The Top 6 Best 6 Person Inflatable Boats

Are you planning on going for a fishing excursion or a recreational trip on a lake with friends or family? You should consider investing in a 6-person inflatable boat. Apart from being inexpensive, inflatable boats are simple to assemble, durable,  and easy to maintain.

In this detailed review, we list some of the best 6-person inflatable boats in the market. We also give you some tips on what to look for when shopping, including comprehensive 6 person inflatable raft reviews, and guide you on how to take care of your inflatable raft.
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The Best 6-Person Inflatable Boats

Here are some of the top-rated 6-person inflatable boats, in no particular order.

1. Airhead Angler Bay 6-Person Inflatable Boat

The Airhead Angler Bay 6-Person Inflatable boat is an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring their friends or family on a fishing trip. The inflatable boat weighs 900 pounds and measures140 x 66.5 inches, which makes it lightweight.

It has 32-gauge vinyl that is fitted with electronically welded seams to promote durability. You’ll love its handling as the boat has an external and an internal grab line. The four drain valves remove any water from the boat. However, this is unlikely as the boat has high sides that don’t allow water inside.

Angling lovers will find this inflatable boar convenient as it comes with molded drink holders, two-rod holders, and swiveling oar-locks. The boat is compatible with the Airhead trolling motor transom, made from metal arms and Marine grade hardwood.  Its inclusion of a motor upgrades your fishing capabilities. 

Another fantastic feature is that you can install a canopy for shade. Also, you can install another floor as it allows you to stand up as you fish. 


  • Comes with rod and drink holders
  • Internal and external grab line for convenience and stability
  • Durable construction with RF welded seams and 32-gauge vinyl
  • It’s compatible with an Airhead trolling motor transom


  • Some people found it too small for six adults

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2. Sevylor Inflatable 6-Person Boat

The Sevylor Inflatable 6-person boat is the largest in the company’s boat series. Apart from being cheaper than most, the inflatable raft is highly rated for its portability and stability. Its 32-gauge PVC material is thick to resist tears and punctures. 

Moreover, it can handle a 3HP motor. Previous users had success in installing small gas and electric motors. Accessories like the stern and bow fittings are included as part of the package.  The battery pouch is an extra addition.

As a fishing enthusiast, you’ll love the two-rod holders, two inflatable seats, chafing pads, and the gear bag.  There are also two tunnel chambers, four drain plugs, swiveling oarlocks, and two carry handles. 

Sevylor inflatable 6-person boat comes with a 90-day warranty and a weight capacity of 1200 pounds. 

However, some people who bought it found that it could only accommodate four adults as opposed to the six persons as advertised. Overall, the Sevylor inflatable boat is a quality and versatile boat. 


  • Has a rugged durable and sturdy construction
  • Versatile
  • Fitted with extra features
  • Simple to inflate and deflate


  • May be expensive for those on a budget

3. Solstice by Swimline Voyager 6-Person Boat

If you’re looking for an inflatable 6-person raft, you should consider getting the Solstice Voyager boat.  The raft can sit three adults and three kids. 

Find four chambers inflated through Boston valves, something which keeps you intact in case the boat gets punctured while you’re in the water. Its PVC material is fragile, which means you have to be careful when laying it down. 

You can also fit the bigger model with a motor mount. There are swiveling oarlocks that make paddling easier. Given the fact that this boat accommodates six persons, that’s an excellent addition. 

Find a fishing rod holder on the boat. Although the Solstice 6-person boat isn’t designed for fishing, it’s nice to have this addition if you’re bringing a child who loves fishing along.  The inflatable boat also has inflatable seats but lacks an air pump or paddles. 

Another disadvantage is that the boar can’t sit six adults comfortably, but it will fit three adults and their kids.


  • Comes with four air chambers, swiveling oar locks, and fishing rod holder
  • Allows you to fit a motor mount
  • Has inflatable seats
  • Perfect for those on a budget


  • Doesn’t come with a pump or oars
  • The PVC material isn’t durable

4. BRIS 1.2mm PVC Inflatable Boat

The BRIS 1.2mm PVC inflatable boat comes with a thick PVC fabric, and it can support a maximum of six people. Whether you are a scuba diver, fish hunter, or a rafting enthusiast, you will love this inflatable boat.

Apart from the PVC fabric, this boat also adds polyester, which leads to resistance to tearing, breaking, and tension.  You don’t have to worry about the seams coming apart as they are heat welded to ensure durability in humid conditions.

Moreover, the seams have a quadruple overlap that translates into added sturdiness and durability.  Unlike other boats, the BRIS inflatable boat has an aluminum floorboard to keep you stable. 

Find integrated oarlocks for seamless rowing. The company uses Halkey-Roberts valves on the boat. Note that you’ll need the right adapter if you have your foot pomp. 

When it comes to design, the boat has an aggressive yet edgy look. It shows you that it’s been built to speed through waters. Another aspect is the dual locket-like front design that is unique from other boats with a rounded design. 

It has a black color that gives it that sleek look. However, the color can make the boat too hot under the direct sun, and the air insight might expand more. 

The boat can handle engines of up to 25hp. Find a V-Keel for simple planning and maneuverability.  On the sides of a boat is a grab-line and handles that you can grab and push the boat to the land. 

When it comes to safety, Bris fits this boat with durable marine plywood outboard motor transom. Underneath the tubes are two layers of fabric to keep the lower tube protected from sharp rocks and abrasive sands. 

You don’t have to deal with trouble treading when handling harsh waters thanks to the grab lines. Other safety aspects include a single-path drain valve with a plug and three individual chambers. 

The Bris 1.2 mm inflatable Boat is simple to assemble, and you can do it by following the instructions.  The manufacturer also includes some accessories like a foot pump, repair kit, PVC hull, two aluminum bench seats, two aluminum oars, aluminum floor panels, and a carrying bag.  You also get a 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. That doesn’t include regular wear and tear. 


  • Comes with an array of accessories
  • Has a modern design
  • Sturdy and durable PVC material
  • Versatile


  • A Solid aluminum floor takes longer to set up.

5. Sea Eagle 126SRK-D Inflatable Boat

The Sea Eagle 126SRK-D inflatable boat is a perfect choice for those looking for roomy space. It accommodates six persons, but it’s portable enough to allow you to pack it under a deck, in the trunk of a small vehicle, and an RV.

It has a weight limit capacity of 1600 pounds and is fitted with a 20hp motor for maximum performance.  The boat’s lightweight to size ratio is useful, something which increases stow ability and lowers the overall hull weight. 

The inflatable boat has rounded rear pontoons for rapid planning. It’s also fitted with splash guards on the transom. The 5/8” grab line along the sides promotes safety. 


  • CE and NMMA certified
  • Comes with rubbing strake for added protection
  • Has rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing
  • Accommodates six adults


  • Expensive for those on a budget

6. Saturn Dark Gray Inflatable Boat

The Saturn inflatable boat or the Saturn SD518 measures 8x 6 x 6 inches.  It can accommodate six people, but it allows for four more people if you’re looking for less optimized performance. 

One impressive aspect is that it has a capacity of 2500 pounds, which gives you ample space for all your gear. 

The Saturn inflatable boat is versatile, and you can use it for various occasions. As a hobbyist, you can take it for a crabbing or fishing expedition with friends or family.  Professionals can use the inflatable boat for military and coast guard operations. 

Its sectional aluminum floor enhances the boat’s rigidity and stability.  You can also break down the heavy flooring and place it beside the inflatable boat. When combined with rugged PVC material construction, its marine-grade plywood transom provides more protection along the keel and the bottom of the tubes.

The inflatable boat has a sturdiness that can withstand a motor up to 50hp. Fitted with 20 inches diameter tubes, the 6-person inflatable boat remains buoyant.

Saturn also adds three standard air chambers and air-tight flat air valves with pushpin design to ensure safety. You can take this dinghy into deep or shallow waters, thanks to its inflatable V-keel that comes with a durable rub strake protector.  The multiple one-way drain valve regulates water intake. 


  • Has buoyant 20-inch diameter tubes to keep you afloat
  • Spacious to accommodate six or more people
  • You can use it for your private or commercial actives
  • Portable
  • Quality and durable build


  • Doesn’t come in colors

6-Person Inflatable Boat Buyer’s Guide (Making the Best Purchase)

With the market flooded with different brands offering inflatable boats, you may find it challenging to pick the right one. Fortunately, we’ve done all the research on your behalf to help you find a boat that provides value for money. 

Here are some timely tips to help you.

Determine the Type of Boating You Will Do

Before rushing to purchase any inflatable raft, you need to consider what type of boating you plan on doing. The market now has inflatable boats, kayaks, and rafts meant for a specific use.  You need to decide what activities you’ll participate in to find a boat with the specifications and features you need. 

If you plan on going for recreational boating, the top boats listed above will work well as they have enough capacity to bring your family or friends along.  Most have fishing rod holders and motor mounting capabilities. 

When going for river boating, you need to find one with durable material that will withstand any tears when you push it against rocks. You also need to consider the capacity if you plan on carrying a lot of gear.
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Fishing is fun, but it requires more space and higher weight capacity as you’ll need to carry your fishing gear.  An inflatable boat with a motor is an excellent addition, as rowing, a heavy boat, can be challenging.
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Although entry-level fishing boats lack a hard floor, you can build one by yourself.  A hard floor makes boating simpler and convenient.
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Whitewater rafting needs specialized inflatable boats as they can withstand sharp waves and rocks. 

Decide How Often You Plan to Boat and Choose the Appropriate Material

How long will you use the boat? Knowing this will help you find a boat with sturdy construction and durable material. The most common material used in most inflatable boats is Hypalon, neoprene, PVC vinyl, and polyurethane. 

  • Hypalon

Hypalon is a durable synthetic rubber that is resistant to abrasions, UV rays, mechanical abuse, and chemical spillages. It doesn’t deteriorate over time and can withstand high temperatures when it’s too cold or too hot. Hypalon also packs into the back of a car quickly. 

On the downside, Hypalon needs intensive labor, and it’s expensive compared to PVC. 

  • PVC

Many boats have PVC as it’s simple to repair, affordable,  and it’s resistant to abrasion. PVC is compatible with any adhesive.  However, when exposed to high temperatures, the glue may break down due to the material’s heat reactivating property. PVC also deteriorates over time as it has a lifespan of 8-10 years. 

Technology has added some advancements to PVC. Most inflatable boats with PVC material are welded. Also, some manufacturers add polyester as an extra layer for durability. 

Manufacturers recommend coating the PVC boat with 303 UV protectant to guard it against harmful UV rays. 

  • Polyurethane

A few boats have polyurethane, which is expensive, but sturdy and highly resistant to punctures. 

  • Neoprene

Neoprene has some abrasion resistance and is UV rays resistant. Another advantage is that this material lasts more than PVC. 

When looking at the material, you also need to check the decking material and design. You’ll find inflatable, non-inflatable, and aluminum options. Aluminum and non-inflatable are excellent options, as they are convenient and durable. You may discover non-inflatable models less comfortable.

Ease of Use and Assembly

You should opt for a simple to assemble inflatable boat. A tool-free assembly is preferred. A few models have self-inflating power, but some require an electric blower to get the job done. 

Understand how the boat is inflated and ask how much time it takes to inflate and deflate the boat.  Check if the manufacturer includes a manual or automatic pump with your purchase.  Don’t forget to add the weight of the raft and pump as you’ll transport them together. 

A few inflatable boats have separate chambers that you’ll need to inflate; this provides added security. Having this feature means that you’ll be able to get to the shore afloat in the event of chamber punctures. 

Determine the Boat’s Portability

It’s essential to find out how simple or challenging it will be to transport the boat. That includes the size of the trunk in your vehicle and the distance you’ll need to carry the boat before you start and end your activity. 

Some manufacturers include wheeled cases, a bag, or a bag pack type for ease of transportation.  Check to see if the boat takes less space when folded. The weight of the boat bag is another critical consideration. 

Don’t Forget the Balance and Safety

Safety and stability are critical when having fun on the water. Boats with a V hull design offer better balance during your riding.

Remember to concentrate on the type of material when considering safety. Durable and puncture-resistant material keeps you secure on the boat.  Inflatable boats with rub-strake protection protect the boat against any damages as you drag it along the shore. 

Consider the Storage

You can’t afford to ignore storage space in the inflatable boat if you are planning to head out with a couple of friends.  You might need to bring some snacks, water, extra clothes,  bait, and more. 

Find a boat with storage pouches and bins as this will come in handy for all extras that you plan to carry. 

Another consideration is deciding where to store the boat. While you can have your bag stored in an inflated manner, you’ll save space in your home. If you plan on storing it inflated, ensure that it’s in a spacious room and far from sharp items that can puncture it. 

Check the Accessories Included

Most budget inflatable boats come with accessories like a carry bag, a set of oars, seats,  a pump, lifting points, and a repair kit. 

Apart from these features, find out if your desired boat has inflatable keels as they enhance directional stability. Optional fins and tabs improve boat handling. A boat with multiple air chambers come in handy during emergencies. A set of wheels makes portability easier.

Boats with extended tillers enable simpler rides as they help in transferring your weight forward. 

Have a Budget in Mind

Inflatable boats are relatively inexpensive compared to full-bodied boats. However, you shouldn’t choose the most expensive boat on the list. After reviewing all the above features, it’s time to narrow down your options based on your budget. Check what features and accessories are available in a boat that you’d like to purchase. 

Inflatable Boat Safety Tips

You need to take some precautions when using an inflatable boat. Here are some safety tips to remember. 

Always Perform the Pre-Launch Safety Check

Your safety starts before you get into the water.  Check the inflatable boat for any holes or tears. Listen for any air escaping from the valves or tubes and hissing noises. 

Avoid Dragging the Boat

You’ll quickly damage the boat when you drag it on the ground.  Doing so will damage the material and lead to punctures. If you have to move the inflatable boat around, use launching wheels when dealing with a heavy boat to carry it if it’s lightweight. 

Have a Lifejacket On

Research shows that most boating fatalities are due to drowning. What’s more, 90% of the victims didn’t have a life jacket. The website has an interactive resource for US drowning statistics, worldwide drowning statistics, and drowning prevention.

If you are bringing kids along, ensure that they have their jackets on throughout. Adults are also advised to wear their life jackets, especially when going for white water rafting. 

Watch out For the Weather

The air inside the tube shrinks and expands depending on the temperature. Cold temperatures result in lower air pressure inside. Although that won’t make the boat sink, you’ll find it less efficient and lead to extra drag in your water.

Direct sunlight causes the air to expand, something which increases the pressure in the inflatable tube, leading to over-inflation.  You may need to let some air out to compensate. While over-inflation can’t cause the tube to rupture, it can be dangerous. 

Bring Some Essentials Along

If you plan to go for a long trip, you need to carry some items on board. These include:

  • Handpump

A hand pump is a must-have when you are planning to be far from the base. It could help prevent a safety hazard.

  • Repair Kit

You need to have a repair kit with you as it can help you make quick repairs before you get to the shore.

Other essentials include a phone with extra batteries, a whistle, flashlight, maps,  first aid kit, and flares. 

Best 6-Person Inflatable Boat Comparison Chart

Product NamePriceSize in CMs (LxW)Weight capacity (Pounds)Distinct Features
Airhead Angler Bay 6-Person Inflatable Boat$$
355.5x166.37900Internal and external grab line for convenience and stability
Sevylor Inflatable 6-Person Boat$$
356x1491200Rugged durable and sturdy construction, Versatile
Solstice by Swimline Voyager 6-Person Boat$$
337x1421150Heavy duty PVC construction, Inflatable seats, swivel oar locks, Boston Valve
BRIS 1.2mm PVC Inflatable Boat$$
152.4x91.41320Sturdy and durable PVC material, Versatile
Sea Eagle 126SRK-D Inflatable Boat
112x43.181600CE and NMMA certified, rubbing strake for added protection
Saturn Dark Gray Inflatable Boat$518x2012500Portable, quality and durable build

Wrap Up

Inflatable boats are inexpensive, lightweight, simple to maneuver, versatile, and more powerful. Our list above has some of the top-rated 6-person inflatable boats in the market.  When making a decision, don’t forget to check the frequency of use,  ease of assembly, durability,  construction material, comfort, decking material, and ease of maintenance. Don’t forget to have fun and practice safety. 

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