Best Toddler Beach Robes

The 8 Best Toddler Beach Robes of 2022 (An Explanatory Buyer’s Guide)


In 2022, more than ever, parents and caregivers are looking to find ways to spend time outside of their homes without resorting to crowded indoor areas. Many families have fond memories and experiences at the beach: running, playing, beachcombing, and building castles. 

But what can you do when you get there, and the weather changes? Children are susceptible to sunstroke, hypothermia, and all the annoyances in between. From unwanted sand, chilly breezes, insects, and needing privacy, a good robe can quickly and cheaply change the tone of the day. Nothing ruins a fun beach picnic faster than a miserable child. 

An often overlooked necessity for outdoor water play, the best toddler beach robes can really elevate the day from fun to spectacular. But how to choose? 

Long sleeves, short sleeves, cotton, polyester, zippers, or ties – this thorough list of fantastic outdoor robes and cover ups can help you decide which is right for the child in your life.

If you need some help deciding what type of beach robe is right for your child, skip to the bottom 

of this article to view our buyer’s guide on toddler beach robes.

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Reviews: The 8 Best Toddler Beach Robes

Chilly legs, sandy bodies, and unhappy kids – how can you make your next beach trip smoother with young children?

Enter: the beach robe! Stylish, functional, and weather appropriate, we will introduce you to the best of the best when it comes to keeping your little one comfortable at the beach this year. 

The reviews below are numbered, but the numbering does not reflect our ranking. No matter which robe you choose, you will be buying a great product.

1. Petit Lem – Girls Hooded Robe 

This adorable robe is hooded, short, and long-sleeved: perfect for drying off and lounging. The design is sweet and eye-catching, and the price tag is affordable if you’re testing out a robe for the first time.

The side pockets on this robe are great for helping your child keep their hands warm. If they have a favorite small toy they like to carry with them at all times, they will be able to keep it safe in the robe while they have their hands free for exploring.


  • Pockets – what child doesn’t spend all day picking up treasures? Now they can carry them around themselves!
  • Hooded
  • Long sleeves
  • Adorable
  • Wide range of size options


  • Polyester – this material will not dry as quickly and is not as breathable as natural fibers
  • Limited color availability
  • Very plush – more decorative than functional for outside use

2. TowelSelections Beach Cover-up

From the known high-quality manufacturers at TowelSelections comes a phenomenal robe for the preschoolers through tweens in your life – the hooded robe with attached waist tie is longer, warmer, and cozier than a boring old towel. Kids will love this to play pretend, warm up, and lounge!

Since this robe is so soft and plush, it may not be a good choice for sweltering days. It will, though, help keep your child warm should some clouds roll in for a while.


  • Many color options
  • Deep front pockets
  • Stitched down belt – can’t get lost
  • Machine washable


  • Very plush – best for indoor/pool use
  • The smallest size available is XS(4) – perfect for big toddlers/preschoolers, but not younger children 

3. Hudson Baby – Animal Face Hooded Robe 

Alligators, chickens, and pandas, oh my! These adorable robes are perfect for babies – with a wide variety of animals and three color options, these teeny robes will have your little one cozy and dry from those chilly beach breezes.

This robe is fairly short, so it will not impede walking. This does mean, though, you may need a towel in addition to the robe to dry off your child.


  • Many color/animal options
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Easy care – machine washable
  • So cute!


  • Polyester – not as breathable as a natural fiber
  • Only 0-9m size option 
  • A waist tie could pose a safety risk with a baby

4. Maleroads – Soft Cotton Bath Robe 

These affordable robes will keep little ones warm and stylish at the beach this year.

This robe is best for warm snuggles after a bath or some beach exploration; there are cute designs available to help your little one stand out.


  • Terry cotton, which aids in faster drying and reduces the chance of heat rash 
  • Cute designs
  • It comes with a matching hanger


  • Limited color options
  • Not as plush as polyester

5. Girls Hooded Zip Terry Coverup

Hooded, zippered, and oh-so-cute, this coverup is perfect for the athletic child! This coverup won’t restrict her movement, and with a high hemline and no waist ties, she won’t get tangled up while running and playing.

This garment is a nice hybrid between a beach robe and a traditional nighty. The zipper makes it easy to put on since you will not have to pull the fabric across damp skin.


  • Attractive embroidery
  • Functional pockets
  • Zipper closure 
  • Cotton-Poly blend for breathability and softness


  • Only available in short-sleeved options
  • It could be too short for tall girls
  • The smallest size is XS(4)

6. Organic Cotton Toddler Beach Coverup 

These whale-designed hooded towels are perfect for small children – cute, soft, and stays on!

Almost more towel than robe, this coverup is ideal for quickly picking up and drying a wet child. There are no sleeves to negotiate, so all you have to do is pop it over their head and bundle them up.


  • No ties or zippers to worry about
  • 100% cotton for quick drying and breathability
  • Unisex
  • Hooded


  • Potential safety risk as the front does not open 
  • No sleeves, just a fold-over towel style
  • Open sides – a child could get chilly 

7. V. & GRIN Fleece Hooded Toddler Robe

The V. & Grin hooded robe offers a wide range of size options, is very affordable, and allows your child to have a robe just like one’s mom and dad get to wear.

This robe is short, so it is an excellent choice to stroll along the beach and even get in the water up to knee height.


  • Sizes 3T – 12 years
  • Hooded
  • Pockets
  • Soft polyester


  • Few warm color options
  • It could be too short for taller children

8. Terry Rich Beach Robe

Calling all movers and shakers! This robe was designed for kids who need to move and groove. It’s short enough to allow movement, long enough to keep them covered, and zippers up for complete core coverage.


  • Zipper closure for a secure fastening
  • Short enough not to trip little ones 
  • 100% cotton


  • Expensive
  • Limited size options
  • Only one color option

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Make the Right Purchase: The Buyer’s Guide to 2022’s Toddler Beach Robes

Beach robes all serve a similar purpose, but there are distinctions between different products that may not seem obvious at first. We will now explain important points to consider when you purchase a robe.


The first and possibly most important consideration is the material of the robe. The robe will be in contact with your child’s skin, so choosing the right material is important for their comfort.

All of the robes we reviewed above are made from either cotton or polyester; some blend these materials. These are prevalent fabrics, and they are available in a variety of finishes.

The finish of the material will play a big role in the robe’s water absorbency and the robe’s warmth. Cotton robes that are woven the same way you would expect to see in a bath towel will be the best for drying off, whereas a plush polyester robe may be warmer to wear.

If you plan beach trips to hot areas, you will want a robe that can dry your child without overheating them, so thinner material is best.

If the weather may be cooler, it is better to go with a robe that will help dry your child quickly and keep them warm. If they are spending a lot of time out of the water, the robe may have to serve as a jacket.

Design Considerations

Once you have chosen the right material for your robe, it is time to think about the garment’s design.

Hooded vs. Non-Hooded

Do you want the robe to have a hood?

Hoods make it easier to dry your kid’s hair, and they also offer an extra sense of security and ‘snuggliness.’ They can also be adorable, especially if they have fun features like eyes and ears.

Hoods can also get in the way of play. If your child prefers garments less restrictive and bulky, a hood may not be a great choice.

A hood provides an extra layer of sun protection, which is worth considering. However, this sun protection will also increase heat retention, so if the weather is hot, a beach hat that is separate from the robe could be a better choice.

Sleeve Length

The robe’s ideal sleeve length depends mostly on what your child will be doing in the robe. If the robe is primarily a means to dry them off, long sleeves will make this task easier.

If the robe is something they may be wearing for a long time and playing in, shorter or fitted sleeves will offer greater movement ease.

Distance from Ground

The overall length of the robe is similar to sleeve length. A longer robe will be a better tool for drying your kid, but a longer robe is also more likely to drag along the ground and get dirty.

If your child is playing in the robe, we recommend a shorter style. But if the robe is mainly just to keep them warm and dry when they are not playing in the water, longer may be better.


Some of the robes we reviewed include pockets. Whether or not to get pockets depends largely on your child’s personality.

A toddler or small child is unlikely to need pockets for their wallet, phone, and keys. However, some kids like pockets, so they have a place to put toys and things they find at the beach, like rocks and shells.

If you are concerned about your child picking up and keeping something they should not, pockets are probably not a good idea. But pockets may be a good idea if your kid likes to have a place for special toys or just to keep their hands.

Safety Considerations

Be aware of cords and straps on beach robes. Built-in features like drawstrings can be handy, but be careful to assess the risk of strangulation before letting your child use a robe.

Some people have sensitivities to certain materials and textures, so keep this in mind when purchasing a robe. If you are buying online, you will not physically feel the robe ahead of time, so make sure you research the seller’s return policy.

If you plan a family bonfire at the beach and the little ones will be joining you, cotton is likely a better material than polyester. Polyester melts and causes burns when it comes into contact with burning material, such as sparks from a campfire.

The 8 Best Toddler Beach Robes Comparison Chart

ProductPriceFabric MaterialBest forUnique Features
Petit Lem - Girls Hooded Robe$PolyesterGirlsHooded, long sleeves, adorable
TowelSelections Beach Cover-up$Turkish CottonGirlsMany color options, front pockets
Hudson Baby - Animal Face Hooded Robe$PolyesterBabiesLuxuriously soft, easy care - machine washable
Maleroads - Soft Cotton Bath Robe$CottonGirlsTerry cotton, it comes with a matching hanger
Girls Hooded Zip Terry Coverup$Cotton and PolyesterGirlsAttractive embroidery, functional pockets, zipper closure
Organic Cotton Toddler Beach Coverup$CottonKids and ToddlerUnisex, hooded
V. & GRIN Fleece Hooded Toddler Robe$PolyesterGirlsSizes 3T - 12 years, hooded, pockets
Terry Rich Beach Robe$CottonGirlsZipper closure for a secure fastening, short enough not to trip little ones


Any beach robe that you choose from our list above will be a high-quality product that will do a good job of drying and warming your child when you are at the beach. The designs we have reviewed vary significantly, so there is likely something on our list suitable for you.

Watching your children explore a new environment like a beach is a wonderful sight to behold. A great beach robe will help them stay comfortable when they are outdoors, allowing you to focus on the quality time you have with your kid.

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