Best Free Diver on Youtube and Insta

Best FreeDivers and FreeDiving Accounts to Follow on Instagram and YouTube to Prep You For Your Next Dive


When the word freediving is mentioned, you probably picture fit athletes running on the ocean floor or some athletes swimming into the deep trenches of the ocean. However, freediving is different as you are labeled a freediver every time you swim down to explore the depths. What’s more, freedivers don’t have to be athletes.

Freediving is done on a single breath as the dive is short compared to scuba diving. Moreover, freedivers attempt to get to a specific depth or dive time by going up and down a line.

Read on to learn more about some of the top 10 freedivers on Instagram and YouTube to prep you for your next dive. 

The Best #FreeDiving Hashtags to Follow

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Best #FreeDiving Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

Some of the top ten free diving pages and accounts to follow include:

1. Herbert Nitsch

Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian freediver with over 30 official world records in every freediving discipline and a record in the traditional Greek discipline of Skandalopetra. His deepest dive was 702 feet, or 214 meters, which makes him the only person on earth to dive this deep. 

Herbert has loved freediving since he was a kid. He discovered freediving by chance when he was challenged to dive to the deepest end of a pool by his friend. Herbert got into freediving competition to explore the limits of his diving skills. 

Before venturing into freediving, Herbert worked as a part-time pilot. He is famous for his pioneering spirit, something that has brought lots of innovations and improvements to the freediving scene. 

The World Champion Freediver has an active Instagram following and also works as an ocean conservationist and corporate speaker. 

2. Adam Freediver 

How to Hold Your Breath Longer: a freediving tutorial from a professional freediver

Adam Stern also famously known as Adam Freediver is an Australian. The five-time record holder started freediving in 2011. He’s gone on to teach and train this sport to other beginners and advanced divers.

On his site, Adam asserts his love for diving deep as it provides a way to explore the ocean and extend his limits. He offers Freedive courses online. Adam is also active on YouTube and has over 100,000 subscribers. 

Adam has videos on how to breath when diving, tips on holding your breath, as well as some adventures he’s been to in Bali and other parts of the world. What’s more, Alex has been working with other world-record-holding freedivers like Goran Colak and Alexey Molchanov in both pool and depth, having worked as a PADI freediver instructor trainer. 

He seeks to bring the Molchanovs Freediving Education system to the international market. The course provides a base training community, which gives divers an opportunity to follow the training programs and progress after completing the course. 

3. Freediverlife

Annie Guttridge is the founder of Freediverlife. The freediving underwater photographer loved the ocean from her childhood years, and in her teens, she got into photography. It wasn’t until later that the two passions merged.
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Her photography and voice have been featured on Shark Week, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. On Instagram, Freediverlife has over 170K followers that feature fantastic shots of freedivers and their adventure exploring the underwater life. 

Freediverlife also features prints, clothing, and decals for sale. They also list freediving expeditions that interested divers can participate in. Anie is passionate about conservation and has been spearheading the ocean shark campaign. She advocates for the protection of the marine ecosystem. 

She’s also behind the Sharksneedlove account on Instagram, where she posts different shark and fish species from around the globe. Shark lovers have enjoyed this online community that seeks to protect the sharks from human predators. 

4. Freedive Passion

Harry Chamas is the founder of Freedive Passion. The professional freediving coach posts fun photos of him in and around Dahab on his Instagram page. Apart from being a coach and a freediving instructor, Harry holds two national records for the most proficient diver for Great Britain in NLT and VWT. 

Harry started freediving over a decade ago, before becoming an instructor at the Freediving club in Greece. It slowly became a passion, and he decided to pursue further training in Dahab to perfect his craft. 

With over 10 years of freediving experience, Harry seeks to impart his knowledge to both beginner and advanced divers. He also has an active YouTube channel, where he shares tips on and techniques to help freedivers. 

5. FreeDivingArt

If you’re looking to learn more about freediving and sample some of the best freediving images from around the world, you should check out Freedivingart on Instagram. With over 60K followers, the account features photos from different free divers from around the globe.

Following FreeDivingArt may not afford you professional instruction, but it will inspire you to take on freediving challenges of your own.

6. Gert Leroy 

5 Best FREEDIVING TRAINING Tips | from a World Record Holder

Gert Leroy is a breathing coach and freediving instructor.  Apart from being a coach, he’s also a freediver national record holder. With his years of experience, Gert uses his knowledge to help others develop breathing techniques and enhance their diving skills. 

His YouTube Channel has over 2K subscribers. He provides freediving training tips and workout exercises to help you prepare for the dive. 

In 2014, Gert founded Peace in Every Breath, where helps people to develop breathing techniques to improve their lives and impart a sense of happiness and wellbeing. He believes that free diving you a way to relax your mind and forget the tension. On his Instagram, Gert shares tutorials, news, and stories to his followers. He has over 7k followers and regularly posts content to keep his followers engaged. 

Gert has a one-on-one freedive coaching session where the students state what they want to achieve, the problems they are struggling with, and what expectations they have from the coaching.  

Unlike other instructors, Gert teaches you the different techniques on equalization, mastering your mind, and what to do when out of the water.  It’s an excellent course for divers looking to improve their freediving skills. 

7. Crystal Freediving

Crystal Freediving is a part of the Crystal Dive Resort in Thailand. The Crystal Freediving School offers quality freediving courses for beginners to advanced-instructor level. Apart from the training, the school also takes its students on fun freediving trips to the best dive sites around Thailand. 

The PADI Freediving school has an active Instagram page with over 12K followers. They also upload tutorials and tips on free diving on their YouTube channel. Crystal Freediving uploads a new video weekly. 

8. Spearfish and Freediving.

Spearfish and Freediving is an Instagram account that deals with all things spearfishing and freediving. The account with over 90K followers features fantastic images from freedivers from around the globe. There are also spearfishers with their catches and mermaids glimmering near the surface.
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9. Angels of the Sea

Angels of the Sea is another Instagram account filled with a mixture of freediving, scuba diving, and marine life videos and photography. The account is run by Jesus-Sanz, a photographer and a community manager. 

The Instagram account has over 160K followers. Angels of the Sea has unique photos of freedivers and scuba divers that share their daily experience underwater, offering up plenty of diving inspiration.

10. Girlsthatfreedive

Girlsthatfreedive is an Instagram account by Sarah Richard. She’s also behind Girls that Scuba. The account with over 100K followers is any Freediver’s dream feed. 

Sarah started the initiative to motivate and inspire women to get into freediving and scuba diving. She is also behind a Waste Free World after realizing how marine debris and plastics were damaging the ocean and rivers. 

Sarah first went into diving a decade ago, and soon realized that scuba diving would be her life.  Apart from empowering women to succeed in freediving, she also runs different scuba diving and freediving trips to various parts of the world. 

Although she’s not a freediving instructor, Sarah offers scuba diving and freediving merchandise and spearheads her online community. In fact, Girls that Freedive has grown to be the second-largest online community of female divers after Girls that Scuba.

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Girls that Freedive also has an active group on Facebook that is more like a community for all women passionate about freediving.

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Wrap Up

Freediving is a type of underwater diving that requires you to hold your breath until you resurface instead of using breathing apparatus like when scuba diving. Freedivers only use a snorkel, mask, weights, and fins. 

The above freediving pages and accounts will help you learn more about freediving and even get ready for your next underwater adventure. You’ll acquire some essential tips and techniques on breathing and how to perfect your craft.

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