Best Deep Sea Fishermen on Youtube and Insta

Best Deep Sea Fishermen to Follow on Instagram and YouTube That Will Make You A Better Angler


If you love to go deep-sea fishing, there is no doubt that you enjoy the excitement of catching a big fish, reeling it in, and seeing what you found. It is also safe to say that you’d like to learn how to make your deep-sea fishing experiences more successful. This list of deep-sea fishing experts can help you do that. 

When following deep-sea fishermen, several hashtags will take you to the information you want. Knowing what to search for through hashtags makes it significantly easier to find what you need to turn your fishing expeditions into a guaranteed success.
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The Best #DeepSeaFisherman Hashtags to Follow:

  • #deepseafishing
  • #fishinglifestyle
  • #saltwaterfishing
  • #instafish
  • #offshorefishing

Top #DeepSeaFisherman and Accounts to Follow in 2023

1. Darcizzle Offshore

Best Fishing Fail Video: Big SHARK tries to pull girl overboard twice

Darcie travels and fishes in the saltwater around Florida and in other tropical spots around the world. She shows that girls can fish, rig, drive, reel, catch bait, clean fish, and more. Her videos include beautiful scenery and plenty of how-to information. 

She began her fishing career at age three when her father took her fishing in Miami. She’s a resident of Boynton Beach and fishes on her own 23’ boat. She no longer works at a traditional desk job, and her YouTube channel and fishing have become her career. While she fishes, she also attends school at FAU to finish her bachelor’s degree. 

You can also read about fishing in her articles in the Palm Beach edition of Coastal Angler Magazine. She represents several fishing companies, and she has her own line of jewelry, clothing, and other Darcizzle branded gear. 

2. BlacktipH

Monster Goliath Groupers with NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington - 4K

BlacktipH Fishing is hosted by Josh Jorgensen, who has an extreme appetite for catching big fish in the deepest water. He fishes from boats, beaches, and kayaks, too. The Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and the Today Show have all featured videos from BlacktipH. 

The team at BlacktipH considers itself to be an extreme fishing group. As the first YouTube fishing channel to reach 100,000 subscribers, they continue to set the standard for online fishing videos. Their goal is to visit as many fishing destinations as possible while focusing on conservation and catch-and-release competitive fishing filled with action and thrills. 

3. Landshark Outdoors

GIANT Dolphin Caught in the Bahamas! Catch Clean Cook- Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

Viktor Hluben dedicated his YouTube channel to fishing and all things related to it. He shares tips on catching and cooking. He also includes exciting videos with fantastic scenery. Hluben quit medical school to become a full-time deep-sea fisherman. He frequently collaborates with other deep-sea fishermen. 

4. YouFishTV


YouFishTV is set in the deep sea fishing scene in Australia. Hosted by Winga and the Think BIG Crew, the channel posts eye-popping catches from all over the world. 

5. YBS Youngbloods

I QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB FOR YOUTUBE | Camping Catch And Cook Giant Crayfish Damper - Ep 67

YBS is a YouTube channel dedicated to the deep blue sea and all you can do above or below. The adventurous crew shows off where they are in the world and the lifestyle they live catching fish and cooking them. 

The Youngbloods offer a fresh collection of beachwear, from hoodies and koozies to swimwear and full-body wetsuits. The YBS Youngblood team takes great pride in being able to quit their day jobs to spend all day fishing. 


First person to catch this fish

Cavy is an Australian fisherman and surfer. He catches all types of fish and even some that no one has ever seen before! He loves to collaborate with other YouTubers while catching fish and surfing waves in choice locations. He offers tackle and clothing on his website, Morningtide Fishing. 

Cavy is the nickname of fisherman Adam Cavanagh. He is the head of Morningtide Apparel and a water photographer.  His crew, Morningtide, is known for being one of the most extreme teams on the planet. He proudly uses a Daiwa Saltiga 5500H on a Yamaga BlueSniper 95H with 50lb Tasline Elite White Braid.
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Cavy’s YouTube channel would be incomplete with a mention of Adam “Briggsy” Briggs, who shares the screen with Cavy. Briggsy is the head of the MTF Films group and uses his extensive experience in special effects, editing, designing, and producing to bring Cavy to life. His setup includes a Daiwa Dogfight 8000H on a Ripple Fisher GT80 Long Cast with WFT 39KG Strong Line.

7. Fishing with Luiza

Spearfishing & lobstering in Grand Bahama!

Luiza fishes and dives all over the world. Sometimes she’s underwater catching fish, and other times she is aboard a boat in beautiful locations. She’s following her dreams and sharing her adventures with her viewers. 

Luiza is a Brazilian who began fishing at a young age with her grandparents. She makes her home in Florida, where she enjoys spearfishing and scuba diving. She has appeared on the cover of several fishing magazines like Onshore Offshore, Coastal Angler, and GAFF Magazine. 

Along with appearing on the cover, she has written numerous articles for local Florida fishing magazines. You might see her competing in fishing tournaments in Florida and around the world. Her annual “Fishing with Luiza” calendars are popular with her fellow anglers. 

8. Ultimate Fishing

How To: Straylining for Snapper & 30lb Catch!

Ultimate Fishing shows how to target the best fish on everything, from amazing superyachts to surfboards. They review the best boats for fishing, and they do everything from deep-sea fishing to river fishing. They also show how to clean fish, tie knots, and do all things fishing-related. Matt Watson and his team upload new content each week. 

Matt Watson is the host of Ultimate Fishing. But, his YouTube channel is not his only outlet for sharing his passion for deep-sea fishing. The New Zealand native considers himself a stunt fisher who hosts both a show on Discovery and Animal Planet. He has wrestled a marlin, and he caught a one-ton great white shark using a handline. 

The “Madman of the Sea” started fishing at age three in Weymouth, New Zealand. By the time he was seven years old, he was out on boats by himself catching flounder, mullet, and snapper. By 2000, he became a game fishing captain and a writer for the New Zealand Fishing News. He is on record for catching 405 marlins in one season, the most in recorded history. 

He currently showcases his skills for making impossible catches. He is also a conservation advocate, so fishing can continue to be an enjoyable hobby all over the world. 

9. Brook Crist Outdoors

Florida Lobster Limits!- CATCH Clean COOK

Brook is a South-Florida native who loves to spend time outdoors. She fishes, dives, and hunts with her family and friends. She shares her adventures on YouTube and shares her Catch and Cook with Brook meals. Most of her videos take place in Florida, but occasionally she visits other top fishing spots around the United States. 

10. AnglerUp with Brant

Brant loves to fish, and he happens to have a camera. He loves to capture his adventures on the seas and in various locales on film and share it with his audience. He shows how to use bait and other gear. He also talks about the best fish to catch and eat, as well as what fish to avoid. 

Captain Brant owns and operates Angler Up Charters out of Pensacola, Florida. He played baseball at Florida State University, then returned to Pensacola to work as a full-time fisherman. Through his many years in the fishing industry, he’s done it all but finds guiding fishermen on the open sea to be the most rewarding job. 

When Brant isn’t filming videos or taking charters, he participates in competitive fishing with other anglers in the Florida Panhandle. 

Wrap Up 

Deep-sea fishing influencers have mastered the art of showing off gorgeous scenery in oceans and seas around the world. Their fishing expeditions are inspirational, not only for what they catch but for where they go. Their personalities also help create viral videos for people who love to spend time in the saltwater around Florida, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. 

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