Best Wakeboarders on Instagram

Best Wakeboarders to Follow on Instagram and YouTube Who Will Make You A Better Boarder


If you are looking for a thrilling activity in the water, wakeboarding might be for you. The heart-pounding water activity is easier to do that surf, and you can do it on even the flattest of lakes. All you need is wakeboarding gear and a boat that creates wakes. With wakeboarding influencers, you can watch them perform their skills and teach you how to do them. 

When you follow wakeboarders on social media, it is helpful to know what hashtags to use. These will get you to the best videos, images, and other content about wakeboarding and the liquid lifestyle.

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The Best #WakeBoarding Hashtags to Follow:

  • #wakeboarding
  • #wakesurfing
  • #wakeboard
  • #cablepark
  • #wakepark

Best #Wakeboarding Accounts and Pages to Follow in 2023

1. David OC

Learning to Wakeboard - Tips for Beginners

David O’Caoimh is an Irish professional wakeboarder. His original plan was to attend university, but fate brought him into the professional world of wakeboarding. He shares his adventures, tips, and tricks for his fans all over the world. 

David OC was born in 1993 and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. He regularly wakeboards in Lough Sillan in Ireland, and he even trains in the winter until the lake freezes. His favorite wake park is Sidewalk in Portugal. He also loves to wakeboard in Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Orlando, Florida

He attended St. Andrew’s College in Dublin and the University College in Dublin and has a Digital Marketing diploma. He speaks Irish, French, English, and some Spanish, which helps him serve as an instructor and judge in wakeboard competitions. Along with wakeboarding, he enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding and working on cars. 

2. Shaun Murray

My First Set Behind The Nautique Paragon!

Shaun Murray shares his tips and tricks for wakeboarding on professional quality boards as well as on alternatives like homemade plywood boards. Murray was born in 1976 and began waterskiing when he was eight years old. He moved from California to Missouri, where he perfected his skills at the Lake St. Louis Water Ski Club. 

He began wakeboarding during college, and he enjoyed it so much that he took a year off to hone his skills. He never returned to school because wakeboarding took over his life. In 1995, he began his wakeboarding career, and he even became the star of Wakeboarding Unleashed – his own video game from Activision. 

In 2004, he tore his ACL, PCL, and MCL. After reconstructive surgery, he thought he would never ride again. But, it was only a few months before he found himself back on the board. His one of the most storied riders has held the World, Pro Tour, and National Championship titles at the same time. Wakeboard magazine awarded him the title of “Legend.” 

Murray has several sponsors, including Hyperlite, Nautiques, and Jet Pilot. He also was on four seasons of the show American Ninja Warrior. 

3. Wakeboard Teacher

How to GRAB Wakeboard Tutorial. Indy grab, Nose grab, Tail grab, Stalefish grab.

Wakeboard Teacher is a Russian wakeboarder who teaches his followers how to do tricks on wakeboards. Many of the videos are in Russian with English subtitles. 

4. JB ONeill


JB O’Neill is a professional wakeboarder from Texas. He teaches viewers how to do tricks on their wakeboards. He often includes his wakeboarding friends in his videos. 

O’Neill was born in 1991 and lives in Austin, Texas. He uses Hyperlite boards when he is using a cable or behind a boat. He turned pro in 2012 and is considered one of the best wakeboarders on the planet. He began wakeboarding in 2004 using sandal bindings on a makeshift board. 

One of his most notable moves was in 2023 when he used a wakeboard to jump from a pool to a lagoon using a group of bridges at the Madinat Jumeirah resort. David O’Caoimh’s featured him on his YouTube channel, where the two wakeboarders conversed about their love of the sport and their successes on social media.

5. Daniel Grant

Heightened State of Life - Daniel Grant 2018

Daniel Grant shows off his wakeboarding skills and wake parks all over the world. His YouTube channel includes a showcase of his wakeboarding highlights, rather than educational videos. He began publishing content on YouTube in 2015. 

Grant was born in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been to over 20 countries on his quest to win wakeboarding awards. He is a goofy-foot wakeboarder and a wakeskater. He is lovingly known as the Candy Man or the Turtle (Tao). 

Many consider Grant to be the most entertaining wakeboarder, as his tricks blow the minds of veteran wakeboarders. Grant started traveling the world on his own in 2011 at age 14. He was the youngest winner of the WWA Wake Park World Champion when he won in 2010. He’s won several other events, making him a force to be reckoned with worldwide. 

6. Wakeboarding Magazine

The North Florida Loop - An Epic Wake Boat Adventure - Day 1

Wakeboarding Magazine uses its YouTube channel to supplement its magazine. It includes fun videos with artistic videography, showing how to do popular skills for various wakeboarding levels. The videos feature top professionals who offer tips and tricks, as well as gear reviews. 

The magazine site included several popular videos from its YouTube channel. The magazine also features how-to articles and the latest news about favorite wakeboarders. You can also read about boats and other gear that will change your wakeboarding game. 

7. Ronix Wake Romania

Placa Wakeboard Ronix Happy Hour 2018 - Massi Piffaretti

This Romanian YouTube channel showcases highlights from wakeboarders who use Ronix gear. The Ronix website features its equipment for all levels of wakeboarders. The site also features blogs about the best wakeboarders who stop over in Romania to check out what the country has to offer. 

Wakeboarding has become a popular sport in Romania, and the team at Ronix shows this. There are several top spots to wakeboard in the European country, and there are several courses and tours for wakeboarders who love to travel the world. 

8. Julia Rick

First woman ever to land a Switch Toeside Backside 900 Julia Rick

Julia Rick is a professional wakeboarder. She uses her YouTube channel to show her passion for wakeboarding. She also shares tips on how to get fit and do wakeboarding tricks. She also showcases her competitions at various wake parks around the world. 

Rick was born in 1993 in Cologne, Germany. She turned pro in 2013, and uses a goofy-foot stance. She is known as the first woman to ever land a backside 315. She is also the first woman to land a 1080 and did it in 2023. As a European wakeboarder, she often shows up in the Ronix Romania blog, especially since Ronix is one of her sponsors. 

9. how2wake

Wakeboard Start Anfänger 1/4 - Der Start

This is an Austrian wakeboarding YouTube channel filled with tips for making your wakeboarding more fun and less painful. The videos are recorded in English and German. 

Daniel Fetz is the wakeboarder behind the educational YouTube channel. He is a European world champion and is best known for his wakeboard camp called Fetzysworld in Austria, where he has been coaching wakeboarders for over 15 years. He prides himself on teaching his campers 50 tricks in 10 days. 

10. Hyperlite Wakeboards

PRE PANDEMIC - Trever Maur

This YouTube channel showcases the history of wakeboarding through the eyes of Hyperlite. The channel shows and reviews its products, and shares how to get the most out of your wakeboard. They feature professional wakeboarders from all over the world. 

Hyperlite is a popular name in gear for wakeboarders of all levels. The company offers top-notch boards as well as gear like vests, lines, and ballast. They also design a range of clothing and shoes. 

Wakeboarders can get a full package of gear so they can get right to the water. World-class wakeboarders design several of their products, and Hyperlite sponsors many top competitors, too. 

Wrap Up 

Even if you’ve never been on a wakeboard, influencers make the sport fun to watch. As wake parks continue to spring up around the world, it is clear that the influencers are doing their job and helping to grow the popularity of the sport. 

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