Best Snorkelling Spots in Central America

Top 10: Best Snorkeling Spots in Central America


Being a prominent place with lots of small treasures, it is no wonder that Central America has some of the best snorkeling locales in the world.

Narrowing down your choices and finding your destination can be tricky here, given the options. However, this list of the top 10 best snorkeling spots in Central America will have you enjoying incredible ocean wildlife and underwater scenery in no time.

Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Central America

If you’re looking for the best, start here! The following is a list of the top 10 locations for snorkeling in Central America.

1. Coiba National Park, Panama

Snorkeling at Coiba Island, Panama

Board a boat for 90 minutes from Santa Catalina, and you arrive at Coiba National Park. The park spans more than a thousand square miles, comprising the main island of Coiba and 38 smaller isles that surround it.

It serves as an active natural laboratory and protects a wide variety of endangered wildlife, including marine mammals. Coiba National Park is a natural, semi-secluded location that provides an understated yet fulfilling chance to snorkel in one of Panama’s most affluent ocean locales.

The 38 minor islands that surround Coiba proper provide remarkable dwellings for marine life for you to explore and navigate. Marine residents include jellyfish, octopi, and various kinds of sharks. Visiting between December and April gives you a chance to see the beautiful and impressive whale sharks that frequent the area. Seeing them alone is reason enough to put Coiba in the best 10 snorkeling spots in Central America.

Partaking in one of the park’s multi-day tours increases your chances of seeing other oceanic creatures such as sea turtles and coral. The inter-island waters of Coiba National Park read like a museum of Pacific wildlife.

2. South Water Caye Marine Reserve, Belize

South Water Caye Belize

The South Water Caye Marine Reserve is Belize’s largest marine reserve and is part of the Belize Barrier Reef, which is also the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Located less than an hour from the town of Dangriga, this marine reserve is incredibly biodiverse and filled with incomparable beauty. The pristine waters surrounding South Water Caye are filled with stunning eagle rays and stingrays.

The vistas below the ocean surface are packed with color, as would be expected of an area belonging to Belize’s enormous coral reef, which is the main reason Belize belongs to the 10 best snorkeling spots in Central America.

Snorkeling tours on South Water Caye are available, primarily through organizations such as the Hamanasi Adventure Center. This way, tourists receive experienced guides who will take them to the ideal locations for exploration and observation.

South Water Caye’s extensive seagrass meadows provide a home for one of the most biodiverse and exciting locations in all of Central America.

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3. Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

snorkeling in Manuel Antonio

This gorgeous nook of paradise is home to one of Central America’s crown jewels: Manuel Antonio National Park. The beaches and surrounding wilderness alone are home to beautiful creatures such as raccoons, coatis, and sloths. 

The underwater world at this park provides ample entertainment and wonder, with fascinating snorkeling spots right off the beach’s shores. The southern end of the beach comes most highly recommended, as its underwater rocky terrain serves as the home for many different species of creatures.

Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest national park in Costa Rica, and the surrounding waters occasionally suffer from poor visibility, especially post-rain. However, delight abounds in the large numbers of yellow surgeonfish, blowfish species, and Manuel Antonio National Park’s most colorful resident: Cortez rainbow wrasse.

Due to the colorful and lively underwater life, Manuel Antonio National Park belongs to the 10 best snorkeling spots in Central America.

Somewhat limited visibility is a small price to pay for a glimpse at such underwater beauty. But beware! While the sloths won’t be pulling any quick heists anytime soon, the raccoons are known for pilfering unattended belongings on the beach. Keep your things safe!

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4. West Bay, Roatán, Honduras

Snorkeling Amazing West Bay in Roatan Honduras (Tabyana Beach)

West Bay’s crystal clear waters off the Honduran island of Roatán provide some of the finest displays of underwater wildlife in Central America. It is a premier location in Honduras for scuba diving but offers a wonderful selection of places for snorkeling.

West Bay’s waters are famous for their glass-like calmness and excellent visibility. Although the surrounding reef areas require some caution while navigating, the extra care is worth the beauty.

By only going three feet off-shore, you can spot groups of starfish resting on the ocean floor. Stellar Queen Angelfish often present themselves in two’s for viewing pleasure. One can even occasionally spot a green sea turtle, whose kingly builds can weigh up to 350 pounds.

The amazing fish are the Reason West Bay belongs to the 10 best snorkeling spots in Central America.

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5. Granito de Oro, Panama

Snorkeling at Granito de Oro | Costa Rica & Panama | Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

One of the small isles off the shore of Coiba National Park, Granito de Oro is considered the “aquarium of Coiba.” Its provision of marine wildlife and biodiversity is of world renown. 

This top 10 worldwide snorkeling location is home to various marine life, including hawksbill sea turtles, razor surgeonfish, and even the whitetip reef shark.

Granito de Oro also boasts excellent visibility and appealingly calm waters. Outside of occasional extreme weather conditions aside, the isle maintains clear waters for you to enjoy all year long.

The isle itself is small, less than a thousand feet across from one end to another, with white sand beaches and well-inhabited rock formations at its tips. The shallows around the islet are rich with alternating hard coral and rocky terrains, which are exciting to explore and provide views of its several unique marine residents. The mesmerizing life put this spot in the 10 best snorkeling spots in Central America.

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6. Shark Ray Alley, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Leave shark week at home and experience it yourself! Shark Ray Alley in Belize is as it sounds: an area of water off Ambergris Caye that’s populated with various species of sharks and rays.

Don’t worry; the sharks are friendly. A boat brings tourists out to sea within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and allows them to snorkel in the approximate eight feet of water with the sharks and rays. 

Dive-masters summon the sharks and rays with tasty treats. Though, at this point, they often come just from the sound of the boats. As they expect an incoming meal, the sharks and rays almost completely ignore tourists swimming nearby.

Although all the creatures are mostly friendly, visitors should still be aware that stingrays are still capable of causing harm. Keeping that in mind, Shark Ray Alley is always a fantastic trip for anyone wanting to see these marvelous creatures up close. The delightful creatures lift this spot to the best snorkeling spots in Central America you must have been to.

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7. Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica

GoPro Ocotal Costa Rica Snorkling

Not far from the town of Playas del Coco, the rocky terrain of Playa Ocotal is an exceptional snorkeling location. It’s common to spot ocean wildlife such as sergeant majors, razor surgeonfish, and sea urchins.

Playa Ocotal is a peaceful and lowkey location, on the whole, allowing for less crowded snorkeling excursions off the western edge of the beach. The waters can frequently get rough, so it’s essential to pay attention to the ocean’s condition before diving.

Ornate Butterflyfish: A good reason why Playa Ocotal is among the best snorkeling spots in Central America.
Ornate Butterflyfish: A good reason why Playa Ocotal is among the best snorkeling spots in Central America.
Source: Aquaimages at English Wikipedia. Licence: CC BY-SA 2.5

Once you’ve begun your snorkeling adventure, you’ll likely sight many of the aforementioned fish. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a more rare selection of ocean critters, such as the black-nosed butterflyfish.The mesmerizing butterflyfish put this spot among the best snorkeling spots in Central America you must have been to.

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8. Starfish Alley, Roatán, Honduras

Starfish Bay, Roatan, Honduras

If sharks and stingrays aren’t your cup of tea, you aren’t out of luck for finding a living museum of oceanic species. Starfish Alley is home to a host of cushion stars, a harmless species of starfish that come in a vast range of stunning colors.

Although Starfish Alley provides little else in the way of sea creature spotting, the experience of seeking out cushion stars in the beds of seagrass is unique and impressive.

Visitors should watch for surrounding boating traffic and take care not to step on any concealed stars on the ocean floor! Cushion stars can, fortunately, be handled for added observation, but be sure to return them gently to their original locations.

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9. Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


Little Corn Island is one of Nicaragua’s best snorkeling spots, with the country’s most famous snorkeling location being Blowing Rock, located 17 miles off-shore of the island. Little Corn Island’s barrier reef is well-populated with wildlife.

Several of the reefs surrounding the island provide ample locations to explore and admire the biodiverse collection of fish and creatures in the ocean. The reefs are located just off-shore of the charming Little Corn Island beaches. You can snorkel among sharks, which make Little corn Island one of the best snorkeling spots in Central America.

In Little Corn Island you can snorkel among sharks which make the spot one of the unknown, yet best snorkeling spots in Central America.
In Little Corn Island you can snorkel among sharks which make the spot one of the unknown, yet best snorkeling spots in Central America. Picture: YouTubers Along We Go

Snorkeling around Little Corn Island is an accessible option, as its waters are warm and currents are few. The excursions are suitable for all kinds of divers, be they young or old.

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10. Cayo Coral, Panama

Snorkeling Bocas del Toro. Cayo Coral, Cayo Zapatillas and Mangroves. Panama. January 2020

The coral and sponges of Cayo Coral provide wildly colorful vistas about ten feet below the ocean’s surface. The varied underwater landscape attracts an equally diverse population of fish and starfish.

Being the vibrant locale that it is, Cayo Coral tends to be a popular destination for snorkelers. So, if you’re planning to visit here, know that it won’t be as secluded as some of the other snorkeling spots.

It’s still one of the best snorkeling spots in Central America though!

However, the likelihood of some company does little to tarnish the splendid and radiant experience that Cayo Coral provides. It’s diverse in wildlife, has calm waters, and is entertainment unlike any other.

Best snorkeling in Central America: Other Great Snorkeling Spots

These spots are great, but we liked the spots above just slightly more! But your taste, might not be as secluded as ours, so go check them out:

  • El Amor, El Salvador
  • Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize
  • San Blas Islands, Panama
  • Utila, Honduras

Conclusion: Best snorkeling Central America

Each of these resplendent locations provides a different but wide selection of charms and attractions. Central America’s snorkeling scene is one of the best in the world and one you should experience and enjoy our best snorkeling spots in Central America soon.

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