lakeside Beach Traveling Camping Picnics & Music Festivals
Kelsyus Spring Float Pool Lounger Chair, Light Blue
Customer Rating:
Size in Inches (LxWxH)
Weight capacity
400 lbs
650 lbs
250 lbs
❤️ What we love about this product:
Made of water-resistant material and High weight capacity
Comes with a stake for use in windy conditions
It has Space for a cupholder and mesh fabric to keep you cool
Best option
Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Chair and Camping Sleeping Bag Compression Sack. Easy Setup is Perfect for Hiking Gear, Beach Chair and Music Festivals. (Camo Urban)
Customer Rating:
Size in Inches (LxWxH)
Weight capacity
400 lbs
❤️ What we love about this product:
Made of water-resistant material and High weight capacity
See latest Price:
Best Inflatable Beach Lounger
WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch for Backyard Lakeside Beach Traveling Camping Picnics & Music Festivals
Customer Rating:
Size in Inches (LxWxH)
Weight capacity
650 lbs
❤️ What we love about this product:
Comes with a stake for use in windy conditions
See latest Price:
Kelsyus Spring Float Pool Lounger Chair, Light Blue
Customer Rating:
Size in Inches (LxWxH)
Weight capacity
250 lbs
❤️ What we love about this product:
It has Space for a cupholder and mesh fabric to keep you cool
See latest Price:

Air hammocks and inflatable loungers provide flexibility and comfort. These blow-up furnishings make it possible to carry the comfort of a sofa or lounge chair with you wherever you go. 

Inflatable lounge chairs merge comfort with flexibility. These products go by many names: inflatable hammock, inflatable lounger, inflatable lounge chair, air lounger, air hammock, instant lounge, blow-up hammock, and inflatable beach bed.

All of these terms refer to the same set of products. They are inflatable, comfortable, highly portable, and, most importantly, relatively affordable.

In this guide to the best inflatable hammocks, we’re going to take a look at some of the best choices on the market. With our inflatable lounge chair reviews, we’ll give you all the info you need to choose the perfect option for your specific needs.

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The Best Inflatable Lounger Reviews

Let’s start with the product reviews before going into the buyer’s guide. All of the products we chose are of the highest quality, so the reviews are not ranked in any order. 

1. Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Inflatable Lounger

You’ll probably note the play on the name Bilbo Baggins if you’ve watched The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit trilogies. But apart from that cleverness, this is also a quality inflatable lounger. 

There are many different color options. Even though the chair only weighs about three lbs, it has a weight capacity of up to 400 libs. It’s seven feet long when opened up, which should be more than enough for up to three adults to sit comfortably.
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It is made of ripstop nylon, ensuring strength and durability. The exterior is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about mildew or moisture. 


  • High-quality material
  • High weight capacity
  • It weighs very little when folded up
  • Made of water-resistant material


  • Some customers complain of getting the wrong colors delivered
  • It tends to be hard to inflate    
  • Some customers complain it does not breathe, which leads to sweating after lying on it for too long

2. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch for Backyard Lakeside Beach Traveling Camping Picnics & Music Festivals
  • ✔ EASY INFLATION-No pump required. Just whisk it through the air to inflate. The little trick is that you need to trap air by closing the sleeve opening before the end of each movement, and keep the mouth closed until you begin the next movement.
  • ✔ UNIQUE PILLOW SHAPED HEADREST DESIGN- WEKAPO air lounger has patented pillow shaped headrest design that gives your upper back and neck comfortable support when you need relaxation most.
  • ✔ ANTI-DEFLATION TECHNOLOGY-Our unique patented design together with years of experience of making inflated products make sure that once WEKAPO air lounge is inflated, it will stay inflated for at least 5-6 hours for our dear customers to enjoy.

If you like the idea of the outdoor lounge, but want something with a twist, then Wekapo has something for you. The design is in the form of a long body with a pillow shape at the head. 

Wekapo has taken steps to ensure that their lounge sofa is easy to inflate and deflate. All you have to do to blow it up is whisk it quickly into the wind and then close the panels to trap the air. To flatten it, you undo the fasteners and let the air flow out naturally. 

Each Wekapo air lounger comes with Wekapo’s proprietary anti-deflation technology, which ensures the lounger will hold the air for up to six hours.


  • Attractive design with pillow headrest
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Comes with a stake for use in windy conditions  
  • Can hold air for up to six hours


  • Difficult to inflate if there is no wind
  • Doesn’t breathe very well so can make you sweaty on a hot day
  • Deflates if you exceed weight capacity or apply extra pressure.

3. KELSYUS Swimming Pool Inflatable Lounger: Best Inflatable Beach Lounger

Kelsyus Spring Float Pool Lounger Chair, Light Blue
8,263 Reviews
Kelsyus Spring Float Pool Lounger Chair, Light Blue
  • FLOATING POOL CHAIR: Features a soft mesh seat for a luxurious floating experience, suspending your body just below the water's surface to help keep you cool on hot summer days, and the ottoman lets you dip your feet in the water
  • INFLATABLE BACKREST: Fabric-covered backrest keeps you upright while the cares of everyday life drift away, and the cupholder allows you to bring your favorite drink on the water so you can sip and float
  • PATENTED INNER SPRING DESIGN: Inner spring sewn around the outside edge of the float offers greater comfort and stability in the water

The KELSYUS inflatable lounger works on land, but it can also get wet. If you like the idea of being able to relax in the pool and by the beach, this is a great air lounger.

The chair will remain upright the whole time you’re in the water, but it is still very comfortable. It also has a mesh fabric exterior to keep you cool on hotter days.


  • Has mesh fabric to keep you cool
  • Has jet valves for easy inflation and deflation without a pump
  • Very compact design for easy portability
  • Very comfortable
  • Has space for a cup holder


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Some customers complain that the air plugs come loose 
  • Not as soft as land-only air hammocks. 

4. Intex Inflatable Lounger

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman
  • ULTIMATE LOUNGING – Perfect for any game night or relaxing with friends, this chair is casual and designed with an angled backrest for extra comfort; don't forget to keep your favorite beverage nearby with the built-in cupholder
  • COMFORT – Designed with a cozy velvety material to lounge in ultimate comfort and included with a matching ottoman, this chair is made to kick back and kick up your feet
  • CONVENIENT – Create extra space for guests in just minutes; easy to inflate and deflate with the extra wide openings on the 2-in-1 valve, make this a quick and easy set-up

This inflatable lounger is an excellent option if you want to emulate the full experience of a lounge chair. It even comes with an inflatable footrest. It’s also relatively easy to inflate and deflate with a simple two-valve system.

The Intex has a cup holder on the side, and it boasts a waterproof bottom and sides. Note, however, that the top isn’t waterproof, so you can’t leave it out in the rain. 


  • Soft vinyl top for comfort
  • Comes with a footrest
  • Comes with a cup holder
  • Has waterproof sides and bottom
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • The top isn’t waterproof
  • Doesn’t hold air very long
  • Some customers complain that it gets punctured easily

5. Fatboy USA Lazmac

Fatboy USA Lamzac Version 1 Inflatable Lounger, Nylon, Petrol
  • FATBOY LAMZAC: Lamzac is a comfortable seat or sofa for two that you can fill with air within seconds. It is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as travelling, festivals, beach trips, camping, hanging out in the park and much more
  • EASY TO INFLATE: Just take it out of the bag and scoop up the air. Wrap it up and click the closure together. You're ready to lounge in this life size lounge chair
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: The lightweight 100% Rip-stop Nylon material only weighs 2.6 lbs, but can hold up to 440 lbs., making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use and designed to hold up to all your adventures

The Fatboy USA Lazmac is also known as the “original air lounger.” This inflatable weighs a mere 2.6 lbs, yet has a weight capacity of up to 440 lbs. It uses ripstop nylon, which is very durable.

Fatboy designed the fabric to be both moisture and dirt repellent, making it usable on a variety of surfaces and very easy to clean. The package also comes with a backpack carrying case for easy transportation.


  • Comes in lots of different colors
  • High weight capacity
  • High-quality material
  • Is dirt and moisture repellent
  • Easy to clean


  • Some customers complain that it is weak at the seams and easily comes apart  
  • Challenging to inflate without wind
  • Not the best option for children

6. Legit Camping Inflatable Lounger

This inflatable lounger has a double inlet that inflates and deflates much simpler and faster than competitors. It also can hold air for longer so you can enjoy for several hours between re-inflations.

Apart from that, you get pockets on the side, a bottle opener, and stakes. Legit also offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the lounger.


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stays inflated longer
  • Highly compact and portable
  • Comes with extras like pockets, a bottle opener, and a stake
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guaranteed


  • Doesn’t have much color variety  
  • Some customers complain that the available colors are too bright
  • You may still have a hard time inflating it in the absence of wind

7. Vansky Couch Hammock Inflatable Lounger

The Vansky Inflatable Lounger has a sleek design with three pockets on three of its sides. That is more than enough space to tuck away anything that you might want to store. 

It also has high air capacity and stays inflated for between four and eight hours, depending on the intensity of use. Couple that with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, and you have a winner!


  • Long inflation time of four to eight hours
  • Has three pockets on the sides
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • High-quality materials


  • Difficult to inflate
  • Some customers complained that it wasn’t very comfortable
  • Doesn’t breathe very well so you may get sweaty lying on it in the sun

Inflatable Lounger Buyers Guide – (Making the Best Purchase)

Now that you’ve had a look at the best inflatable lounge chairs, inflatable hammocks, and other similar inflatable furniture of 2023, you are likely ready to go and make a purchase. 

First, you need to understand some vital things about inflatable loungers so that you can choose one with the best features for your specific needs. 

That said, all of the inflatable lounge chairs we have listed in this article are among the best sellers on Amazon, so you can be confident of getting a good deal if you get one of them. 

But what if you want to go out and get the best chair for your specific needs?

In that case, it is essential to know what features you need. Once you know what to look for, it is much easier to pick something that matches your needs.

You will not want to skip the next section if you’re interested in learning a little more about inflatable lounge chairs. 

What Exactly is an Inflatable Lounger?

First of all, it’s important to note that inflatable lounge chairs may have different names. 

These products may get called inflatable beach beds, blow-up hammocks, instant loungers, air hammocks, air loungers, inflatable lounge chairs, inflatable loungers, and inflatable hammocks. 

So if a search leads to products going by any of these names, you are still on the right track. Once you understand the features of all these differently-named products, you’ll be sure of what you are seeing.  

What are Inflatable Loungers?

Loungers, or sofas, are a central feature in most homes. 

They are so widely used for a good reason. These pieces of furniture make the house very comfortable. It used to be that armchairs were more prominent in the house because the first sofas were costly. 

However, over time, improvements in technology and material sourcing led to cheaper sofas. The designs improved and evolved so much that we got a new class of furniture: “the inflatable.”

An inflatable is a furniture item that you can inflate. Quite often, you use regular air to blow it up, although there are rare cases where the inflatable gets filled with something else, such as hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen. Air, for obvious reasons, is the most convenient option. 

Why use air furniture? 

Perhaps the most exceptional advantage of an inflatable is that it occupies next to no space when deflated. This trait makes it very portable. 

On the other hand, inflation takes time and may require extra equipment, and you may need to reinflate the lounger to keep the right firmness. 

In many circumstances, inflatable hammocks and their peers are the ideal pieces of furniture. 

When Do You Use Inflatable Loungers?

You would be surprised about the broad range of uses people have for inflatable furniture of this variety. 

They are great for vacations and camping trips

Because of their high portability, inflatables are easy to store and transport. This trait makes it possible to carry the comfort of a sofa with you wherever you go. 

All you have to do is deflate the lounger, store it in your car, go to your destination, take it out, and inflate it. If you have the appropriate case, you can even carry these items on a train, plane, or bus. 

They are great for playhouses and nurseries

If you have children, then you probably value material that won’t easily break or tear. With an inflatable lounge chair, especially a quality one, you hardly have to worry about it breaking. 

You can inflate it when necessary and keep it deflated the rest of the time. Moreover, inflatables are cheaper and easier to replace in a playhouse than an actual piece of permanent furniture. 

Most inflatable hammocks have material that is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about spills, dirt, or other inevitable stains.

They are excellent for outdoor use

Do you have a patio, gazebo, or yard with aging or weather furniture? There is no need to strain your bank account by getting expensive replacements. 

You can get a set of inflatable lounge chairs or air hammocks instead. Such products will handle the elements better than your average sofa, and you can easily store them in the winter so that they won’t get exposed to the elements. 

You could use inflatable lounge chairs indoors too 

Perhaps you like to watch movies in the home theater. In that case, inflatables will be much more affordable than regular sofas, not to mention far more versatile and more straightforward to clean if there are spills. 

A “pop-up” guest bedroom

You can even use inflatables as temporary beds, such as when you have guests over and don’t have an extra bed. Because you can store them when they are not in use, you can build a “guest bedroom” in a matter of minutes and then take it down once your guests leave. 

Because of their affordability compared to traditional furniture, you can get multiple air loungers to use as beds, sofas, and furniture for a temporary, “pop-up” room. 

Advantages of Inflatables

Inflatable loungers have several distinct advantages. 

They are compact and lightweight

Unlike your regular sofas, inflatables are lightweight. You can deflate them when they are not in use, making them portable and easy to store. They are also quite light, even when full of air, making them much more portable and easy to handle than their traditional counterparts.

They are affordable

Inflatables are much cheaper than regular furniture. They use inexpensive (but not necessarily weak) materials and have a lighter construction overall. When you consider how versatile they are, they offer great value for money.

Inflatables are versatile

An air lounger can work in a whole range of situations, including camping trips, beach visits, sleepovers, and playrooms. They work both indoors and outdoors. 

Even if you purchase an inflatable hammock or lounger for a specific purpose, eventually, you will likely find several other uses for it.

Inflatable loungers are simple to maintain

So-called instant loungers are very easy to maintain. Most of them can use plain air, and they have durable and easy to clean materials.

Maintenance, such as dealing with air leaks, is relatively straightforward. Anyone can learn to fix leaks if they have the rights method and the correct type of patches. 

Disadvantages of Inflatable Lounge Chairs and Similar Products

There are some potential drawbacks and shortcomings that you need to be aware of when shopping for these products. 

They are informal

While inflatables are very versatile, most of them are brightly colored and informal-looking. One would look out of place in your office or a room with fancy traditional furniture. These are not products that you would keep in your living room long-term. 

They can get punctured

The best inflatables aren’t easy to puncture. However, leaks and punctures are possible. Though you can patch them, it does take time to locate and plug air leaks. 

They can be uncomfortable

Depending on the instant lounger’s shape and material quality, it may be uncomfortable for some people compared to traditional furniture. A lack of support may be an issue for people who have back or joint problems and need supportive furniture.

How does an inflatable lounger work?

When seeking the right inflatable hammock or air lounger for your needs, you should take a few minutes to understand how these products get made. The most common layout is rectangular, with tall, thick openings on both sides. This design is especially typical for inflatable hammocks.

Many inflatable loungers, hammocks, and beach beds have one end with a rising feature, which acts as a pillow-like component that makes lying down more comfortable.

The opposite end of the air hammock is typically open so that you can rest your feet comfortably on the surface. This design is especially important for tall people whose feet may extend off of the inflatable beach bed.

Blow-up hammocks are usually between two and five pounds, which is very lightweight, considering they can accommodate full-sized adults. 

The weight can vary slightly depending on how thick the material of the inflatable is. Often, but not always, thicker material is heavier but more difficult to puncture.

Some inflatable beach beds and instant loungers have different air compartments inside that add material and, therefore, weight. 

Inflatable Hammock Materials

Quality inflatable lounge chairs have high-end materials. The vast majority of inflatable hammocks and loungers use nylon or polyester.

Polyester is thicker than nylon and more durable as well. It also takes polyester a shorter time to dry when washed. Furthermore, it is more resistant to UV rays, which tend to discolor nylon. This trait is crucial if you plan to use your instant furniture outdoors. 

As for nylon, it has a much more durable surface and provides higher tensile strength per unit weight than polyester. Nylon inflatables are therefore lighter than similarly-sized polyester inflatables. 

Nylon is also capable of handling more weight than polyester. It is also far more resistant to abrasions and scratches.

Which material is better?

As you can see, there are trade-offs to both materials.

Whichever material you choose in the end, it is essential that the surface is mildew resistant and not capable of picking up any unhealthy compounds. You don’t want the surface of your inflatable hammock to harbor things that could make the user sick.

You should also look at the thread count of the instant lounger. Most of the high-quality inflatables on the market have a 210T rating, which means 210 threads per square inch of fabric. This number is about as dense as fabric on these products can get. When you get something with a 210T rating, you are getting a top of the line option. 

A note on ripstop fabric

Whether you buy a polyester or nylon inflatable hammock, it’s a good idea to purchase one uses ripstop fabric. Ripstop simply means reinforced threading. The stitches get woven in a crossed pattern to prevent them from coming apart. This design makes it much harder for the material to rip.

Air chambers

Whatever inflatable beach bed you purchase, it should have multiple air chambers. The idea behind having two or more air chambers is to make sure the inflatable does not completely deflate in the event of a puncture or leak. 

The air chamber with the issue will deflate, while the others will remain inflated. This feature will make it easier to pinpoint the puncture’s location or leak. The best inflatable air hammocks have at least two chambers. 

Each chamber comes with a separate inflation port. To get the whole things up and running, you need to put an equal amount of air in each port.

How to inflate an inflatable hammock?

Inflation depends on the design of the furniture. Some instant loungers blow up automatically. After you reach the right hardness for the inflatable, you have to close the intake valve to stop it from deflating. 

Some products require you to swing them to start the airflow. This process takes some work, but the advantage is that you do not need an external pump to blow up your lounger.

The usefulness of buckles and clasps

Some inflatable hammocks and loungers may have clasps or other fastening features. These ensure that the air chambers on one end remain closed after they get inflated. 

That way, you don’t have to worry about losing air as you inflate the other end. These buckles also help to keep the inflatable together while it is in storage.

These features provide advantages, but the buckle shouldn’t have sharp edges because these could potentially scratch or puncture the surface. The levers and buttons should also be recessed into the lounger’s body so that they don’t get activated accidentally or make the air hammock uncomfortable for users. 

What about pumps?

For the inflatables that require a pump, there are typically two options. In some cases, a motorized pump is an option. The main advantage of this option is quick inflation. 

You should note, however, that a pump means you’ll have to purchase batteries or find an electricity source.

Also, a pump adds to your inflatable lounge chair’s overall weight. If transportability is a concern, manual inflation may be better.

You may also consider a manual pump. These require a bit of muscle but are much lighter than battery-powered pumps. 

How to deflate an air hammock?

The deflation process is straightforward. All you have to do is open the ports and let the air flow out. You can even gently press on the surface to accelerate the process. 

Typically, the inflatable comes with the manufacturer’s instructions on how best to fold it up to let all the air out. Make sure you follow these directions to keep the air hammock from ripping and make it as compact as possible for storage.

Inflatable Hammock Shopping Checklist

When deciding on a piece of inflatable furniture, you need to consider the following:

The material

The material should be durable and capable of holding air and supporting weight. Ripstop nylon and polyester remain the top choices. 

The very best inflatables will have two layers of material, with the outer layer being ripstop nylon or polyester, and the inner layer being plastic. The outer layer should always be ripstop nylon or polyester for the best results.

The weight capacity

The inflatable lounger’s weight capacity is essential as it tells you how many people can safely use it at once. The most common weight limits are between 400 and 500 pounds. These can typically hold up two or three people, depending on the weights of the individuals. You can go with something smaller if you plan to sit on it by yourself. 

The size

The size of the fully-inflated lounger is typically a function of its weight capacity. That said, the deflated measurements are still vital for storage purposes. Most manufacturers make their inflatables so that they can easily be compacted to fit in their carrier bags. “Lightweight” inflatable hammocks will be between two and three lbs. 

If you care about the size when inflated, look at the dimensions in the product description. Most of them are between six and seven feet, though some may be up to nine feet long. 

You don’t need to go for the longest possible inflatable beach bed. You only need something that fits your size needs. 

How long it takes to inflate?

For the inflatable lounger to work, it should be able to hold air for an extended time. It is not very pleasant to re-inflate your lounger again and again. 

The best designs will hold air for up to three hours before they start to lose any shape, and some go even longer. 

How resistant it is to water?

If you are planning to use your inflatable near water, it should have a water-resistant or waterproof design. Air lounges are not floatation devices, so you shouldn’t use them in water. However, you also want to ensure that they don’t get damaged, moldy, or covered in mildew if they get wet.

Extra Features

There are lots of additional features that you might look for in an inflatable. These include pockets on the side to store your items, bottle openers, and even separate inflatable pillows. These extras mainly depend on your preferences.

Best Inflatable Hammocks Comparison Chart

Product NamePriceSize in Inches (LxWxH)Weight capacityDistinct Features
Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Inflatable Lounger

13''x7''x3.5''400 lbsMade of water-resistant material and High weight capacity
Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

82''x27''x35''650 lbsComes with a stake for use in windy conditions 
KELSYUS Swimming Pool Inflatable Lounge

58''x36''x16''250 lbsIt has Space for a cup holder and mesh fabric to keep you cool
Intex Inflatable Lounger

74''x39''18''440 lbsSoft vinyl top for comfort,Extra-wide openings for rapid inflation and deflation
Fatboy USA Lazmac

80''x35''x19''440 lbs
Dirt and moisture repellent
Legit Camping Inflatable Lounger

78''x29.5''x21''400 lbs
Comes with extras like pockets, a bottle opener, and a stake
Vansky Couch Hammock Inflatable Lounger

77''x36.6''x22.8''500 lbsLong inflation time of four to eight hours and Has three pockets on the sides

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of options available in the inflatable hammock realm, and certainly lots of information to consider. 

However, the inflatable loungers, air hammocks, and inflatable beach beds on our list stand out when it comes to quality. You can reference our in-depth buyer’s guide to help you choose the best inflatable lounger for your needs. 

Whatever you go for, however, do not compromise on the essential characteristics, such as material quality, weight capacity, and size. And don’t forget to buy an inflatable lounger that provides for your needs. 

After all, these items are supposed to be fun pieces of furniture that help you unwind and disconnect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding air hammocks, inflatable lounge chairs, and instant loungers.

How do you fill up an air lounger without a pump?

Start by opening the mouth of the lounger as wide as you can, then collect as much air by swinging the lounger or placing it in a windy spot. Thanks to modern valves, this process is not as complicated as you might think. 

When done, roll down the opening as tightly as possible and close it with the attached straps or buckles. 

Can you sleep on an inflatable hammock?

Only temporarily. Inflatable hammocks are comfortable because they encase you and provide a soft surface that gives as you lay on it. 

However, they are not recommended for a full night’s sleep as they do not provide the same support as a bed. Eventually, they will deflate to the point that they will not give any support whatsoever. 

How do you clean inflatable loungers?

The simplest method is to shake the inflatable lounger to get rid of the extra debris and dust. You can mix some water with a mild detergent or soap and use a cloth to spot clean the surface. This process will also work to remove spills or stains. 

After you clean the surface with any liquid, you should be sure your lounger is completely dry before storing it to prevent mold and mildew. 

What happens if my inflatable lounger gets damaged?

The best place to start is to check whether your inflatable hammock has a warranty. If it does, and it’s still valid, you contact the manufacturer to see if you qualify for a replacement. 

Depending on the specific conditions of the warranty, they may ask you to send the product to them so that they can either repair it or send you a new one. 

If there’s no warranty, or it has somehow gotten invalidated, you can purchase a repair kit. There are many available online, and some puncture kits are in hardware stores or big box stores. 

How long will a lounger stay inflated?

The length of time that your air hammock remains fully blown up depends on which product you buy. Most high-quality models will stay fully inflated for approximately three hours. There are some, however, that will go for up to eight hours. 

Even budget-level inflatable beach beds should remain inflated for more than an hour. If your model doesn’t last for at least an hour, chances are it is defective or has a leak. 

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