Best Scuba Divers on Youtube

Top 9: Best Scuba Diving Accounts to Follow on YT & Insta


YouTube and Instagram have grown to be some of the most popular social media platforms.  Instagram provides endless scrolling through amazing scuba diving photos, while YouTube allows you to spend time with the scuba divers underwater. 

In this article, we list top 9 scuba divers on YouTube and Instagram, guaranteed to make you a better diver. We also list some of the best scuba diving hashtags to follow. 

The Best #ScubaDiving Hashtags to Follow

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  • #diving
  • #scuba
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Top #ScubaDiving Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

Some of the top scuba diving pages and accounts to follow include:

1. Scuba Jake 

A Scuba Divers Dream: How Many Phones Will I Find Underwater?

Jake Koehler also is known as Scuba Jake is a full-time YouTuber. He also goes by the username DALLMYD on Instagram ad his YouTube channel. Jake was popular for his gaming videos, where he posted Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty content, before venturing into scuba diving.

The 28-year-old is a Georgia native and started his YouTube channel in 2011. His interest in scuba diving started as he was paddling down the Chattahoochee on his surfboard. He found the universe below the river’s surface amazing, and he began filming his adventures. 

Apart from being a scuba diver, he’s also a treasure hunter who uploads scuba diving videos.

The YouTube sensation goes underwater to find an assortment of items. With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 500 videos, Jake is one of the biggest YouTubers in his genre. He posts a new video each week. 

Besides Instagram and YouTube, Jake is also active on Twitter, and he’s partnered with TeePublic to sell his merchandise. 

2. Alec Peirce

Vintage Scuba: Caring For Old Scuba Gear - S05E12

Alec Peirce is another scuba diver on YouTube dedicated to making your scuba diving experience safer, easier, and enjoyable. He’s been a diver since 1958 and opened his first dive store in 1969. In 2009, Peirce received the International Legends of Diving Award. 

He started his channel in 2015, and he features videos on scuba tech tips, vintage scuba gear, and more. You can learn a lot from his years of scuba diving experience and his scuba gear use. 

A fairly prolific YouTuber, Alec posts about four videos per month. Alec is also the founder SCUBA 2000, a resource site that provides dive training including how to learn to dive, improve your diving skills, and the latest news on scuba diving and trends.

3. Steve Martin

Side Mount Penetration Techniques by Steve Martin

Steve Martin is not only an experienced diver but also a certified instructor. His proficiency diving in cold and warm water locations around the world has made him one of the most sought-after and world-renowned professional divers. 

With over 18 years of scuba diving experience, the professional diving instructor now specializes in side-mount diving and cave diving.  Apart from offering his training videos on YouTube, Steve also has a website that caters to both beginner and advanced divers.  The site also provides in-water training. 

4. Jonathan Bird

Family Diving in Bonaire (We took the kids diving!)

Jonathan Bird, the brains behind Blue World, has been intrigued by the ocean since the ‘80s. He learned scuba diving while in college. In 1993, he quit his job as an electrical engineer to work as a full-time underwater photographer. As he was already a photographer, Jonathan decided to combine his photography and scuba diving skills to create Blue World.
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On his YouTube channel, Jonathan films episodes of his adventure series and underwater escapades. 

The avid scuba diver also has his show Jonathan Bird’s Blue World broadcasted on US public television. His television show has won multiple Emmy awards. Apart from being the president of the Oceanic Research Group and a widely published author of seven books, Bird is also a member of the Wyland Ocean Artist Society. 

Jonathan, his wife, and two kids are certified to dive and go for dive trips around the world. 

5. Simply Scuba

Scuba Diving Saves A Life! | Daily Scuba News (w/ Sam)

If you’re looking for a fantastic site to learn more about scuba diving, you need to check out Simply Scuba on YouTube.  With over 20 years of experience, Simply Scuba started as a hobby and now has gone professional.

It all started with a love of the ocean in Kent, UK. Over the years. Simply Scuba has grown to become a global scuba store that sells quality products and offers advice to viewers from beginner to advanced divers. 

On their YouTube channel, the creators behind Simply Scuba offers scuba advice through their videos, reference guides for their products, and product unboxing. Subscribers also get the latest updates on scuba related products.  

With over 65k subscribers, Simply Scuba should be your go-to for all scuba diving related news and products. 

6.  50ft. Below

Holding Your Breath While Scuba Diving | Here's Why You Shouldn't!

50ft. Below is run by two founders who discovered their love for the ocean and diving when they were 12 and 17. They soon became certified scuba divers. After 10 years, they became professional scuba instructors. Having explored lots of places all over the world, the two decided to settle and start a scuba dive center in The Netherlands. 

Their YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. They post advice on how to get started with scuba diving, honest reviews about scuba gear, and tips on how to improve your scuba skills. 50ft. also highlights some of the best dive locations around the globe and teaches their subscribers how to set up scuba diving gear. Their mission is to be a reliable source for scuba diving advice and gear reviews. 

7. GoPro Utila Dive Center

Rescue Exercises 6 - Surfacing an unresponsive diver from underwater

The GoPro Utila Dive Center is run by two couples and their YouTube Channel has over 11,000 subscribers. Their dive center based in the Caribbean provides PADI internship programs that are fantastic for divers looking to GoPro and become PADI instructors. They also provide training for certified divers who would like to become instructors. 

On their YouTube Channel, GoPro Utila Dive Center features video dividing lessons, rescue diving courses, and rescue exercises for unresponsive divers. It’s a unique platform for both amateur and advanced scuba divers. Utila Dive Center posts a video each month and has been running the channel since 2008. 

Their website has a myriad of activities, featuring some of their courses and the latest news about the dive center. 

8. Oceanramsey

Ocean Ramsey is a scuba diver, free diver, instructor, and a model. Unlike other big names in the scuba diving industry, this woman seeks to change people’s opinions of sharks a day at a time. 

The 32-year-old has swum with over 30 different shark species around the world. 

With over a million followers on Instagram, Ocean Ramsey regularly posts photos of different shark species and her diving escapades. She also teaches about shark safety and science conservation. 

She’s also the co-founder of One Ocean Diving, a support and foundation platform that studies the behavior, biology, physiology, and human interaction effects on whales, sharks, and sea turtles. 

The platform also takes people to world-renowned shark tours and pelagic dives on the north shore of O’ahu. One Ocean free diving courses are also offered. The course is perfect for beginners and freedivers looking to refresh on basics. 

Her fun base has grown over the years, and she’s one of the famous female scuba divers on Instagram.

9. Thomas Peschak

Although Thomas Peschak has a day job as a National Geographic photographer, he’s also a marine biologist and explorer. He documents critical island and marine conservation stories and has written seven books. 

Peschak has over a million followers on Instagram. His escapades involve diving and swimming with the Orca whales, whale sharks, and sea lions. He captures some mind-blowing images that leave an impression. What’s more, he travels the world to take epic photos of amazing sea creatures.

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10. Katt Andryscova

Katt Andryscova is no longer active on instagram.

Katt Andryscova is a certified diver and has been since 2012.  The ocean conservationist and world adventurer fell in love with scuba diving in 2006 where she began her diving journey on the Great Barrier Reef.

The PADI scuba diving instructor runs a site called Ocean Pancake, where she teaches people about sustainability in daily life through a plant-based diet and low waste living.  On her Instagram, Katt posts videos of her diving experiences and also hosts podcasts with other scuba and environmental enthusiasts.

Wrap Up

Scuba diving is a fun sport to explore as a hobby or as a profession. The above 10 scuba divers on YouTube and Instagram make a splash on these platforms, thanks to their visually dynamic content.  

If you’re thinking of venturing into scuba diving, check out the above Instagram and YouTube accounts of these motivational divers. You’ll realize the beauty of being underwater and swimming with the sea creatures. 

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