Best Swim Safety Accounts on Instagram and YouTube

Top 10: Best Swimming Instagram Accounts (+ YT)


Learning to swim might be easier than ever with virtual swim lessons on YouTube. Now, you’re probably thinking: How can you possibly learn to swim without actually being in the water yourself? However, you may be surprised how much you can learn through video osmosis if you will. 

First, we’ll look at some of the best hashtags to follow if you’re curious about swim lessons on social media. Then, we’ll look at ten of the best swim lessons to get you started right away.

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The Best #SwimLessons Hashtags to Follow:

  • #SwimLessons
  • #SwimLesson
  • #SwimLessonsSaveLives
  • #LearnToSwim
  • #SwimmingCoach
  • #SwimmingClass
  • #SwimmingLife

Best swimming Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2023

1. Nitro Swimming

DSC 1680

Based in Austin, Texas, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, Nitro Swimming has been teaching swimming for over a decade. Although their swim team produces nationally recognized athletes, Nitro’s main focus is on newcomers of all ages. While others may “do” lessons, they teach swimming.

Founded in 2006 by Mike and Tracy Koleber, Mike focuses on the “wet side” of operations. He first started teaching lessons at age 13. Today, former Olympians are among his staff. Each year, his swim teams dependably win state championships. 

On YouTube, you can expect top-quality swimming lessons that thoroughly cover the basics. On Instagram, you can enjoy highlights from videos with swimming techniques and tips.

2. Christian Wedoy

Learn to swim from an international illusionist and escape artist from Trondheim, Norway. Lord Christian, his stage name, is incredibly popular as an escape artist appearing on TV to perform harrowing underwater stunts. Also, he’s a former commercial diver, so he’s always at home in the water. 

Although you can watch him hold his breath with seemingly superhuman ability, his swimming lesson videos are for beginners. Learn how to get over your fear of the water. Then, get the basics down as you swim for the first time. The illusionist has an intuitive knack for introducing you to the water and getting over any fear.  

Notably, there are no daredevil feats involved, just floating and training yourself on how to hold your breath. On that topic, he’s a genuine master, holding his breath for what seems like forever. (But don’t try that at home!)

3. Swim to Fly

SWIM in 5 Minutes for Beginners

With a massive following on YouTube, Swim to FLy provides free “learn how to Swim” training method videos. Lessons use the concept of flying in the water and are geared for beginners and more advanced swimmers. It’s a fun concept to imagine yourself flying in a watery world. Thus, it helps you get started swimming and continue to advance, learning the nuances of each stroke. 

Based in Singapore, the instructors are certified swimming coaches who teach beginners all over the world. Parents can learn how to teach kids to swim. Also, swim instructors can improve their skills and make swimming even more fun. With the idea that swimming is like flying, it makes getting in the water an adventurous experience. Follow on Instagram for encouragement and inspiration.

4. Effortless Swimming

The Time I Met Michael Phelps

National swimmer and coach Brenton Ford shares his swimming techniques learned over a lifetime of successes. The Australian expert offers in-depth insights into how to refine your moves for improving swimmers. With virtual clinics online, you can master each stroke, from “effortless freestyle” to butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke. Disclaimer: Attaining “effortless” swimming requires plenty of regular practice!

For advanced swimmers, the videos could help take swimming to competitive levels. Find out what Ford learned from Olympian Michael Phelps at the World Cup. Then, explore an impressive catalog of videos on a wide variety of swimming lessons. Importantly, you could learn to swim faster and, yes, with less effort. Once you reach that level, you’re officially obsessed with swimming.

5. GoSwim

GoSwim offers thousands of videos to help you swim like an Olympian. Learn the training habits and techniques of elite competitive swimmers and streamline your stroke. Also, you can watch hundreds of short courses with the option to have individual courses delivered to you each day automatically. Best of all, you can get started for free or subscribe for unlimited access.

The swim lesson site was founded in 2002 by USA Olympian Glenn Mills and his business colleague and competitive swimmer, Barbara Hummel. Along with swimming techniques, there are also dryland training exercises outside the pool, so you can train anywhere. Thus, you’re sure to become a better casual swimmer, swim coach, or athlete.

6. Swimming World Magazine

Swimmer Strength Tech Tip: Yoga & Swimming

For the latest news and information on the world of swimming, Swimming World Magazine has a little bit of everything. If you follow competitive swimming, you’ll learn the latest results from around the world. However, the site also has entertaining articles for those focused more on the techniques of swimming lessons.

For example, find out “6 reasons learning to swim can be highly useful.” Or gain insights from Olympic swimmers and coaches and learn swimming techniques from the best in the sport. On Instagram, you can see what the best swimmers are doing with their time. Meanwhile, on YouTube, videos tend to focus on athletes and coaches. However, there are some useful strength training videos as well.

7. MySwimPro

Why You Should Consider Getting an Endless Pool

MySwimPro claims to be the number one fitness application for swimming, the fastest growing sport in the world. The company was founded by an internationally recognized swim coach, Fares Ksebati, a champion breaststroke swimmer.

Using mobile and wearable apps, you can track your progress with swim workouts and training. It’s free to get started and compatible with iOS and Android devices like Apple Watch, Garmin, and Fitbit. For those without access to a pool, there are dryland workouts to stay in shape.

For those who don’t have access to professional coaching, the app offers a solution. Plus, you can customize your workouts for beginners or advanced swimmers. On MySwimPro’s YouTube channel and Instagram, you can find plenty of inspirational content, tips, and techniques.

8. The Race Club

Fast Swimming Secret Tip - Core Exercise

The Race Club, with its Sea Griffin logo, was founded in 2003 in Islamorada, Florida, by former Olympic swimmer Gary Hall Jr. Now, the group of competitive swimmers holds advanced swim camps in Florida and Coronado, California.

Although the focus is training Olympic swimmers, anybody who loves being in the water can enjoy their content. You can get started with a two-month trial to premium video content. Plus, their Instagram feed and YouTube channel are available for free. Videos, which sometimes feature former Olympic swimmer, Gary Hall Sr., cover specific stroke techniques, while the Instagram feed is inspirational and fun to follow.


Adult Swim Lessons: It’s Never too Late to Learn How to Swim

The YMCA is “America’s leading swim instructor for more than 100 years,” and an accessible community resource for everybody. For people of all ages and those with special needs, the local Y offers swim lessons and competitive events. Plus, they focus on water safety and swim tests for beginners. As always, the Y provides perfect content for families.

With more than 2,700 locations in the US, you can follow a local Y near you, which may have its own YouTube and Instagram posts. So, you can find out what’s going on in your local community, and learn about swim lessons, water safety skills, and events. At the Y, everybody belongs, so swimmers of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy learning.

10. SwimSwam

SwimSwam Podcast: Reece Whitley explains The Only Real Way Change Will Come

SwimSwam offers a slick magazine, blog, and Podcast featuring training insights and insider interviews. Plus, they have a large following on their YouTube channel and Instagram. The most popular content features famous Olympic swimmers and coaches, with original and insightful personal interviews you won’t find elsewhere.

For those focused on swimming lessons, the blog features informative training articles. For example, find out about dryland exercises to practice daily or practice a daily swim coach workout. For those learning, there are articles for coaches, Swim Moms, and tips for beginners. So, there’s plenty of great content to keep you learning and inspired as you swim.

Dive Into Swimming Lessons on Instagram and YouTube

As you can see, there are plenty of great swim lessons on Instagram and YouTube. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring Olympian, you can find just the right videos and posts. Focus locally with YMCA swimming or remotely to learn from the best coaches and competitive swimmers. Plus, you can go further with apps to up your game with customizable workouts.

Swimming is much more than a total body sport as a lifesaving skill. Also, it’s a low-impact that minimally stresses joints for all ages. So, it’s a perfect therapeutic exercise and escape. Today, it’s never been easier to dive into swimming and stay in shape with help from the best swim lessons on Instagram and YouTube.

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