10 Bass Fishing Movies to Pull on all Your Strings

10 Bass Fishing Movies to Pull on all Your Strings


There is nothing better than a relaxing bass fishing movie on a weekend night. Are you trying to get in the right mindset for your weekend fishing trip?

You can wind down with a comedy film that gives you a good laugh with its ironic twists and creative humor. If you want to discover the meaning of strong relationships, many films dive deep into the important things in life. Some films uncover different and exciting fish species that will get you excited to be back out on the water.

This article uncovers the top ten bass fishing movies you should tune into next time for a movie night. We also list out our honorable mentions of additional bass fishing movies, which are more than worth a watch.

10 Bass Fishing Movies
10 Bass Fishing Movies

Top 10 Bass Fishing Movies

Below are the top ten bass fishing movies that will have you laughing hysterically, hanging on the edge of your seat, or reflecting on your love for bass fishing.

1. Bass Fishing Movie: Low & Clear

LOW & CLEAR Official Trailer

Low & Clear is a wholesome film covering the beauty of life, friendship, and the wilderness. It captures emotions behind male bonding, support, rivalry, and self-examination.

The bass fishing movie features the reuniting of two friends who used to have a close, strong relationship. They first met when Xenie served as J.T.’s fishing teacher and mentor. As time passed, they slowly grew apart until a planned fishing trip to British Columbia.

Xenie and JT rekindle their special relationship over the passion that brought them together: fishing. Throughout their bass fishing vacation, they reflect on how their lives have changed. Through engaging and relatable conversations, the two discuss how these life changes now challenge their friendship. In the end, Xenie and JT understand the fishing arena is where they can truly be themselves.

2. The Complete Angler

The Complete Angler - Full length version

Based on Izaak Walton’s “The Compleat Angler,” James Prosek sets out to utilize the book’s principles in his own personal development and life. Prosek, a Yale student, is struggling to find inspiration for his senior thesis. The movie captures his thought process while focusing on the meaning of life and his true purpose in it.

Walton’s writings celebrate the spirit and art of fishing within its verse and prose. It represents the author’s connections with two key childhood locations: London and Stafford.

3. A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It (1992) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

A River Runs Through It, which takes place in rural Montana, captures the story of the Maclean brothers (Paul and Norman), who spend most of their days fly fishing. When Norman departs for college out east, the rebellious Paul finds himself in a lot of trouble back at home. He becomes an outcast, and his family’s unwavering love is not enough to save him until his brother returns home.

When Norman comes back, the two siblings rekindle their relationship and regular fishing outings. They each reflect on what they have learned in life, where they are going, and the role that fishing has played for them. The movie highlights how commonalities in fishing can help you discover your true self.

4. The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm (2000) Official Trailer - George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg Movie HD

The Perfect Storm is the perfect option if you are looking for an action-packed movie night. This disastrous fishing plot turns for the worst when Billy Tyne, the captain of a sword-fishing vessel, decides to take his ship to the remote stretches of the Flemish Cap. He is a competitive fisherman who has had poor fishing outings recently and wants to turn it around.

After a swarm of treacherous weather conditions, the commercial fisherman’s ship faces head-to-head with a deadly storm. The crew’s fate is up to the 40-foot holes in the ocean. They face a broken stabilizer, crashing waves onto the deck, and two men tossed overboard. This wild movie follows along their treacherous trip back from the heart of the waves.

5. The Old Man and the Sea (1999)

The Old Man And The Sea 1990

Are you looking for a compelling film for a shorter attention span? Not to be misidentified with the Warnercolor film with the same title, this version of The Old Man and the Sea earned an Animated Short Film Academy Award. Based on Ernest Hemingway’s timeless novel, it only runs for twenty minutes.

In this movie, Santiago sets out on his typical fishing expedition and makes the biggest catch of his life. He then battles a great marlin for many days, trying to steal his big fish catch. The intriguing film captures everything in Wendel-themed brushstrokes. Aleksandr Petrov and his son, Dmitri, produce and direct this movie with 29,000 beautiful oil frame pastels.

6. Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin' 1997 Trailer | Joe Pesci | Danny Glover | Rosanna Arquette

Gone Fishin’ delivers the comedic relief you need for your night. Two bass fishing fanatics, Gus and Joe, have always experienced loser luck. Then, they find themselves in deep trouble when their car is stolen during their fishing trip. To start the vacation, a criminal con man tricks them out of their car keys.

As they chase down the con man, two younger women team up with the pair to avenge their mother and her stolen money and jewelry. After many disastrous events, the two main characters encounter the killer and all the money. Willie Nelson makes a quick cameo in the movie as a legendary philosopher fisherman, whom Gus and Joe both idolize.

7. Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Men Official Trailer #1 - (1993) HD

In this fishing classic, a neighborly rivalry takes a turn for the worst when a new female moves in on the street. Max and John have always argued and insulted each other for over 50 years, and when both men are attracted to Ariel, the neighbor, the movie gets interesting. The film showcases John and Max’s many attempts to woo Ariel over, which eventually turns into jealous and comedic fights on the ice fishing tundra.

When Max discovers that John is going through financial and family troubles, he eventually extends his help. The two men try hard to overcome their historical relationship differences in this fishing-themed movie.

8. On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond (1981) Trailer

On Golden Pond is a family drama film covering the complex relationship between Norman and his daughter Chelsea. Their estranged relationship comes to a crossroads when Chelsea, her fiancé, and their son Billy visit Norman and his wife at their lake cottage. After Chelsea leaves the son for a few weeks while she and her boyfriend travel internationally, a special relationship begins to form.

Norman develops a bond with the young son, Billy, which Chelsea always wanted. The film delivers an emotional, compelling plot as Norman and Chelsea work to mend their relationship once she returns from out of the country. The film earned 10 Academy Award nominations and won 3 for Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor.

9. Alamo Bay

Alamo Bay Trailer 1985

Ed Harris stars in this 1980s fishing film that you might not have heard of. This controversial movie takes place in a Texas bay city on the coastal waters. The main character, Shang, is a Vietnam War veteran who clashes with Vietnamese refugees who encroach on the local territory and fishing industry.

The entertaining film paints a picture of commercial fishing, its complex politics, and the journey toward “The American Dream.” Alamo Bay tells a tragic story about the real-life squabbles between local shrimp fishermen and new Vietnam arrivals. It also uncovers the lengths people will go to follow one’s passion and heart when motivated to catch fish.

10. Man’s Favorite Sport

Man's Favorite Sport Trailer 1964

Man’s Favorite Sport is the perfect weekend bass fishing movie for the bass fishing junkie. Roger Willoughby is regarded as one of the leading subject matter experts on sports fishing. He wrote a guide and was beloved by his customers within the sporting goods section at Abercrombie and Fitch.

There is one problem, however. Roger is not the least bit skilled at the sport of fishing and has never done it himself. When his boss enters him into a fishing competition, he must learn how to compete from scratch. Thanks to the competition’s publicist, he can receive a crash course in sports fishing. This relationship causes a feud with Roger’s current fiancée, which adds to the drama of the film.

A Few Other Bass Movie Classics Worth Mentioning

Although not all the bass fishing movies could make our top ten list, we had to leave extra room for the honorable mentions. These picks are a quality list of comedy, action, and engaging storylines.

  • Bait Shop: Bill Engvall, the owner of a bait shop in a small town, participates in a fishing tournament to earn prize winnings and save his small business.
  • Ondine: An Irish fisherman, Syracuse, finds a woman caught in a fishing net, whom his daughter thinks is a selkie.
  • Grumpier Old Men: John and Max are on a quest to save their bait shop business from getting bought by an Italian restaurant, right when the new female owner attracts Max’s attention.

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Bass Fishing Movies: Final Wrap Up

As you can see, there are a variety of compelling bass fishing movies for bass fishing fans that will tug on all your strings. You can laugh along with these hilarious comedies, learn about interesting fish species, and further appreciate your fishing passion and what it has done for your lifelong relationships.

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