Best Underwater Photographer on Youtube and Insta

10 Best Underwater Pics on Instagram and YouTube


Photography has evolved over the years and more photographers are venturing into marine and underwater landscapes photography. While you may have come across some few shots of the world beneath, there is a set of photographers famous for their underwater images. 

Whether you’re looking to get started with underwater photography or want to improve your skills, visiting the pages and accounts of the photographers below will give you some tips. Read on to learn about some of the top 10 underwater photographers to follow on Instagram and YouTube. 

The Best #UnderwaterPhotography Hashtags to Follow

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  • #ocean
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Best Underwater Pics on Instagram and YouTube: Top #Underwaterphotography Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

Here are ten underwater photography pages and accounts to follow.

1. William Drumm

William Drumm is an underwater photographer with a huge following on Instagram.  The Colorado-born photographer was driven by his love for the ocean and scuba diving. He even earned open-water certification when he was only 12 years old.

His passion to show the underwater world and its creatures has earned him an awesome reputation online. William’s videos have been featured in documentaries on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, PBS, BBC, and more. 

He’s also an ambassador for Huish Outdoors, where he seeks to tell the stories through world-class images as a way to spread his love for scuba diving and the joy of the seas to the global community.
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The website William Drum Production has all his portfolio with his encounter with nature, sea, underwater, and more. On Instagram, William has over 100K followers and over 900 posts. His feed showcases different types of marine creatures and his up-close experiences with them. 

2.  David Doubilet

David Doubilet is a renowned underwater photographer who believes that without photography, the world beneath the ocean’s surface would remain an unseen mystery.  He began his underwater career at the age of 12.

It wasn’t until he was 17 when he bought his first camera and started taking photos.  Over the years, he mastered the techniques of working with light and water. He later got the role of a contributing photographer for National Geographic. David has published over 70 stories in the magazine since 1971. 

He’s also a contributing editor for other publications and he has authored 12 titles. David believes that photography has the power to influence change, educate, and illuminate. On Instagram, he has over 400k followers, where he shares his journey of capturing the drama, action, and poetry of the oceans through captivating images. 

3. Annie Crawley

Annie Crawley, also known as Ocean Annie, is an American underwater photographer and an ocean advocate.  She seeks to inspire people through her images and videos to discover the vitality and beauty of our seas and oceans. 

Annie was trained as a photo and broadcast journalist, and she spent most of her early career living and working around the world. She decided to learn scuba diving and sail and became a PADI master scuba diving instructor. Annie also earned the title of US Coast Guard Captain, and she’s a member of SSI 5000 platinum Pro Diver. 

Apart from being a photographer, Annie is also a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and is the founder of Dive into Your Imagination, a series that seeks to motivate youth to join the diving world. 

While most of her time is spent as a scuba diving instructor, Annie also carries a camera to deliver her conservation message through creative images. Annie has an active YouTube account where she documents her greatest ocean moments. On Instagram, she has over 2k followers and posts unique underwater images. 

4. Alex Kydd

Alex believes that the secret to making amazing images is to take them as often as you can.  His dedication and passion have enabled him to take unique shots. The Australian born photographer started off as a diver, before venturing into scuba diving while on a trip to Thailand. 

He later ventured into Marine Biology at the university. His journey as underwater photography improved when he took hundreds of photos daily and would edit them every night. Alex believes this is what fast-tracked him to learn about underwater photography. On Instagram, Alex has over 100K followers and he’s also an ambassador of Suunto Dive, a hosted “underwater adventure” that spans oceans across the globe.

5. Brian Skerry

Brian Skerry isn’t your ordinary underwater photographer; he’s a pioneering explorer who seeks to expose and promote the beauty of the ocean. The photojournalist specializes in marine wildlife and underwater environments. 

He’s been a contract photographer for National Geographic magazine and is one of their listed fellows. In 2023, Brian earned the title of Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year. Along with showcasing his work online, Brian exhibits his images in Barcelona, Geneva, Perpignan, and Shanghai. 

Brian has over 900K followers on Instagram. Apart from posting unique images, he also lectures on photography and conservation issues. His approach of storytelling with nature has earned him recognition and is a NikonUSA Ambassador. 

6. Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen specializes in underwater photography. However, what makes him special is that he delves into cross-cultural situations and harsh environments with his photography skills.  You’ll find him covering polar regions and ice diving among leopard seals. The marine biologist and filmmaker is also an advocate for wildlife conservation. 

Paul’s images reflect his love for marine creatures that are trapped in endangered and isolated places. He was voted as one of the 40 most influential nature photographers by Outdoor Photography. His work has also been published in National Geographic.

Paul has over 6 million followers on Instagram, where he posts images and videos of his adventures. 

7. Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn Heinrichs is an underwater photographer and conservationist. He uses his photography skills to speak out on threatened habitats and species. What makes him unique is his combination of stark artwork with his photography skills to produce stunning images with a profound message. He has over 180k followers on Instagram, where he posts his captivating images. 

8. Ben Thouard 

The Blue Room | Ben Thouard Photography

Ben Thouard is a French native and underwater photographer who specializes in taking photos of the ocean, surfing, and water-based sports. His images seek to convey the beauty of the oceans and the bravery of different surfers who conquer the ocean. If you’re looking to go on a visual journey inside some of the best waves, you’ll want to check out Ben on Instagram. 

He started surfing at a young age before venturing into photography in his teen years. Ben’s images are full of action and movement. Most of his shoots are during sunrise and sunset. Apart from photography, he also creates videos with the same striking and thematic effect. 

On Instagram, Ben has over 200K followers. He also documents his work on YouTube. 

9. Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is a Russian-born photographer who works primarily out of the Bahamas. Finding raw and original underwater images is difficult, but Elena captures the deepest emotion in every frame.  With over 10 years of experience, her work has been featured in numerous print and web magazines, exhibitions, and book covers. 

Elena is also passionate about conservation and together with her daughter, they work to bring attention to The Bahamas National Trust’s conservation work and management. Her project Alice in Waterland went viral and gained her thousands of followers who admired her underwater photography skills. 

She has over 300K followers on Instagram. Her images are emotional and artistic. You’ll want to check out her feed for more. 

10. Thomas Peschak

Thomas Peschak is a National Geographic photographer who documents different images and stories on underwater life. 

His creative images not only get your attention, but they also compel you to think. Thomas says that it can take six months for him to produce 20 images. However, he believes that his dedication is worthwhile. 

Peschak has over a million followers on Instagram. His escapades involve diving and swimming with the Orca whales, whale sharks, and sea lions. He captures some mind-blowing images that leave an impression. What’s more, he travels the world to take some photos of amazing sea creatures.
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Wrap Up

The world’s oceans have a lot to offer, and the above underwater photographers have had the chance to explore this beautiful side of nature. With their help, you can start exploring the #underwaterworld without ever leaving home, or start packing your bags for an epic undersea trip.

Whether you’re looking to learn about underwater photography or just enjoy breathtaking glimpses of the sea from under its depths, check out these stunning accounts on Instagram and YouTube. 

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