Best Double and Multiperson River Float Tubes

Best Double and Multiperson River Float Tubes 2023 (Reviews + Buyer’s Guide)


Spending a relaxing day floating down the river is one of America’s greatest pastimes. Not only is it an affordable way to spend an afternoon, but it’s an ideal way to stay cool and refreshed during those scorching summer days.

If you plan on participating in this popular water activity, you’ll need one essential item – a river float tube. You might picture one of those old, large tractor tire inner tubes that people used in the past, but modern-day tubes and rafts have so much more to offer (and they’re safer!). 

In this river float tube review, we’ll guide you through a variety of river rafts and inner tubes that can comfortably take you and your friends for a leisurely float down the river. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the best double and multiperson river float tubes available for purchase. In this guide, you’ll also learn what to look for in a tube float so that you can make a wise purchasing decision. 

Finally, at the end of the buyer’s guide, we’ll take you through a few quick tips to help you safely navigate the river and enjoy your floating adventure to the fullest. 

The Best Double and Multiperson River Float Tubes Reviews (Top Picks)

Here we invite you to check out some of our favorite multiperson river float tubes. Out of the many types we looked at and studied, these products received outstanding reviews across the board and will make floating with friends a fun and safe experience. The product reviews listed are in no particular order. 

1. Intex 58837EP River Run II Sport Lounge

Intex River Run 2 Person Inflatable Pool Floating Water Lounge Tube Raft Float with Cooler and Repair Kit for Pool, Lake and Ocean
12,277 Reviews
Intex River Run 2 Person Inflatable Pool Floating Water Lounge Tube Raft Float with Cooler and Repair Kit for Pool, Lake and Ocean
  • WATER FUN: The Intex River Run Raft is designed for use in the ocean, in lakes, or in the pool and comfortably fits 2 people
  • SIMPLE INFLATION: Safety air valve and double-welded seams make inflation and deflation a breeze
  • DESIGN: This Intex tube is built with durable 18-gauge vinyl; The mesh bottom and built-in backrest keeps you cool and comfortable on the water; The tube is also equipped with dual handles and cup holders to keep your drink close

When you start searching for the best double and multiperson river float tubes, you’ll likely come across the Intex brand. They’re known for making long-lasting, durable water products, and the River Run II Sport Lounge is no exception. 

This lounger is made up of two interconnected tubes so that you and a buddy can share a comfortable float down the river. The weight capacity is a whopping 500 pounds, but even if you don’t want to float with a friend, you can use the extra tube as a leg rest or to hold your personal items. 

The River Run II is composed of heavy-duty vinyl-coated material, which helps keep heat damage at bay. There’s also a cushy mesh padding on the bottom that offers support and protection. 

This model has a spacious seating area that allows you to stretch out your legs or curl them under. You’ll also receive extra support and comfort with the neck rest. This additional feature makes it easy to kick back and relax while you enjoy a cool beverage. 

And speaking of cold beverages, the River Run II has two cup holders on both sides of the tubes and a built-in cooler placed between each tube. You can store ice and drinks in the cooler, but don’t expect it to perform as well as a traditional cold box. 

As far as valve systems go, this model allows you to fill the tubes using a standard air mattress pump. There are independent valves on the backrests. Additionally, the tubes have five air chambers, so you’re unlikely to run out of air while you’re floating. 

Lastly, the River Run II has sturdy grips on both sides and includes connectors that allow you to fasten other Intex products. 


  • Able to withstand rocky terrain and river currents
  • Built-in cooler and cup holders
  • Spacious, comfortable mesh seating
  • Backrests for neck and back support


  • The cooler doesn’t do a great job of keeping things cold
  • Not as easy to steer without a paddle

2. Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider Quad Inflatable Raft

Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid Rider 4 Person Inflatable River Tube Water Float Lounger with Built-In Backrests, Cupholders, Coolers, and Handles, Blue
1,587 Reviews
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid Rider 4 Person Inflatable River Tube Water Float Lounger with Built-In Backrests, Cupholders, Coolers, and Handles, Blue
  • Relax on the water and enjoy floating around on the Rapid Rider, which is made to accommodate 4 people
  • Float comfortably with the built-in backrests and cool mesh bottom that gives your body the support it needs
  • Constructed of 18-gauge vinyl materials that stay strong through frequent use; Includes a repair patch when an accident occurs

Bestway’s Quad Inflatable Raft is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to share a ride down the river with a couple of friends. This model seats up to four people and is made of high-gauge PVC material that’s puncture-resistant and will last multiple trips without tearing. But just in case, the raft comes with a heavy-duty patch kit.

The CoolerZ has so many great features, including an open hole in the middle so you can dip your feet in while you float, mesh bottoms that sit below the waterline, so you stay cool, and wide pillow backrests for added comfort and support.

As a bonus, the Rapid Rider comes with four cup holders, two coolers, and two mesh-bottom storage spaces. Feel free to toss waterproof items in the storage containers for safekeeping. Keep in mind that the cooler bag tops are only kept closed by velcro patches, so the top may pop open from time to time. 

You can use an electronic air compressor to inflate the raft, and there are several valves, including the main raft and backrests. 

Finally, the raft comes with four grab ropes with grommets that you can use to climb into the raft or use as connection points for tubes, decks, boats, etc. 


  • Extra-wide pillow backrests  
  • Four cup holders and two cooler bags
  • Storage space with mesh bottoms
  • Open floor area located in the middle


  • Coolers don’t stay closed that well
  • It has no handle grips

3. Intex Inflatable 4 Person River Tube Relaxation Raft

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft
167 Reviews
Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft
  • Large floating island
  • Mesh bottom and comfortable inflatable backrests
  • Cup holders, ladder and hours of fun

The Intex 4 Person River Raft is a whopper of a tube float, stretching up to 10×10 feet in total. Although there are only four designated seats, this raft can accommodate up to eight people, depending on body weight and size. 

As far as weight capacity goes, this Intex model can carry over 1000 pounds thanks to the 18-gauge flexible vinyl material made for flexibility and strength under pressure. The vinyl surface coating also protects the tubes (and passengers) from heat damage. 

The open mesh-bottom middle area of the tube provides riders the benefit of lounging in the water without the hassle of weeds and debris. It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who wants to bring the kids along, as the open space gives the little ones a place to sit while the adults kick back and relax. 

You can also use the middle area to hold a cooler box or bag since the raft does not come with a built-in cooler. Four cup holders are located between each seat. 

Intex also designed the River Tube Relaxation Raft with passenger safety and comfort in mind. Four sturdy handle grips provide stability, while the attached rope ladder makes getting into the raft a simple process. 


  • The rope ladder makes climbing in and out easier
  • Open middle area
  • Ample space for adults and kids
  • Large weight capacity


  • Does not have a drink cooler

4.  WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander

Wow Sports Inflateable Floating Island - Stadium Islander for Up to 12 People - Multiperson Raft for Lake
117 Reviews
Wow Sports Inflateable Floating Island - Stadium Islander for Up to 12 People - Multiperson Raft for Lake
  • SEATING FOR 12: The Stadium Islander is the only 12 person inflatable island on the market! Equipped with mesh seats and back rest, providing comfortable accommodation for a group of individuals.
  • EASY LOUNGING: Large opening in the center makes it easy to get on and off, enhancing the overall spaciousness. In addition to this extra space it hold up to 2640lbs (1197kg).
  • FEATURES: The Stadium Islander comes with a large reinforced grommet for tying off and an anchor bag, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience on the water.

Although this inflatable island isn’t necessarily an ideal river float tube, it’s a great option if you want to have a party on a large body of water. Whether you and 11 of your friends hop on it for a day of lounging on the lake or you want to take it down a wide river for a smooth, easy float, the Stadium Islander offers ample space.

This huge river raft stretches across 12 feet and can hold over 2600 pounds. It’s made of heavy-duty PVC and has reinforced grommets you can use for tying off to keep the raft in place. 

You’ll enjoy comfortable mesh seating all around the raft, as well as an open center that everyone can dangle their legs in. It’s also the perfect spot for the kids, as they can use it as a private swimming pool in the lake or river. Additionally, you can use the open middle for easy entry and exit. 


  • One of the largest river floats on the market
  • Easy entry and exit point 
  • It can easily fit 10 or more adults and children
  • Includes large grommets and an anchor bag


  • It does not have cup holders
  • No extra back or neck support

5. CoolerZ Rapid Rider X2 Inflatable 2-Person Tube

Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid Rider Inflatable Double Water River Tube Float for 2 People with Built-In Backrest, Handles, and Cupholders, Blue
348 Reviews
Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid Rider Inflatable Double Water River Tube Float for 2 People with Built-In Backrest, Handles, and Cupholders, Blue
  • Relax on the water and enjoy floating around the Rapid Rider, which is made to accommodate 2 people; Weight limit: 396 pounds
  • Float comfortably with the built-in backrest and cool mesh bottom that gives your body the support it needs
  • Constructed of 18-gauge vinyl materials that stay strong through frequent use; Includes a repair patch when an accident occurs

Bestway’s double tube version provides hours of fun on the water. Composed of thick polyester mesh and strong PVC, the Rapid Rider is lightweight, but durable. 

The smooth material is puncture-resistant, although some reviewers noted that the tube was easily torn by river debris. Others were able to use it in the ocean and on the river several times without problems. Fortunately, the product comes with a repair patch kit.

The double river float tube comes with two built-in molded cup holders. Unlike the soft cup holders some tubes have, these fit snuggly around your drinks, so there’s no spillage. No cooler is included with the Rapid Rider, but there is a middle indentation where you can store a cold box or bag. 

If you want even more people to tag along on the river ride, this double tube comes with a wraparound rope and grommets so that you can connect yourself to other tubers. You can also use the connection to tie around docks and boats for anchorage. 

Last but not least, the Rapid Rider is quick and easy to inflate, and the interlocking quick-release valves make deflation just as simple. 


  • Molded cup holders keep drinks in place
  • Stays inflated for long periods of time
  • Cushioned backrest
  • Woven mesh seating


  • Some users said the material was not as durable as competitors’

6. SportStuff Fiesta Island

Drift down the river on your own private island with SportStuff’s Fiesta Island raft. The island comfortably fits up to eight people, and by comfortable, we mean there are eight contoured backrests with mesh bottoms so you can snuggly fit into the seat and enjoy a day of relaxing. There’s also a floating platform in the middle of the raft to allow your legs to dangle.

Fiesta Island is made of heavy-duty K80 PVC and can withstand several seasons of water activity. Due to improved construction, the float tube now comes with a central air chamber for more support. The speed safety valve allows for quick and efficient inflation and deflation. 

Perhaps the best perk is that the Fiesta Island comes with eight molded cup holders and a 16-quart inflatable floating cooler. You can place the cooler next to the raft or detach it and use it elsewhere.

This multiperson river float tube is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but the quality and perks are worth the price.


  • Contoured backrests and mesh seating
  • Molded handles for easy transport to and from the water
  • It comes with an inflatable and detachable floating cooler
  • Quick inflation time


  • Has only one anchor point
  • Heavy, so you may need multiple people to carry it to the water

7. Bestway Lazy Days Inflatable River Island

Bestway Lazy Days Inflatable River Island
  • Seats up to 6 people
  • Constructed of inflate-shield puncture resistant material
  • Comes with 6 cup holders

The Lazy Days River Island is perfect for a laid-back float down the river or a day of lounging on the lake. 

Stretching over eight feet, this model fits up to six people and holds nearly 800 pounds of weight. It features inflate-shield puncture-resistant material, which provides a strong barrier, limits stretching, and enhances grip. 

One of the best parts about this river raft is that it doesn’t sag like many float tubes. You’ll often hear complaints about people climbing on, and then all falling towards the same point on the tube. This inflatable island, however, has multiple air chambers that lend to a uniform firmness.

Another unique feature is that unlike most multi person inner tubes, the Lazy Days raft features a bench-style backrest so you can sit anywhere comfortably. 

Additional comfort features include six cup holders, an open bottom for toe-dipping, grip handles and grab ropes, and an anchor bag to keep you in place.


  • Extra thick, long-lasting material 
  • Bench-style backrests
  • Keeps a uniform firmness to prevent sagging
  • High-quality product at a cost-effective price


  • Anchor bag may need additional weight put in it 
  • It may be difficult for some people to get in and out

8. Giantex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Giantex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge, Floating Island Raft w/SPF50+ Retractable Detachable Sunshade, 71' x 71' Inflatable Pool Float Canopy w/2 Cup Holders Backrest Armrest for Pool Lake River
230 Reviews
Giantex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge, Floating Island Raft w/SPF50+ Retractable Detachable Sunshade, 71" x 71" Inflatable Pool Float Canopy w/2 Cup Holders Backrest Armrest for Pool Lake River
  • 🌊【Selected & Premium Materials】Durable PVC which can’t be easily punctured and scratched is tough enough to stand the test of time. Tight welds ensure a fully sealed canopy island, which can be kept leak-free for a long time. Due to the spacious surface and high bearing capacity, our float lounge can easily support the weight of 440 lbs without capsizing.
  • 🌴【Retractable Canopy for Sun Protection】This floating island is equipped with a large sun shade which can be adjusted to different angles according to your different needs. So you don’t have to endure the strong sunlight when enjoy the sunny days on the float lounge. The canopy can be quickly removed when you want to take a sunbath or at home.
  • 🌊【Separate Inflation & Comfortable Seat】Our floating lounge has 3 air values, 2 at the bottom and 1 at the back. Comes with the separate air chambers, our canopy island can be inflated to the desired firmness and will stay inflated for days. The raised backrest and armrest is designed to provide you with extra support and protection.

You might call the Giantex Canopy Inflatable Lounge the convertible of water loungers. If you’re looking for a luxury float down the river or a comfy spot to rest in the backyard, this lounge raft is an excellent choice. 

With a spacious surface and weight capacity, this inflatable lounge can comfortably fit two people and support up to 440 pounds. Made of durable PVC material and tight welds, the fully-sealed island ensures leak-free lounging for hours.  

This Giantex model includes a number of comfort features, including separate inflation points (three air valves) for custom firmness, a raised backrest and armrests, and two cup holders located on each side.

And let’s not forget the best feature of all – the retractable canopy for ultimate sun protection. Although you should always wear sunscreen on your trips down the river, this convertible-style canopy provides extra protection from the sun. You can adjust its angles to accommodate your needs or completely remove it if you want to sunbathe.

Another positive is that this lounge has versatile uses. Set it up in the backyard as a lounge space, float on it in the pool while you read a book under the canopy, or enjoy a relaxing day floating down the river with a friend. It’s also lightweight so that you can take it just about anywhere. When you’re not using it, simply fold and store it after deflating. 


  • Raised backrests and armrests
  • Adjustable canopy for shade
  • Perfect for lounging just about anywhere
  • A spacious, firm surface


  • Tedious to inflate and deflate

(We also have our top pickups of Best Single Person River Float Tubes)

Best Double and Multiperson River Float Tubes Buyer’s Guide (Your Guide to Selecting the Best Product)

Now that you have eight of the best multi person river float tubes and lounges to choose from, how do you know which one is the right pick for you? That’s where this ultimate guide comes in. Read on to find out what types of tubes are available and what to look for in the best river float tubes.

Features to Consider 

If you’re wondering what to look for when buying a river floating tube, look no further than this list of important features to consider. 

Durable Material

The material the river tube is made of will make a huge difference in the product’s durability and functionality. River float tubes are usually made out of a few common materials, including polyester, nylon, and neoprene.

Polyester is generally a cheaper material, but is still sturdy enough to handle floats down the river. It’s also able to prevent the tire from fading from UV ray exposure. 

Nylon is a synthetic polymer. When looking at tubes made of nylon, you’ll want to pay attention to the denier number. The denier number is what determines how thick the tube is and how much weight it can hold. The higher the denier number, the more durable it tends to be. 

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber and is usually more expensive than other materials. It can withstand various temperatures, which is why wetsuits are made out of neoprene. It’s also comfortable and can prevent chafing when floating in high-friction water. 

The best double and multiperson river float tubes are made of high-gauge PVC rubber and ripstop nylon. This combination creates a durable thickness that protects the tube.

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Tube Shape

The inner tube’s shape is another factor to consider when looking for river float tubes. You can find floating tubes in shapes like donut, deck, ride-in, and rockers.

The donut-shaped tube is the most common and popular of all the shapes. People use them everywhere, from lounging in the swimming pool to floating down the river. The round shape offers comfort and balance when sitting, and since most people sit upright in the tube, many products come with cup holders so you can float with your favorite drink.

Deck tubes are exactly what they sound like – flat floating tubes. Multiple people can lay on top of the flat deck area. The only problem is that, unlike donut tubes, a bit of turbulence can easily flip deck inner tubes due to the unbalanced nature of the flat surface. 

A ride-in tube is the more luxurious model of the donut-shaped tube. Although they share the same shape, ride-in tubes come with inflated seats and support. This is one of the best shapes for floating down the river because it offers more stability since you’re seated upright in a chair. It also gives you more accurate steering power so you can easily avoid obstacles. These floating chairs and loungers for lakes are as upright as it can get.

Like the deck tube, the rocker has a flat surface, but it is designed for only one lounger. There’s usually back support and armrests built into the rocker. Rockers aren’t the best river float tubes because they tend to be less durable. However, they’re great for lounging in the pool or lake. 

Tube Size and Weight

It’s important to know the weight capacity a river float tube can manage before you purchase one. To give you an idea, a 40-inch river tube can easily hold up to 175 pounds. 

Inner tubes that go beyond 40 inches are more capable of holding up to 280 pounds. Of course, double and multiperson river tubes are designed to hold more weight according to how many people the tube can accommodate.

(If your size and weight are above average, you should consider Best Heavy-Duty River Float Tubes)


Inflation may not sound like an essential thing to think about, but you should keep it in mind when shopping for the best multiperson river float tubes. 

Look at what’s required to inflate the tube and whether you’ll need to purchase a separate electric pump. Some tubes can be inflated manually, but this isn’t an ideal method. It’s usually more of a hassle to pump air into an inner tube by hand than it is to hook up the electrical pump and let it do the work for you.

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Bottom Material

Inner tubes with canvas or mesh bottoms are the best choices. Canvas bottoms are more durable than mesh, as they are triple stitched to provide a stronghold. Canvas bottoms can also carry more weight than mesh, which is great for those who have kids in tow and want to ensure that they don’t slip out of the tube.

Mesh is a nice feature if you want to stay cool while you float down the river. Mesh is strongly knit, which protects the material from rips and tears. A mesh bottom is also great for holding items like drinks, waterproof speakers, and anything else you might want to take along for the ride.

Valve Stem and Cap

Modern inner tubes come with sealable caps that keep the air inside. And unlike the old valve stems that poked river riders in the back, the new tube cap system provides more comfort. 

Safety Features

Safety features like handles and ropes are imperative if you’re taking your tube down the river. Even calm waters can turn into rapids, and it’s always best to have something to grip onto when you’re trying to navigate your tube. Always look for these added features to ensure you and your river buddies stay safe. 

Extra Comforts

If you plan on spending a long, lazy day on the river, you’ll want floating tubes that come with extra features that make the journey more comfortable. Look for tubes that come with items like coolers to keep your beverages cold, cup holders, back supports, ladders, and paddles.  

Tips for River Tubing

Aside from purchasing the best double and multi person river float tubes for you and your posse, keep these tips in mind for a fantastic float down the river. 

Prepare for Your Trip

Preparing for a day of floating starts with packing the night before your trip. Think about everything you want to take with you and set out the items, so you don’t forget them the next day. Items you may want to bring with you include sunglasses, water shoes, food, drinks (including lots of water), lifejackets, and a patch kit. 

And don’t forget what you might need after your tubing trip, like a change of clothes, a towel, and an extra pair of shoes. 

Sunscreen is an essential item you should pack. Many first-time tubers go without and don’t realize how harsh the sun can be as it reflects off the water. Even cloudy days can cause sunburns. Slather on waterproof/sport sunscreen about thirty minutes before you get in the water and reapply as needed. 

You’ll also want to check the weather and make sure river conditions are safe. 

Store Your Items

Aside from the items, you’ll want to bring with you while you float, you may want to consider what important personal items you’ll need on the trip and where to store them. Think about whether you’ll need cash on hand and what you’ll do with your keys. 

Although you may see plenty of people using Ziploc bags to hold their stuff, these bags are not waterproof. Instead, you may want to purchase a waterproof box or a security box to hold your valuables while you’re away from the car.

Also, it’s best to leave your phone at home. We know it’s tempting to take river selfies and photos with friends to document the experience, but think about how you’ll feel if your phone gets damaged, or worse, you lose your phone to the water. 

Plan for Extra Time

Trips down the river almost always take more time than what people expect. You are dependent on the water flow, after all. If you consider that rivers typically flow at one mile per hour, then a two-mile tube trip will require at least two hours of your time. Tack on another hour and plan for more time spent on the water. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Underestimate Nature

Whether you’re planning to take your river float tubes down a lazy river or are up for navigating small rapids, you need to plan for whatever the water might throw at you. Pack a patch kit in case debris pops your tube. It’s also a good idea to have a first-aid kit with you in case you get snagged by floating debris, tree branches, and the like. 

If you encounter rapids, chutes, or spillways, remember to approach it with your legs pointing downriver. If your body is moving in a sideways direction, you’ll likely tip over. And if you approach the obstacle head first, you may suffer a head injury. 

A good rule of thumb is to always hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Best Double and Multiperson River Float Tubes Comparison Chart

ProductPriceProduct SizeWeight CapacityUnique Features
Intex 58837EP River Run II Sport Lounge$95.2" x 62"500 lbsBuilt in cooler and cup holder, backrest for neck and back support
Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider Quad Inflatable Raft$101" x 101"420 lbsExtra wide pillow backrests, four cup holders and two cooler bags
Intex Inflatable 4 Person River Tube Relaxation Raft$$$120" x 120"1000 lbsOpen middle area, large weight capacity, open middle area
WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander$$144" Diameter2640 lbsEasy entry and exist point, can easily fit 10 or more adults and children
CoolerZ Rapid Rider X2 Inflatable 2-Person Tube$102" x 53"400 lbsMolded cup holders keep drinks in place, woven mesh seating
SportStuff Fiesta Island$$140" x 140"2000 lbsContoured backrests and mesh seating, quick inflation time
.Bestway Lazy Days Inflatable River Island$124" Diameter1600 lbsExtra thick, long lasting material, bench style blackness, high quality product
Giantex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge$$78" x 59"440 lbsRaised backrests and armrests, adjustable canopy for shade

Wrap Up

There is no doubt that spending summers on the water makes for memorable moments. Whether you take a double float tube down the river with your partner or load up an eight-person raft for a day of lounging, you’re sure to have a blast when you have the right gear.

Finding the best double and multiperson river float tubes isn’t the easiest job, especially when there are tons of tubes to choose from. But after hours of sifting through products and reviews, we were able to compile a list of the most highly-rated items, which we think you’ll benefit from if you’re in the market for a river float tube. 

Although single tubes are more widely available, you’ll find a handful of quality double and multi person tubes. The Intex brand is always a good place to start, as they make durable double tubes and long-lasting relaxation rafts. 

If you’re a the-more-the-merrier kind of person, an island raft like the ones we’ve listed above is an excellent option. They’re not only perfect for cruising down the river with a group of friends, but make ideal lounge spaces for lakes, oceans, and swimming pools.  

Whatever the case, be sure and look for tubes made out of sturdy materials so that you don’t have to worry about a tree branch or debris puncturing your floating fun. All of the products we’ve included in this guide are high-quality and typically only need a small repair or patch over time.  

Also, remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and happy floating!

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