7 Best Baby Hooded Beach Towels (Buyer’s Guide)

Keep your baby warm and dry after a day at the beach with the best baby hooded beach towels! You’ve seen them online, in magazines, and on the television. Hooded beach towels are everywhere. 

As their popularity grows, so does the quality of their construction. So, now’s the time to find the best hooded beach towel for your little one.

If you have a beach day planned or intend to hit the swimming pool, baby hooded beach towels add a lot of cuteness once it’s time to get dried off. When choosing a hooded beach towel, you decide whether your baby will transform into a dinosaur, shark, lion, or some other adorable creature. And, kids can’t wait to take a bath knowing that their favorite towel awaits them.

Take a look at our best hooded beach towels for babies reviews and find a towel that works best for you. Then, check out our Buyer’s Guide for even more information on what sets your hooded beach towel apart from the others. You’ll learn about the various uses of hooded beach towels, available features, and much more!

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The Best Baby Hooded Beach Towel Reviews (Top Picks)

All of the products featured in our baby hooded beach towel reviews represent affordable options for infants and toddlers. Although we’ve numbered our selections, the products are listed in no particular order, and the numbers do not indicate a ranking.  

1. Hudz Kidz Baby Shark Hooded Beach Towel

Every parent’s favorite song comes to life when your baby wears the Hudz Kidz Baby Shark Hooded Beach Towel. The Hudz Kidz towel offers the softness and absorbency of 100% cotton, so your baby will feel warm and cozy after a bath or a day at the beach. Plus, the excitement of becoming a baby shark means your kids will easily allow you to dry them off.

The Hudz Kidz towel’s large size will provide your children with fun experiences for years to come. The high-quality, detailed stitching will capture your kid’s imagination, leading to memorable moments at the beach and in your home. Do keep in mind that, aside from the hood itself, this beach towel is not wearable. It does come with a nifty gift bag, however.


  • Large size
  • 100% cotton
  • Free storage bag


  • Not a wearable poncho
  • Thin material
  • Hand wash only

2. NovForth Hooded Beach Towel

Accessorize your little ones during your next beach trip with the cutest selection of baby hooded beach towels from NovForth! Not only are these towels adorable when worn by your toddler, but the microfiber material feels incredibly soft on your child’s skin, too. With an overall size of 24’’ x 36’’ and an 11.4’’ x 12’’ hood, they’ll fit most children between 1 and 6 years old.  

NovForth’s hooded towels come in several playful designs that will transform your toddler into a mermaid, dinosaur, astronaut, pirate, and more. It’s like playing dress-up at the beach, swimming pool, or after a bath. The hand-stitched edges of the towels increase their durability. However, you’ll need to wash them a few times before they become sufficiently absorbent.


  • Durable 
  • Soft material for your child’s skin 
  • Dries quickly


  • Hand wash only
  • No snap closure 
  • Not very absorbent when new

3. PERYUON Striped Baby Hooded Beach Towel

Dry off quickly with the PERYUON Striped Baby Hooded Beach Towel. PERYUON specifically designed these towels for babies and young toddlers. 

Because of their small size, you can easily pack them in your beach bag without taking up too much space. Plus, they offer your child some privacy while changing clothes at the beach or public swimming pool. 

The attractive, bright colors of the PERYUON towels do not run; so, you can throw them into the washing machine with any load of laundry. Woven with 100% cotton, these towels will not cause any unpleasant allergic reactions if your baby has sensitive skin. However, you should know that the small size of the towels means your baby might quickly outgrow them.


  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent 


  • Too small for big toddlers
  • Somewhat expensive for its size
  • No choice of design/pattern

4. Little Tinkers Hooded Baby Towel

Little Tinkers offers thick, premium hooded baby towels that turn your little one into a triceratops, lion, elephant, and more. 

The 30” x 30” size ensures your baby will not outgrow the towel in a matter of mere months. Also, 100% cotton cloth provides superior absorbency and comfort for your baby. However, the real appeal of this towel is in the quality details and craftsmanship.

The Little Tinkers hooded towel may cost more than some of its competitors, but it’s worth it. The attention to detail displayed by this family-run business creates a highly durable towel with an elaborate hood that you’ll treasure for years. The fact that you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer represents a major bonus, too.


  • Thick material
  • Highly detailed
  • Several available designs


  • Expensive
  • Not a wearable poncho
  • Sheds lint when new

5. InsHere Organic Cotton Hooded Towel

Wrap your baby in the simplistic cuteness of the InsHere Organic Cotton Hooded Towel. InsHere has created an irresistible, monochrome teddy bear design that your toddler will love. 

Turn your little ones into snuggle bears after hitting the beach or swimming pool. Or, coax your children into taking a bath with the promise of their favorite towels.

At 35” x 35”, the InsHere hooded towel represents one of the largest towels on this list. So, it can last from your child’s infancy all the way through the toddler years. 

If, after purchasing this item, you decide that it’s not for you, the 90-day money-back guarantee ensures you’ll receive a full refund. That’s a beary useful benefit when you’re shopping online.


  • Extra large size
  • Simple, old-fashioned design
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee


  • Not a wearable poncho
  • Sheds a lot of lint in the washing machine
  • Thin material

6. MICHLEY Animal Face Hooded Baby Towel

Make your next beach day extra special with the MICHLEY Animal Face Hooded Baby Towel. MICHLEY’s hooded towels are made with 100% cotton and provide excellent absorbency and breathability. The whimsical animal face designs on these towels’ hoods transport your children into a wondrous world of playful imagination.

While these hooded towels do shed a lot of lint and release a little dye during the first few washes, this is common to many towels on the market. Plus, the super-cute animal depictions more than make up for it. You can dress your baby up as an elephant, bunny rabbit, shark, fox, monster, and more.


  • Extra large size
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Cotton


  • Sheds fibers when new
  • Dye runs when new
  • Thin material

7. Bambi Bamboo Dinosaur Hooded Towel

Roam the late Cretaceous jungles as a friendly triceratops with the Bambi Bamboo Dinosaur Hooded Towel. This dazzling baby hooded beach towel represents a premium option when shopping for your little one. The shiny, 3D horns and velvety frill on the hood add an extra layer of quality detail.

As the largest hooded towel on this list, it measures out to 40” x 30”. So, your infant or early toddler can enjoy it for years. Plus, natural bamboo fiber is perfect for babies with sensitive skin. While the price point sits rather high compared to that of other hooded beach towels, the superior quality of this Bambi Bamboo offering completely warrants it.


  • 100% bamboo
  • 3D horns & frill
  • Extra large


  • Not a wearable poncho
  • Expensive
  • No choice of design/pattern

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Best Baby Hooded Beach Towel Buyer’s Guide – Uses & Features

Picking out the best baby hooded beach towel boils down to your primary needs and wants. If your little tike has a favorite animal, then that will narrow your search. Those buyers who merely want the most elaborate hood should zero in on the most expensive, premium towels. 

This buyer’s guide will help you determine what you value most in a hooded towel.

Baby Hooded Beach Towel Uses

We’d forgive you if you thought that drying off your baby is the main purpose of baby hooded beach towels. After buying your first one, you’ll soon find out that your kid has other ideas. For toddlers, a hooded towel serves as a fun costume, security blanket, and more. 

As a parent, you’ll discover it also has a lot of ‘lifesaving’ utility.

Baby Mat

Because your baby will fall in love with his or her hooded beach towel, it will go everywhere with you. While this might cause a slight annoyance in some cases, it can serve as a real lifesaver in others. 

A towel doesn’t make for a perfect baby mat; but, it’s better than nothing. Is it waterproof? No. However, it can prove quite useful during a quick diaper change.


A hooded beach towel isn’t only an accessory to dry off your baby. It also aids in protecting their sensitive skin from the sun.

Babies have skin that hasn’t fully developed yet, so they are more prone to sunburn or irritation caused by heat. A baby hooded beach towel can protect their delicate skin while shielding the most vulnerable areas like the head, neck, and back. 

Mop-up Duty

In a lot of ways, a baby hooded beach towel is better than a security blanket. As your toddler spills juice or dribbles a little food, the extra absorbency of a towel comes in handy. 

When you’re on the go, and your toddler has a minor accident, you don’t have to look in the diaper bag for something to mop it up with because the hooded towel is always there.

Baby Hooded Beach Towel Features

For something as simple as a piece of terrycloth, these hooded beach towels offer a wide variety of features. From wearability to the material used, you’ll find so many different features that you’ll be scratching your head and wondering which towel to choose.

Embroidered vs. Affixed Accents

Some of the premium hooded beach towels for babies have embroidered details. While they usually cost more than towels with glued, sewn, or ironed-on accents, they also represent a safer option for your baby. 

If your infant or toddler still puts everything in his or her mouth, make sure to check your hooded towel for sewn plastic buttons, an ironed-on eyeball, or a glued-on mouth. Over time, these accessories can come off and pose a choking hazard.


Depending on the type of hooded towel you select, it may or may not have the same level of versatility as similar products on the market. Some hooded towels can be pulled over your baby’s head and worn as a poncho. Others are worn as more of a hood and cape combo. 

Choosing between the two types will hinge on your needs as a parent. Will your child wear the towel for the better part of an entire beach day? If so, then you probably want a poncho-style towel. But, if your kid wants to sleep with his or her towel, then a hood and cape combo works best.

Materials Used

The materials used to make baby hooded beach towels run the gamut. You can find cotton, microfiber, bamboo, and a whole host of other fabrics. 

What you should buy depends on your child’s skin, your budget, and your absorbency needs. Once you’ve prioritized these variables, you should feel well on your way to deciding on a hooded towel.

Best Baby Hooded Beach Towel Comparison Chart

Product PriceMaterial Perfect ForUnique Features
Hudz Kidz Baby Shark Hooded Beach Towel$$$Cotton New born babyFree storage bag, warm and cozy
NovForth Hooded Beach Towel$Micro Fiber1 - 6 yearsDurable, soft material for your child’s skin, dries quickly
PERYUON Striped Baby Hooded Beach Towel$Cotton 0 - 6 yearsMachine washable, absorbent
Little Tinkers Hooded Baby Towel$$$Cotton New born/ toddlerThick material, highly detailed
InsHere Organic Cotton Hooded Towel$Cotton 1 - 6 yearsExtra large size, simple, old-fashioned design
MICHLEY Animal Face Hooded Baby Towel$Cotton 0 - 6 yearsExtra large size, machine washable
Bambi Bamboo Dinosaur Hooded Towel$Cotton 1 - 6 years3D horns & frill, extra large

Wrap Up

We hope you now have a good understanding of the different types of hooded towels, the different ways you can use them, and the features available to consumers. Once you grasp all of the different kinds of hooded beach towels out there, you should be positioned well to make a purchase decision. 

When deciding on a hooded towel, the clincher is how much your child will like it. If you can find one that looks like his or her favorite cartoon character, it will help your toddler bond with it. And, discovering a hooded towel that your baby loves is the whole point, isn’t it?

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