Best SUPer on Youtube and Insta to improve your skills

Best Stand Up Paddleboarders to Follow on Instagram and YouTube Who Will Make You A Better SUPer


It might take a few tries actually to be able to stand up. But once you learn to balance your stand-up paddleboard, it’s time to start following the experts. They can show you how to take your paddleboard to the next level to do more than paddle on a calm lake. The best stand up paddleboarders turn the skill into an art. 

When following stand up paddleboarders, several hashtags show you how to use your SUP for yoga, fishing, and sightseeing. These hashtags take you to hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, and content of all types.

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The Best #StandUpPaddleboarders Hashtags to Follow:

  • #standuppaddleboard
  • #sup
  • #suplife
  • #paddleboard
  • #standuppaddle

Top #StandUpPaddleboarders Accounts to Follow in 2023

1. BluePlanetSurf

Learn to SUP in 5 minutes- How to Stand Up Paddleboard

Blue Planet Surf makes its home in Honolulu, and the team releases a new video every Saturday. They teach paddleboarding at all levels, as well as how to race, buy the best board, and foil. They share reviews of all types of paddleboards and gear, so you can get what you need for your SUP adventures. You can even learn to surf on a paddleboard on Blue Planet Surf.

The surf shop is a popular stop for people who visit Honolulu. The shop opened in 1993 after it began selling products at swap meets at Aloha Stadium. Robert Stehlik founded the shop with the goal of making being a surfer bringing gear to fellow surfers. 

The surf shop has grown significantly since 1993. It began as a two-person shop, and now is known for being a top brand for SUP products and surfer gear. They distribute products in places like Australia, Guam, Canada, Japan, and Fiji

Stehlik named the shop Blue Planet after seeing the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean on a flight to Hawaii. The blue scenery reminded him that two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water. 

2. StandUpPaddlingTV

The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

This YouTube channel teaches all levels of paddleboarding. You can learn how to do yoga, participate in SUP events, and watch the watery scenery, too. 

3. SUPboarder

Common SUP paddle mistakes / How to video

SUPboarder teaches stand up paddle boarding techniques. The YouTube channel also includes product reviews so you can make the best choices. This channel is sponsored by SUPboarder Magazine that was founded in 2012 by Reuben Ellis and Will Rogers. They began the magazine after finding there was little information for the growing sport. 

The 100% online magazine is the world’s most-read and trusted paddleboard periodical about the sport. There are over 3,000 pages of free features, reviews, and more. But, readers can sign up for SUPboarder Pro to get even more information about their favorite pastime. 

Will Rogers works with the business staff at SUPboarder, working on advertising and marketing. He also takes time to test out the kits that arrive at the magazine’s door. He loves to SUP surf, race, and foil. He frequently finds time to push the boundaries of his SUP. 

Reuben Ellis is the editor of SUPboarder. He grew up surfing and has spent over 30 years playing on the water. His knowledge of SUPboarding goes back to R&D for the earliest SUP brands. He is a competent SUP surfer who loves the sport and the related ones, too. 

4. ISLE Surf & SUP

10 Yoga Positions on a stand up paddle board.

ISLE Surf & SUP makes a variety of stand up paddleboards for fitness, surfing, and playtime. They offer their boards at several price points. Their YouTube channel showcases their boards, and all you need to know about getting the most out of your stand up paddleboard. 

Like Blue Planet, ISLE Surf & Sup began with a pair of friends – Marc Miller & Doug Pate – who were following their dream. The shop started in 2004 when the two San Diego surfers used their parents’ storage unit to see surf gear. Now, the company is considered a premier paddleboard and surfboard shop. 

ISLE takes pride in developing high-quality gear at value-driven prices. Miller and Pate use a 15,000 square foot office, a distribution center, and a retail store in San Diego. They have several missions, but most importantly, they are focused on bringing rider-owned-and-operated products to the market with 100% customer satisfaction. 

5. Paddleboarder

The Truth About Inflatable Paddleboards

Paddleboarder is a lifestyle brand that sells clothing and gear for paddleboarders. Their YouTube channel includes reviews of their gear and videos of people paddleboarding around the United States. 

6. The Paddleboarding CPA

Should I Take My Inflatable SUP Paddle Board on Vacation Travel | Pros and Cons

The Paddleboarding CPA is Julie Merrill. She is a certified stand up paddleboard instructor through the World Paddle Association. She shares tips on using your board and making wise business decisions. 

Merrill has been working for over 20 years, helping businesses build up their bottom line. She is a business and marketing specialist and an entrepreneur who is a travel vlogger and podcaster. While no longer a licensed CPA, she uses her experience to help people find more success in their businesses of all sizes. 

On her personal website, she offers an ebook, face-to-face chats, and an outdoor business community. She also has a line of SUP-related jewelry, clothing, and other accessories called SUPchic. 

7. Starboard SUP

Starboard's 2020 Brand Mission ~ Come Paddle with Us

Starboard SUP is a stand-up paddleboard manufacturer. Their YouTube channel showcases their boards and how experts use them at events and competitions. The company’s innovator, Svein Rasmussen, has been working on surf-related products for over 25 years. 

Rasmussen was born in Arendal, Norway, but spent time in Polynesia in the 90s. This experience led him to build Starboard; even after promising his family that he would finish school and not go into a surf-related business. 

He tied the Starboard logo to the ancient Tiki, the god of water and waves. And he used the Viking term Syriboard (steering board) to come up with the name Starboard, meaning the right side of the ship. 

Rasmussen takes great pride in being one of the first companies to be Carbon Past Positive, balancing 25 years of their carbon footprints as they work hard to reverse pollution and save the oceans. 

8. Red Paddle Co

The World's No.1 Inflatable SUP

Red Paddle Co uses its YouTube channel to promote their stand up paddle boards. They show how they make them and how to choose the best board for your paddling needs. 

John Hibbard founded the company in 2008 as he was frustrated with the heaviness of his standard, composite SUP. His frustration led to him making an outstanding inflatable board. His inflatable boards are easy to store and accessible to users of all levels.

9. SUP Magazine

Top Tips from the Pros: Candice Appleby - SUP Magazine

SUP Magazine showcases stand up paddleboard expeditions in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. From the Florida Keys to the Galapagos Islands, the SUP experts teach how to use boards in all types of water conditions. 

10. Trip Smith

Will Your Life Jacket Save You? PFD Testing

Trip Smith is an adventurer who loves to paddleboard and kayaks, camps, and fishes. Not all of his posts involve paddleboards, but he does share some fascinating posts that do. He reviews gear and teaches survival skills, too. 

Smith was born and raised on a farm in Dothan, Alabama, to the north of the Florida border. Before becoming an adventurer and firefighter in Dothan, he worked in construction. He posted his first YouTube video in 2008, but it was about woodworking, not adventuring on the water. 

On a whim, he brought his camera on a paddling adventure and didn’t look back. Now, he ventures out on kayaks and paddleboards, as well as micro skiffs for overnight adventures. Smith runs a website that features a blog, gear for sale, and information about his paddling event he calls Rockadock. 

Wrap Up 

Stand-up paddleboarding is a great tool that lets you see the world from a different view. The stand-up paddleboarding influencers teach skills and review products that can make a difference for the average viewer. These social media experts feature beautiful scenery and useful tips. 

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