Best Floating Bean Bag Chairs

9 Best Bean Bag Pool Floats of 2023 (Buyer’s Guide!)


If you’re ready to have some fun in the sun, you’ll need some great accessories to help you make the most of your time spent at the pool or beach. A floating bean bag chair or float is the perfect addition to allow you to relax in the water in the utmost of style and comfort.

There are so many bean bag floats on the market, it can be confusing to know which one is the best for you. We’ve rounded up the best floating bean bag chairs and bean bag floats for pools and more to help you make the right decision. You may want to try several types of floats to find the one you like and keep things interesting.

We’ll also cover what to look for in a bean bag float and how to maintain one so that it lasts for a long time. These floats cost more than inflatables, but you can use them for much longer with the right care. Read our bean bag float review to discover some of the best floats on the market.

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The Best Bean Bag Pool Floats of 2023

Below you’ll find our reviews for some of the best floating bean bag chairs and bean bag floats. Please note that while the list is numbered, the list isn’t a ranking. 

1. Big Joe Mesh Captain’s Chair Float

Big Joe Captain's Float No Inflation Needed Pool Lounger with Drink Holder, Blurred Blue Double Sided Mesh, Quick Draining Fabric, 3 feet
  • ADVANCE YOUR POOL PARTY: The perfect water float that everyone will be fighting for is here. The structured Big Joe Captain's Float is filled with our fluffy beans for the perfect buoyancy you need in the water.
  • QUICK-DRYING MATERIAL: Covered in quick-drying fabric available in many trendy patterns.
  • NO AIR REQUIRED: Perfectly filled with lightweight and buoyant Big Joe beans.

The Big Joe Captain’s Chair Float is one of the most popular products on the market, and it’s easy to see why. The Big Joe brand is well-known for making comfy lounge chairs for land, so it only makes sense that they’d make an excellent chair for water as well. This chair is even similar in design to their one made for inside.

This floating bean bag chair allows you to sit up, making it perfect for when you want to socialize with friends. There’s a convenient beverage pocket on the side, and the durable fabric dries quickly. The bottom is made of mesh, so you can quickly drain the water from it. It comes in several fun colors and prints.

Big Joe fills their floats with buoyant beans to make sure you always stay afloat. These beans are easy to replace if the float loses fullness over time. When it’s time to get out of the water, there’s a handle located on top to allow for easy transport. There are even tie-downs on the front if you want to stay in place while out on the boat.


  • Convenient touches, like a cup holder, handle and tie-downs
  • It can accommodate even larger floaters
  • It can be used as a seat outside the pool


  • There are some issues with seams coming unsewn
  • Can be costly
  • Will mildew if not properly drained and stored

2. Swimline Sunsoft Mattress

SWIMLINE SOLSTICE Fabric Covered Pool Float Mattress Red Lounger Raft For Adults & Kids I Comfortable Head Back Rest & Quick-Dry Cover For Adult Or Kid Floating & Lounging Dogs 15030R
  • {FLOATING MATTRESS} Transcend the traditional boundaries of pool relaxation with this mattress, designed for those who prefer a more laid-back water experience with friends and family, sans the effort of swimming.
  • {FABRIC COVER} The mattress is adorned with a super soft, quick-drying, cooling fabric cover engineered to embrace water. Its soothing touch and gentle caress on your skin elevate your float game, setting a new benchmark for aquatic comfort.
  • [EXTRA SPACIOUS] This mattress stands as a hallmark of luxury in our Swimline fabric covered collection. With its expansive design, it provides ample space for the ultimate relaxation experience.

If you want to fully recline while in the water and maybe even take a short nap, the Swimline Sunsoft mattress is a great choice. This float is a combination of a bean bag and inflatable floats, as it has beans and can be inflated more or less depending on how you want to float. The float is made of vinyl but has a fabric cover to keep you cool and comfy.

The float comes with a carrying handle for added convenience. The float is sturdy and can stand up to even rough play. It takes a fair bit of effort to flip it over. Since the inside of the float is made of vinyl, you don’t have to worry about water seeping in, and it drains and dries quickly. Just make sure to stand it up to dry to avoid mildew.


  • Solid and durable
  • It has a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs
  • Adjustable inflation for your comfort


  • It only comes in red
  • Fabric is rough at first but gets softer with each use
  • It does contain inflatables if you want only a bean bag

3. Big Joe Mesh Pool Noodle

Big Joe Noodle No Inflation Needed Pool Float, Aqua/Green Double Sided Mesh, Jumbo 4ft
  • ADVANCE YOUR POOL PARTY: Foam pool noodles are a thing of the past with the upgraded Big Joe Noodle. Our Noodles are filled with fluffy beans for the perfect amount of buoyancy and covered in soft, quick-drying fabrics. Once you try a Big Joe Noodle you won't want anything else!
  • QUICK-DRYING MATERIAL: Covered in quick-drying mesh fabric available in a variety of trendy patterns.
  • NO AIR REQUIRED: Perfectly filled with lightweight and buoyant Big Joe beans.

Pool noodles are one of the most versatile pool floats you can have at the pool or beach. Kids love to play with them both in and out of the water, and adults enjoy using them to float around without having to tread water. 

While you may have tried foam pool noodles before, they’re often flimsy and tear up after a few uses. The Big Joe Mesh Pool Noodle is a good alternative because it’s bigger and more durable. This bean bag pool noodle is filled with Big Joe’s signature buoyant beans and can be refilled as needed.

You’ll like the Big Joe pool noodle if you want to be almost completely submerged in the water but still would rather float than swim. It’s an excellent option for a hot day. 


  • It comes in several fun colors
  • Bends to fit your body better than a foam noodle
  • More durable than a foam noodle


  • Not as comfortable as a larger float
  • Can find off-brand at a lower price
  • Some adults find it too short

4. Big Joe Mesh Noodle Sling

Big Joe Noodle Sling No Inflation Needed Pool Seat with Armrests, Blurred Blue Double Sided Mesh, Quick Draining Fabric, 3 feet
  • ADVANCE YOUR POOL PARTY: Simple in design yet absolutely comfortable! The Big Joe Noodle Sling's built-in seat and armrest gives you the support and comfort you need to float your cares away.
  • QUICK-DRYING MATERIAL: Covered in quick-drying mesh fabric.
  • NO AIR REQUIRED: Perfectly filled with lightweight and buoyant Big Joe beans.

If you want the fun of a pool noodle but the comfort of a lounger, the Big Joe Mesh Noodle Sling is a good compromise. You can easily float in comfort while still being almost entirely submerged. It’s ideal for those scorching days at the pool or beach.

The sling consists of a bean bag noodle with a piece of fabric between it, creating a hammock seat. The noodle is filled with Big Joe’s signature beans, and the material is durable and water-resistant. If the noodle starts to go flat, you can easily order more beans and refill it with more beans.


  • It’s small, making it easy to stow in your car
  • It comes in several fun colors
  • Fun for kids and adults


  • It isn’t easy to get in and out
  • No cup holder
  • It’s not a good option for larger floaters

5. Big Joe Mesh Kona Float

Big Joe Kona No Inflation Needed Pool Lounger with Headrest, Blurred Blue Double Sided Mesh, 5.5ft Big
  • ADVANCE YOUR POOL PARTY: The Big Joe Kona Float is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Not only is the Kona available in trendy designs, but it's also filled with fluffy beans for maximum comfort buoyancy!
  • QUICK-DRYING MATERIAL: Covered in quick-drying mesh fabric.
  • NO AIR REQUIRED: Perfectly filled with lightweight and buoyant Big Joe beans.

If your day at the pool is all about comfort, look no further than the Big Joe Mesh Kona Float. This floating pool mattress is ideal for lazing around in the water. The inner part is filled with light, floating beans, while the outside is covered in a soft but water-resistant cover. It also has two convenient handles, making it easy to transport.

The Kona float is easy to care for. Simply prop it up to drain and let it completely dry before storing it. Clean any stains with a mild detergent and water. If it starts to lose some of its fullness, you can refill it with Big Joe beans.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • It can be used outside of the water 
  • Fabric is UV resistant, so it shouldn’t fade in the sun


  • You’ll sink into the water some
  • It tends to bunch up in the middle
  • You don’t have the option of sitting up

6. Big Joe Mesh Zzoodle, Red Dragon

Big Joe Mesh Zzoodle, Red Dragon
  • Can squirt water out of built-in mouth feature
  • Covered in durable and quick drying mesh fabric
  • Fun in the sun and water as a friendly side-kick

If you’re looking for a floating bean bag for kids, the Big Joe Mesh Zzoodle will be a hit. This cute dragon lets kids ride around the pool. It also has a mechanism in its mouth that makes it squirt water, so kids can have fun squirting each other.

You’ll like the Big Joe Zzoodle because the quality is much better than with foam noodles. Foam noodles are easy to tear up and sometimes only last a couple of pool sessions. The Zzoodle is made of durable mesh fabric that dries quickly once it’s time to store it. It’s also double-stitched so that it can withstand rough play. Make sure to let it dry out completely before storing.


  • Fun for kids
  • Squirting mouth feature
  • Big Joe offers other animals if your kids don’t like the dragon


  • More expensive than a foam noodle
  • Not a good option for adults looking for comfort
  • Will mildew if not dried properly

7. Amalfi Pool Lounger

If you want something in between a chair and a mat, you may want to consider the BOSS Bean Bags Amalfi Pool Lounger. This float allows you to lean back and relax without being fully horizontal. It also keeps you out of the water, in case you don’t want to get too wet or if the water’s cold.

It’s made of a durable olefin fabric. The fabric has been treated with an antimicrobial finish and has a UVPF of 50. Whether you’re exposing it to saltwater, chlorine, or both, it won’t fade, and the fabric won’t lose its integrity.

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  • It can be used as an outdoor bean bag when you’re out of the water
  • Excellent back support
  • It has drain fabric and eyelets to hang for draining


  • It has to be dried in direct sunlight
  • Warranty doesn’t cover mold or mildew
  • Expensive

8. Lazy Day Pool Chair

If you’re willing to spend a little more, Frontgate’s Lazy Day Pool Chair may be a good option for you. It’s another upright chair, and it has a few extras that make it worth the higher price. It can hold up to 300 lbs, making it the perfect option for larger floaters. 

It’s made of double-sided mesh fabric, making it more resistant to stains and mildew. The Lazy Day Pool chair can be used in salt water, and you don’t have to worry about the salt messing up the fabric. It’s a good option if you want to be able to use your float at the beach. The product is well-made and durable. 


  • It can accommodate much larger floaters
  • Have a convenient cup holder in the arm
  • One of the most comfortable options


  • More expensive than other options
  • It can be hard to get on and off
  • Can flip over if you’re not sitting properly

9. Pottery Barn King Kai Pool Float

The King Kai Pool Float from Pottery Barn is perfect for those who want to lounge with two or more people. This big mat is 58 inches wide, 72 inches long, and can handle up to 400 pounds. It can easily fit two or even three people. The King Kai is perfect for spending time in the water with your friends or family. 

This float is made of Pottery Barn’s patented Sunbrella fabric, which is soft and water-resistant and made to withstand powerful UV rays. The King Kai is one of the most expensive floats on our list, but it offers a lot of bang for your buck. If properly taken care of, it can last you many years.


  • Fabric can be cleaned with chlorine bleach
  • Large enough for a few people
  • Made of high-quality, durable material


  • It weighs 20 lbs, so you won’t want to drag it long distances
  • expensive
  • You’ll need extra space to store it

Best Floating Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats for Pools and More Buyers Guide (Your Guide to Selecting the Best Product)

Floating bean bag chairs and bean bag pool floats have become incredibly popular in the past few years. There are so many on the market, and you may be wondering how to choose the best one for your needs, how to take care of your float, and how to stay safe while using your floats. Read on for our buyers guide to help you get the most out of your bean bag float.

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Types of Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats for Pools and More

There are several types of bean bag pool floats to consider. Each has a slightly different purpose, and one may suit your needs better than the others.

Bean Bag Pool Chair

A bean bag pool chair allows you to float along in the pool while remaining upright. The majority of your body will be out of the water. You may prefer some of these chairs if you’d like to socialize with friends or family while in the water.

Floating Bean Bag Mat

If you want the ultimate relaxation, you’ll want to opt for a floating bean bag mat. These mats allow you to recline completely vertically as you enjoy your day at the pool. These mats come in various thicknesses. Some are thick enough that they can also be used as a lounger outside of the pool.

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Bean Bag Hammock

A bean bag hammock is similar to a bean bag mat, but it’s made of two bean bag noodles with a piece of fabric in between. You may opt for a bean bag hammock over a mat if you want to lie down and keep most of your body underwater.

Bean Bag Pool Noodle

If you’d like to be mostly in the water but don’t want to do the work of treading water, you may want to consider a bean bag pool noodle. These are versatile floats that can be used in many different ways. Bean bag pool noodles are often a good option for kids who want a float to play in the water.

Bean Bag Sling

A bean bag sling is similar to a bean bag pool noodle, but there is a small sling connected to the noodle in this version. This sling allows you to sit in the noodle while still keeping your body mostly underwater. The sling is a more versatile option than the noodle since you can use it both ways.

Bean Bag Round Float

A round bean bag float is another versatile option. You can sit or lie down, although you may not be as comfortable as on a mat or chair. People often choose these floats for kids, as they’re fun to play on. 

Benefits of Using Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats for Pools and More

There are many benefits to using a bean bag chair or float. First, these floats are made of fabric and tend to be much more comfortable than inflatable plastic floats. You won’t be uncomfortable with your skin sticking to plastic every time you move.

Bean bag floats don’t require inflation. Your float is always ready to go, and you don’t have to worry about bringing a pump with you or getting to the pool or beach and realizing you forgot your pump. It can also be a hassle to deflate an inflatable float after each use, or if you try to store it without inflating it, it may get damaged.


One of the most significant drawbacks of a floating bean bag chair or float is cost. These floats are typically more expensive than most floats. However, the price isn’t so bad if you consider that you can get many more years of use out of a bean bag float. You also don’t run the risk of it popping and getting ruined so easily.

Another drawback is maintenance. You have to make sure you let the bean bag float fully dry before storing it; otherwise, you may have an issue with mold. They do require a little more upkeep than a standard pool float.

Using Your Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats for Pools and More the Right Way

You may think that using a bean bag float or chair is simple, and while they are relatively easy to use, there is a right way to use it. You should put the bean bag into the water first and then get in it yourself. It’s not a good idea to grab it and jump straight into the pool.


Bean bag pool chairs and floats have covers that are usually waterproof. You want to make sure the one you choose has an excellent cover to prevent the filling from getting wet. The wet filling can cause mildew and other problems.

You also want to look for solid construction. Check the stitching to ensure that the bean bag float is put together well. You certainly don’t want your float falling apart while you’re in the middle of the water.

You will want to look for versatility. Some floats give you several options for using them, and some can be used comfortably on both water and land.

Maintaining Your Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats for Pools and More

If you keep your bean bag chairs and floats appropriately maintained, they’ll last you much longer. One of the most important things you can do is allow your float to dry out completely before storing it. Bean bag floats are made to drain pretty quickly and should be dry within a day or so. If you live in a humid climate, be sure to store it inside in a dry place. If possible, it’s best to keep it inside no matter what, as it can prevent the cover from deteriorating due to acidity in the rain.

If you spill something on your bean bag float or get dirty, you should clean it with a mild detergent and water. Don’t wash with any types of harsh chemicals. Over time, the float may need to have its filling replaced. The filling keeps it comfy and afloat, so it’s essential to monitor and refill when needed.

Safety Tips

It’s important to remember that bean bag chairs and floats are not life-saving devices. While they can keep you afloat in the water, you should not use one in an emergency. Always be careful when getting on or off.

Kids often enjoy playing with bean bag floats, but as with all water activities, kids should be monitored by an adult while playing with a bean bag float.

Bean Bag Chairs and Bean Bag Floats Comparison Chart

Product NamePriceMaterialSize (LxW)Unique Features
Big Joe Mesh Captain's Chair Float$$Mesh and Fabric40" x 38"Convenient touches, like a cup holder, handle and tie-downs
Swimline Sunsoft Mattress$ Fabric/Vinyl72" x 36"Holding up to 225 pounds
Lazy Day Pool Chair$Synthetic, Plastic40” x 36”Holding up to 300 pounds
Big Joe Mesh Pool Noodle$Mesh and Fabric40” x 6”Dries quickly and is easy to carry
Pottery Barn King Kai Pool Float$Resistant marine & Fabric58” x 72”Supports Up to 600 lbs
Big Joe Mesh Noodle Sling$Mesh Fabric32” x 21”2 handles for stability and have repair patch
Big Joe Mesh Kona Float$Fabric66” x 38”Perfect for all-ages, outdoor fun in the sun
Big Joe Mesh Zzoodle, Red Dragon$Foam and Fabric52” x 20”Double stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability
Amalfi Pool Lounger$$Fabric48” x 36”Having drain fabric and eyelets to hang for draining

Wrap Up

Any of our recommended bean bag chairs and bean bag floats for pools and more is a great option. All are made of quality materials and are well-constructed. Whichever bean bag float you choose, you’re sure to have a great time in the water. You may even want to get a couple of different floats to mix things up. You’ll be impressed at how much better your floating bean bag chair holds up over time, and even more importantly, you’ll love how comfortable you are.

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