Best Floating Pool Chairs

7 Best Floating Pool Chairs of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)


Nothing beats relaxing by the pool on a beautiful day, except maybe relaxing in the pool without getting wet! We’re going to look at the best floating pool chairs that will let you soak up the sun while staying dry. If you want to get the best tan or enjoy the weather, there’s a chair for that.

Floating pool chairs are now so luxurious that they include cupholders, reclined backs, and an extra cushion for your head. You’re able to relax, drink, eat, and read while enjoying your pool. With our best floating pool chairs review, you’ll be able to check out some chairs that keep you completely dry, and others that offer options for you to use the water to cool off without getting out of your float.

No matter what you’re looking for in a floating pool chair, you’re going to find something suitable. There are so many different options with great features that will more than prepare you to kick back and take advantage of the pool day.

The Best Floating Pool Chair Reviews (Top Picks)

These seven floating pool chairs are the best of the best, and you’ll see why with these detailed reviews. While the list is numbered, the chairs aren’t ranked from best to worst because they’re all excellent in different ways.

1. Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders
18,718 Reviews
Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders
  • Lounge around all day and catch some rays on the Intex Floating Recliner Lounge
  • Lounge chair design for added comfort
  • UV resistant material

If having a floating recliner has always been your dream, then the Intex Floating Recliner is the chair for you. It’s built like an actual recliner, with a relaxed back and inclined legs to help you get comfortable.

This chair also resembles a recliner in that it has two armrests, with a cup holder in each. There are also two handles on the chair’s sides so you can easily carry it around the pool.

The Intex Floating Recliner has two air chambers for added safety. This means you won’t lose all of your air if one compartment starts to deflate. It’s made of eighteen-gauge vinyl to prevent leaks, and it comes with a repair patch that’s easy to apply if you find a hole.


  • Luxurious reclined position
  • Two cup holders
  • Made from sturdy eighteen-gauge vinyl
  • Comfortably seats adults


  • Black areas of vinyl get hot in the sun
  • Prone to leaks along the seams
  • Cup holders not deep enough for all beverages

2. Swimline Suntan Tub

SWIMLINE ORIGINAL Suntan Tub 1-PACK Classic Inflatable Tanning Float Floating Lounge | Pink Personal Tan Pool Hybrid Lounger | Adjustable Pillow | Fill With Water | Reflective Tanning Design
5,964 Reviews
SWIMLINE ORIGINAL Suntan Tub 1-PACK Classic Inflatable Tanning Float Floating Lounge | Pink Personal Tan Pool Hybrid Lounger | Adjustable Pillow | Fill With Water | Reflective Tanning Design
  • {TANNING STATION} Enjoy your very own water-filled haven by filling the tub to your desired level with water and place anywhere in your backyard. Experience refreshing coolness on hot summer days, turning any space into a serene tanning oasis.
  • {POOL FLOAT HYBRID} The Suntan Tub is a versatile inflatable design suited for both the land and on water. It's extra buoyant inflatable frame and base makes it a relaxing float to lounge in your pool, the lake, ocean, etc. The perfect float.
  • {ADDED STABILITY} Integrated pad eyes and grab line ensures maneuverability and secure tethering to docks, poolsides, or other floats for a worry-free relaxation session. This makes it particularly easy to use off the boat and rafting with others.

Choose the Swimline Suntan Tub if you want to feel like you’re cruising the pool in a small boat. The raft is extra buoyant, so it keeps you riding high on the water, which gives you more sun exposure.

The Swimline Suntan Tub’s top is clear vinyl so it won’t be heated from the sun enough to burn you. It comes with a removable headrest for extra comfort when you want to relax. The base of the float is ribbed for maximum comfort and improved floatation.

This tub gives you the option of spreading out while you soak up the sun’s rays or adding a little water in the bottom so you can cool down during your float. It’s even big enough that you can put it in the yard and fill it with water to make a mini-pool wherever you are!

The Swimline Suntan Tub has the added feature of a grab rope circling the entire raft so you can tote it easily or link up with other rafters on the water.


  • Streamline design makes it easy to carry even when inflated
  • All-around grab rope for fun and convenience
  • Floats while holding up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Separately blow up the sides and the bottom to suit your needs


  • Thirteen-gauge vinyl is not as thick as others on the list
  • Doesn’t come with cup holders
  • Takes a long time to blow up

3. Floating pool chairs with cup holders: SwimWays Spring Float Recliner

Swimways Spring Float Recliner 13018 - Colors Vary
1,617 Reviews
Swimways Spring Float Recliner 13018 - Colors Vary
  • All the best comfort features of the spring float line
  • Includes backrest, headrest, cup holder and ottoman
  • Easily folds for storage in mesh carry bag

The SwimWays Spring Float Recliner has a unique design that allows you to prop your feet up or let them dangle in the water beneath you. The seat has extra fabric that will enable you to dip into the water to cool off while you float.

The back of the chair has extra padding and includes a built-in headrest so you can lean back without hurting your neck. There’s one cup holder on the arm, and there’s a handle on the side so you can easily pull it out of the water.

The chair deflates and folds up quickly so you can stow it in the mesh carry bag for easy transportation and storage. This floating pool chair comes in regular and XL options (though the XL is more expensive), so you’ll be able to get the size that best suits you.


  • Mesh and nylon cover the inflatable material for maximum comfort
  • Quickly folds up for storage in a mesh bag
  • Provides great back support
  • Inside spring provides stability in the water


  • Slightly more expensive than other floating chairs
  • Cup holders are too small for some drinks
  • Seat sinks slightly below the water’s surface, which some people might not want

4. Aqua Deluxe Pool Lounger

Aqua Ultimate Pool Float Lounger with UPF 50 Canopy and Cupholder – Heavy Duty, Inflatable Pool Lounge for Adults – Navy/Aqua/White Stripe
5,050 Reviews
Aqua Ultimate Pool Float Lounger with UPF 50 Canopy and Cupholder – Heavy Duty, Inflatable Pool Lounge for Adults – Navy/Aqua/White Stripe
  • OVERSIZED ULTIMATE POOL LOUNGER: Comfortable, ergonomic headrest with cushioned backrest as well as a detachable/removable UPF50 sunshade canopy.
  • SOFT, ULTRA-LUX FABRIC: Soft, ultra-lux deluxe breathable fabric surrounds the lounge with cool weave poly-knit fabric providing supportive balance and comfort head-to-toe. Relax and order up Sun!
  • SUPERIOR BOUYANCY: 20% thicker material than most other pool floats; inflated size: 70” x 36” (178cm x 91cm); easily accommodates up to 300 lbs.

The Aqua Deluxe Pool Lounger is covered in breathable fabric for maximum comfort, keeping you from getting too sweaty or sticking to the float. This pool chair is especially unique because it comes with a removable canopy that offers shade and UV protection.

The canopy elevates this chair to luxury status, but even if you remove the top, you’ll be comfortable in this pool lounger. It includes a cup holder on the armrest and two handles on the side so you can carry it easily, even while it’s inflated. 

The duo-lock valves allow you to use a smaller valve to inflate the float and a larger valve to deflate it quickly. Still, it is recommended you use an air pump to blow up the chair due to its size.

Overall, this is the best floating pool chair with cup holder on a budget.

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  • Includes a removable canopy
  • Accommodates up to 300 pounds
  • Offers separate valves to inflate and deflate
  • Available in many different color options


  • Relatively small in length so adults taller than 5’10” might not fit completely
  • Cloth seams pull apart with use, though the inflatable portion is durable
  • Canopy cloth rips if you don’t handle it with care

5. AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger

AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger II, 1 Person Pool Float with Drink Holder Zip Storage Pocket
  • Relax on the water in comfort with AIRHEAD’s newly improved BIMINI LOUNGER III. There are only 3 air chambers to inflate, not 6 or 7 like the other brands
  • Float with your legs dangling in the water, or stretch them out on the folding inflatable leg rest
  • There’s a cup holder for your cool drink and a zippered storage compartment for suntan lotion and other necessities

This AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger is one of the most comfortable floating chairs you’ll find. It has an inflatable leg rest, but if you want to let your legs dangle in the water, you can fold the leg rest out of the way.

There is an inflatable backrest on this pool chair that you can blow up to your desired firmness. Not only does the Bimini Lounger have a cup holder on one arm, but there’s also a zippered storage compartment on the other arm so you can safely carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and other accessories.

The AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger has three air chambers, so you get the added security that if you spring a leak, you won’t have to spend more time inflating six or seven compartments like with other luxury floats. It’s also one of the more durable floating chairs on the list since it’s made from an inflatable PVC bladder covered with nylon so that you won’t stick to the surface.


  • Inflatable leg rest that can fold out of the way
  • Eye-catching, unique colors
  • Cup holder and zippered accessory pouch
  • Covered in nylon for maximum comfort


  • One of the more expensive chairs on the list
  • Accessory pouch is not waterproof
  • Reviewers say it must be inflated frequently

6. GoFloats Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair

GoFloats Lazy Buoy Floating Lounge Chair with Cup Holders - The Most Comfortable Pool Float EVER
496 Reviews
GoFloats Lazy Buoy Floating Lounge Chair with Cup Holders - The Most Comfortable Pool Float EVER
  • COMFORTABLE AND STURDY: Lounge size inflatable floating chair that will not tip over - easy to get on and off
  • CUP HOLDERS: Includes 2 built-in cup holders that hold drinks of all sizes
  • QUICK-INFLATE: Unique new valve allows for 10x faster inflation than traditional valves

Though the GoFloats Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair is shaped like a traditional armchair, it allows you to recline enough for optimum relaxation and tanning. It has two built-in cup holders that are deep enough to carry various sizes of drinks.

The way the Lazy Buoy was designed makes it nearly impossible to tip over in the water, which means you can confidently get on and off the chair. It includes grommets on the sides so you can anchor yourself to a fixed spot. The chair has a short tether so you can connect to a friend’s chair and drift around together.

The Lazy Buoy has a unique valve that allows for quick inflation whether you’re using a pump (inflates in one minute) or your lungs (inflates in ten minutes). Since it’s made from raft-grade vinyl, it’s durable enough for everyday pool use or even a trip down a lazy river.


  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Made of a durable raft-grade vinyl material
  • Sturdy design prevents the chair from flipping
  • Inflates manually in less than ten minutes


  • Due to the design, it’s tough to paddle in this chair
  • Some reviewers say it leans too far forward
  • Deflates relatively quickly with use

7. Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner and Tanner

Aqua Campania Ultimate 2-in-1 Pool Float Lounge – Extra Large – Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults with Adjustable Backrest & Cupholder Caddy – Navy Hibiscus
11,396 Reviews
Aqua Campania Ultimate 2-in-1 Pool Float Lounge – Extra Large – Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults with Adjustable Backrest & Cupholder Caddy – Navy Hibiscus
  • Campania ultimate lounger: This pool float is the ultimate recliner and tanner; get the premium pool lounger experience in navy hibiscus
  • Select your comfort level: The adjustable backrest allows you to surround yourself in luxury; relax upright with the cushioned backrest, or fold the backrest down to a full reclined position for tanning or “power naps”
  • Attachable caddy included: Enjoy your favorite beverage and snacks by your side with the caddy and built-in oversized cup holder; caddy also can be used as a drifter

The Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner and Tanner works as—you guessed it—a recliner and a tanner! This floating chair easily converts so you can sit back and relax or stretch out and tan. The backrest can be propped up for reclining comfort or folded down so you can stretch out.

If that wasn’t cool enough, this chair comes with an attachable caddy so you can carry drinks, snacks, and other accessories on the side of your raft. This is in addition to the cup holder on the chair, so you get even more carrying space.

Neither the backrest nor drink caddy have to be stored separately—they fold into the spaces of the float where your body and legs fit, so it’s the ultimate 2 in 1 floating chair.

The Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner is covered with the same breathable fabric as the Aqua Deluxe Pool Lounger so you won’t get overheated or stick to the float. It also has handles built in so you can carry it anywhere you need to go.


  • Comfortably use as a recliner or tanner 
  • Attachable drink holder tray
  • Covered in breathable mesh fabric
  • Storage space for everything on the chair itself


  • Sometimes feels unstable in the water
  • Mesh fabric coating the inflatable can tear easily
  • One of the most expensive chairs on the list

Best Floating Pool Chairs Buyers’ Guide (Knowing What to Look For)

Having many options can make a decision more difficult, so think about what you want most from your pool chair. You might want to drift around with a drink, so be sure to find a float with a cup holder. On this list, the only floating chair that doesn’t have a cup holder is the Swimline Suntan Tub.

If you want to dip your toes in the water, you’ll want a chair with a short leg rest, an opening near your legs, or a foldable leg rest. A few floating chairs have this option, such as:

  • SwimWays Spring Float Recliner
  • GoFloats Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair
  • AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger

Another great option in floating pool chairs is the ability to tether your chair to your friends so you can socialize while you relax. Though there are double and group floats you could invest in, buying a float for yourself gives you more options. 

To connect with others, look for chairs that have all-around ropes or tether cords, like the Swimline Suntan Tub or the GoFloats Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair. Chairs with handles can also help you keep closer to your friends, and most of the floating pool chairs on this list include handles.

If you want to travel with your floating chair, you’ll want something that inflates and deflates quickly. Folding a deflated pool chair isn’t a tough task, but the SwimWays Spring Float Recliner makes it even easier by including a mesh carry bag for easy transportation—and it’s the only chair on the list that does.

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Benefits of Using Floating Pool Chairs

Floating pool chairs are a great investment because they make your pool experience relaxing. If you get tired while swimming, you can climb aboard a floating chair without having to get out of the pool.

On a floating pool chair, you can sit back and space out or even read a book, as long as you trust yourself to not drop it overboard. Floating pool chairs are also great for when you have guests. If you’re having a cookout around the pool, floating pool chairs give you more options for seating.

Floating pool chairs are a necessity if you want to tan while still taking advantage of the swimming pool. Instead of stretching out on an uncomfortable lounge chair, a floating pool chair will conveniently allow you to trail your hands and feet in the water to cool down. Tanning on a pool float also means you get sunlight from all angles—even the bottom of the pool!


There are various floating pool chairs out there, depending on what you need. Some people like to have room to stretch out and get the best tan. Some people want to sip a drink or eat a snack while they cruise the pool. Others like the option of kicking back with headrests or extra support so they can be comfortable.

There are a few features you’ll want to consider as you’re searching for the perfect floating pool chair.

Air Chambers

Most of the floating pool chairs on this list have one or two air chambers, though the AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger boasts three chambers. Having more air chambers is both good and bad: it will take longer to inflate, but it will be more stable on the water. Extra compartments are also good for security because if one pops, you still have others inflated.

Weight Limits

Pool chair manufacturers are upping the game by ensuring their floats can safely carry more weight. Even the most standard floating chair on this list can securely hold 275 pounds, while many can carry even more than that. With advances in floatation technology, more chairs are being made that can hold weight without dipping, sinking, or capsizing.

The good thing about floating pool chairs is that they’re inflatable, so they’re light and will fold down to the same size even if you’re getting a chair with a higher weight limit. It might take a bit longer to inflate and deflate, but it’s worth the time when you consider the comfort it provides.

Cup Holders

A cup holder is a must-have for any floating pool chair. You’ll want to keep your drink handy while you’re taking a lazy spin around the pool. If you don’t take a drink with you, you can use the cup holder to keep your sunglasses, goggles, or other waterproof accessories safe. 

If the chair has two cup holders, like the Intex Floating Recliner, you can bring a drink and still have a convenient pocket!


Many floating pool chairs have options where you can inflate the back or base to varying degrees so you get the best comfort. Some have extra padding built into the backrest, like the SwimWays Spring Float Recliner, Aqua Deluxe Pool Lounger, and Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner and Tanner.

If you’re looking for a little something extra in the pillow department, the Swimline Suntan Tub includes a removable pillow you can attach at one end of the float. The AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger is a step above the rest because it has both an inflatable backrest and an inflatable leg rest.

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Water Access

While water hammocks and inner tubes immerse you in water, floating pool chairs typically keep you floating above water level. However, the Swimline Suntan Tub allows you to cool down by adding an inch or two of water in the bottom of the float or by deflating the bottom slightly so you’ll sink below water level.

The SwimWays Spring Float Recliner also lets you get wet because the mesh seat causes you to sink below water level and cool off. It also has an opening in the footrest to let your feet float in the water below you.

Maintaining Your Floating Pool Chairs

Pool chairs are easy to maintain. When you’re done using your chair, take it out of the pool. Never leave your float in the pool overnight! The water will cause the vinyl to break down quicker, and they’re more likely to get punctured the longer they’re out unprotected.

Regularly cleaning your chair will pay off in the long run because it will keep the vinyl in the best condition so it can last longer. If you wait to clean your floating pool chair once it looks dirty or deflated, it might be too late.

Hose your chair down with fresh water from a spray nozzle or hose. Prop the chair up so it can drain properly, or dry it with a beach towel. Keep it in a well-ventilated area so no mold or mildew will form on the surface. Once the float is completely dry, you can fold them up and carefully store them for the next use.

If your floating chair has mold or mildew on it, you can directly treat those spots. A natural way to remove mold is by using one part of white vinegar mixed with two parts of warm water. Soak a rag and in the solution and leave it on the area for twenty minutes to soften it before scrubbing it off.

You can also use bleach to sanitize any surface that has mildew. Mix two tablespoons of bleach into a bucket of water and brush it onto the inflated chair. Let it sit for at least five minutes, then wipe it down with clean water.

If you frequently leave your chair in direct sunlight or use in chemically treated water, the colors may fade. It’s important to remember that your chair won’t last forever. Even if you take good care of it, it might pop a leak for reasons beyond your control.

Best Floating Pool Chairs Comparison Chart

Product NamePriceMaterialSize (Length)Unique Features
Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge$Chiffon53"Built like an actual recliner, with a relaxed back and inclined legs
Swimline Suntan Tub$Vinyl70"Floats while holding up to 400 pounds of weight
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner$Plastic56"Hydrate with a beverage from the convenience of your float
Aqua Deluxe Pool Lounger$Vinyl & Fabric70"Holding up to 400 pounds of weight
AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger$Polyvinyl Chloride38"Having 3 air chambers to inflate
GoFloats Lazy Buoy Lounge Chair$Synthetic, Plastic53"Holding up to 400 pounds of weight
Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner and Tanner$Textile56"Holding up to 250 pounds of weight

Wrap Up

Now that you know why these are the seven best floating pool chairs, you have a lot to consider. What you want from your chair will influence which one you buy, so think about every feature and get something that will bring you the most joy. The more you love your floating pool chair, the more time you’ll spend relaxing on the water, and who doesn’t love that?

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