Best Spearfishers on Youtube and Insta

11 Best Spearfishers to Follow on Instagram and YouTube


Spearfishing is a fantastic way to explore some untouched places on the planet and connect with nature. Although it may sound like a simple type of fishing, spearfishing is challenging as you have to be on the lookout for dangerous sharks and still hang on for a serious ride. 

Modern spearfishing has evolved due to the uptake of freediving. More divers are venturing into spearfishing as a way of spreading awareness of the stress surrounding the marine environment and the effects of fishing on the habitat and climate.
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Read on to learn about some of the top 10 spearfishers (AKA Spearos) on Instagram and YouTube to take your spearfishing to the next level. 

The Best #Spearfishing Hashtags to Follow

Some of the best #spearfishing hashtags are:

  • #spearfishing
  • #spearfishingworld
  • #spearo
  • #spearfish
  • #speargun

Top #Spearfishing Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

Here are the best spearfishing pages and accounts to follow.

1. Ghostspearfishing

Ghostspearfishing has become a brand known worldwide for its penetrating and unique insights into the world’s richest dive region. Aimed at people passionate about fishing, surfing, and spearfishing – the channel supports a community committed to the sport we all love.

The core mission of Ghostspearfishing is: Introducing spearfishing and making it more accessible to members of the inner-city as a unique alternative for recreation, exercise, hobby, and food consumption.

Ghostspearfishing was created by divers for divers, spearfishers, snorkelers, and other water lovers as a comprehensive information resource and to provide high-quality spearfishing footage for dive community and anybody else interested in fishing.
Unlike other Instagram spearfishing channels out there, Ghostspearfishing provides terrific content and a thriving community around freediving, ocean advocacy, and spearfishing.

Presenting extended spearfishing photographs and videos, as well as the most desirable destinations, in-depth creature features, and insights into spearfishing, Ghostspearfishing is a pillar of the dive industry and a must-follow Instagram channel for anyone interested in exploring the underwater.

A new and up-and-coming Instagram channel, Ghostspearfishing, now brings spearfishing lovers the whole world of a fantastic spearfishing experience! This dedicated channel is a thrilling expose of the best entertaining and digestible diving and fishing content to help members expand their underwater horizons!

Their mission is to promote the amazing variety of diving and spearfishing to the world and offer helpful content on spearfishing and underwater worlds in general. Ghostspearfishing will always be up to date and full of informative and exciting fishing content.

2. Cameron Kirkconnell

Cameron Kirkconnell is one of the top spearfishermen in the world. One of his favorite activities is taking people on guided spearfishing tours around the world to shoot their dream fish. What’s more, the 18-time world record holder is also the USA National Spearfishing team captain. 

Cameron has spent most of his life diving and fishing, and the ocean has been the center of his life. Moreover, he has written for different magazines, uploaded his videos on Facebook, Spearboard, Riffe, Spearfishingplanet, plus hosted seminars in dive shops. 

Cameron has been published in International Freedive and Spearfishing, Spearing, Apnea, Spearfishing Downunder, Hawaii Skin Diver, and other magazines. He also shares some of his life-changing stories on his blog.  

You’ll find him informative, but entertaining at the same time. Kirkconnell has an active Instagram account with over 70K followers. On his page, you’ll find all his adventures documented in both video and image form.

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3. Spearchannel

Spearchannel is your daily dose of inspiration when it comes to spearfishing videos, photos, and gear. It’s also your go-to zone for tips and tricks on spearfishing. The Spearchannel has over 254k followers on Instagram. 

Nicholas Watkins, the founder of Spearchannel, wanted to create an account that was geared towards his passions of surfing, fishing, and spearfishing. Within a short period, Spearchannel gained popularity. He plans to expand his channel and create a website in the near future, too. 

4. Adreno Spearfishing

Adreno spearfishing is not only the world’s best dive store, but it’s also one of the best places to learn more about spearfishing. The word Adreno is derived from adrenaline, which is the innate human physiological energy response driven by excitement and fear of the unknown. 

Adreno Spearfishing started in 2001 by Tim Neilsen, who identified a demand for quality spearfishing and scuba diving products. As a fan of freediving, scuba diving, and spearfishing, he decided to start Adreno Spearfishing.
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Adreno also takes people for group trips, which is a fun way to learn more about spearfishing and diving. Their Instagram has over 68K followers and features different spearfishers wearing Adreno gear. 

Adreno Spearfishing on YouTube has 25K followers. You’ll learn more about how to choose different spearfishing items like dive fins, weight belts, spearguns, and more. Subscribers also learn a lot about spearfishing safety tips and even details on cooking your catch. 

5. Rob Allen Spearfishing

Although Rob Allen Spearfishing isn’t a spearfishing tips kind of site, they provide how-to tips for a variety of products. The Rob Allen brand features freediving and spearfishing equipment. 

Rob got into manufacturing spearfishing gear in 1982, and the brand has grown to be popular due to the gear’s strength to withstand any water conditions. The brand now has a distribution network in more than 40 countries. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to wear the different spearfishing accessories, check out Rob Allen Spearfishing on Instagram. You can also purchase some spearfishing and diving gear on their website. 

6. Coatesman’s Spearfishing 

Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna in Madagascar with MJK

Coatesman’s Spearfishing is another popular spearfishing channel on Youtube. Chris Coates, the man behind the channel spent most of his time diving and surfing. His love for spearfishing began when he was 15. He simply bought a speargun and got into the water.

Apart from running his YouTube Channel, Chris Coates also publishes a dive mag-Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine. Also, he takes people on spearfishing trips around Madagascar. 

His Youtube Channel, Coatesman Spearfishing has over 39K subscribers. The channel has plenty of spearfishing videos. Chris also posts some spearfishing tricks and tips on the Coatesman’s workshop section that will help you learn a thing or two about this type of fishing. 

7. Spearfishing Life 


Spearfishing Life is a YouTube Channel by Dimos Adamis. The Spearo from Greece is an ex-swimmer and has over 20 years of experience at sea. He started his spearfishing journey at the age of ten after reading the stories of other Spearos in magazines.

Dimos’ teacher, Robert Calich, played an essential role in mentoring him as he was also an excellent Spearo. With time, Dimos learned to love the sea. On his YouTube channel, Dimos uploads the different techniques he uses and some of his best catches. You can also learn some tricks of an ambush when spearfishing. 

He has over 60K subscribers on YouTube and over 7K followers on Instagram.  His channel is one of the biggest spearfishing channels in Greece. 

8. Underwater Ally Productions

Spearfishing big Cobia off our Catamaran Sailboat (Sailing Popao - Underwater Ally Adventures) Ep.20

Underwater Ally Productions is a YouTube Channel run by Michael Takach and Jessie Cripps. Apart from producing high-quality, finished videos, the two are also Riffe sponsored divers and have some knowledge about spearfishing equipment. 

Michael has spent some years in commercial diving and has been an underwater photographer and videographer for a while. Jessie has experience and education in television production, something that complements this team. What’s more, they are both experienced Spearos and offer fantastic insights to beginners looking to improve their underwater photography and spearfishing skills. 

The YouTube Channel has over 22K subscribers and features the couple traveling to different locations, exploring the landscapes, and their spearfishing and diving adventures. In 2023, the two traveled to Samoa and has a spearing adventure while on the trip. Everything uploaded is done with quality cinematography; you might even think you are watching a nature documentary. 

9. Spearfishing and Freediving

Spearfish and Freediving is an Instagram account that deals with all things spearfishing and freediving. The account with over 90K followers features fantastic images from freedivers from around the globe. There are also spearfishers with their catches, of course, to give you a glimpse of the possibilities of the sport. 

10. Sailing Doodles 

Spear Fishing For Beginners - Sailing Doodles

Sailing Doodles by Bobby White is another excellent #Spearfishing channel. Bobby and his wife Laura have become a YouTube sensation thanks to their sailing channel. Although the channel is not solely dedicated to spearfishing, they offer plenty of advice on the subject. 

Bobby was a corporate pilot for over twenty years before he decided to venture into sailing. His plans were to sail around for a year, then sell his boat. However, Bobby has grown to have over 100,000 views over video and 25 million views on average. 

Sailing Doodles now boasts of over 250K subscribers and is one of the best places to learn more about sailing and spearfishing. You can also check out their page on Instagram for more on sailing. 

11. Daniel Mann 

Tips & Tricks for Spearfishing from around the world.

Daniel Mann is an acclaimed and popular spearfisher with over a decade of experience. He has an active YouTube Channel that features high-quality spearfishing footage. You’ll love his channel, as it’s not only fun but also educational and captivating. His storytelling ability keeps you engaged and the videos create a sense of inspiration. 

Daniel believes that spearfishing isn’t about pulling the trigger, but everything that leads to that moment. On Instagram, he has 13K followers, and he shares some of the best images of his spearfishing expeditions. 

He also has over 100K subscribers on YouTube, where he shares his adventures with his subscribers. Daniel also provides essential tips on spearfishing for beginners. He uploads a video on a weekly basis.

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Wrap Up

Spearfishing is a fantastic way to catch fish. There are different techniques of spearfishing, with the most common being shallow water spearfishing, scuba dive spearfishing, and freedive spearfishing.  

Before you get started, you’ll need to get certification in your preferred diving style, get the right safety gear, start with smaller fish, and find a mentor in this field. If you’re looking to get started in this sport, you also need to learn a few tips and tricks. The above #Spearfishing Instagram accounts and YouTube channels will help you learn a thing or two about spearfishing. 

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