Best Catch and Cook Accounts on Instagram and YouTube

Best Catch and Cook Accounts to Follow on Instagram and YouTube to Help Transform Your Next Catch into a Delicious Meal


Whether you have dreams of conquering survivalist challenges or simply want to prepare fresh food for your family after a day of fishing, catch and cook accounts can help. You can learn how to catch, clean, and cook fish on these pages operated by chefs and adventurers alike. 

If catch and cook sounds like something you want to try, we’ve compiled a list of the best pages to follow on Instagram and YouTube. You’ll find a wide variety of fish and recipes that range from gourmet cuisine to basic but tasty. Once you’ve visited these accounts, check out these frequently used hashtags for even more fish and food.

The Best #CatchandCook Hashtags to Follow:

  • #catchandcook
  • #eatwhatyoucatch
  • #oceantotable
  • #catchandcookfishing
  • #freshfish

Top #CatchandCook Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

Visit these pages for fishing tips, proper cleaning procedures, and delicious recipes.

Fisherman’s Life

Fun and EASY Catch and Cook 😊 (HUGE Surprise Ending!)

With almost 1 million subscribers, Fisherman’s Life is one of the most popular catch and cook accounts on YouTube. With videos posted nearly every week, Fisherman’s Life features a fantastic variety of fish and recipes. You can learn how to cook everything from ordinary crabs and salmon to creepy eels and urchins. 

Apart from having some of the best variety of seafood, Fisherman’s Life also has videos on camping, catching, and cooking that will be of interest to outdoorsmen and adventurers. The videos on this channel are crystal clear, the audio is crisp, and you’ll get to experience an array of breathtaking scenery.

Brook Crist Outdoors

Florida Lobster Limits!- CATCH Clean COOK

Brook Crist is a Florida fisherwoman who posts regular segments called Catch and Cook with Brook. You can learn how to prepare all kinds of fish native to the Florida coast, including Mahi, snapper, and tuna. Brook’s channel features a lot of family segments perfect for anglers or chefs who want to prepare food for their own families.

This account also shows you how to incorporate ingredients from vegetable and herb gardens into your fresh catch food. Some of her most popular videos are lobster catching ones, where she shows you how to clean lobsters and make recipes like grilled lobster, lobster mac and cheese, and lobster ceviche.

Landshark Outdoors

BOAT Full of TRASH Fish...Catch Clean Cook- Bonito (False Albacore)

This channel, operated by Viktor Hluben, focuses primarily on Florida fishing and unique recipes like fish head soup. Landshark Outdoors isn’t afraid to show different types of fish, either. From deep-sea fishing for tilefish with potentially dangerous mercury levels to suction cup and clown knife fish, you’ll find a curious assortment of sea life on this page.
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This channel demonstrates fishing techniques that are sure to pull in a haul capable of feeding a whole family. Some of Landshark Outdoors best videos are those dedicated to “trash” fish, or fish undesirable for eating. Viktor shows viewers why this nickname isn’t always accurate and how they can take advantage of these fish to create delicious meals.

Outdoor Chef Life


A sushi chef named Taku runs Outdoor Chef Life, where he demonstrates cooking with natural ingredients for his viewers. He brings a brand new perspective to catch and cook with his skills as a chef, utilizing all kinds of cooking methods and seafood. Yes, he’ll show you how to make sushi, but also how to smoke sea urchin, grill trout, and much more.

Outdoor Chef Life has terrific recipes for international cuisine, too, including paella, Jamaican fish, and unagi. He’s never afraid to integrate unique ingredients into his food for robust flavors. If you’re looking for high-quality recipes for your fresh catch, Outdoor Chef Life is definitely one of the best channels.

Ace Videos

Catch n' Cook BROWN TROUT and River CRAWFISH!

For catch and cook videos in the wild, Ace Videos is one of the best. Ace travels all over the U.S. to fish all kinds of diverse species. He catches and cooks in tropical locations in Hawaii, mountainous regions in the northern U.S., and even from hot springs. He incorporates a lot of fun ingredients into his recipes, even drawing on fast food restaurants like McDonald’s.

Ace Videos shows a lot of cooking in the wilderness, which is very helpful for survivalists who want to sustain themselves on camping trips. He always lets you know what equipment he’s using, so you can learn what works best in the outdoors. Plus, his recipes are simple but delicious, which means you can turn your catch into a tasty meal in a jiff. 

Deer Meat for Dinner (@deermeatfordinner)

Deep Sea SQUID {Catch Clean Cook} Crispy Calamari with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Don’t be fooled by this channel’s name, which actually has tons of catch and cook fish demonstrations. The majority of the vidoes revolve around fishing and preparing meals. The whole family gets involved on this channel, making it a fitting stop for anyone who wants to include their family on their own adventures. 

Deer Meat for Dinner’s recipes feature a variety of seafood from enormous tuna to poisonous pufferfish to deep-sea squid. The recipes are easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have any trouble whipping them up at home in your kitchen. 



Bluegabe has one of the most frequently updated catch and cook channels on YouTube. You can find a few videos every week chronicling Bluegabe’s fishing on rivers, streams, and the ocean. He catches and cooks lots of shellfish, as well as groupers, catfish, barracuda, and plenty more. He features appetizing recipes you can make from home for your family.

Bluegabe likes to get his kids in on the fun, which may help you if you want to involve your family in your adventures. He uses many different fishing methods, from regular rod and reel to spear fishing and bowfishing. His crab, shrimp, lobster, and scallop dishes are some of his most delicious and crowd-pleasing.
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Darcizzle Offshore

Caught Our Limit of Giant RED SNAPPER! Catch Clean Cook! Deep Sea Adventure (Gulf of Mexico Fishing)

Darcizzle Offshore posts multiple videos every week, showcasing Florida saltwater fishing at its best. Plus, you also get to experience the beautiful scenery of the coastline, including the Gulf of Mexico. Darcie’s catch and cook videos take you into the kitchen with Cookin’ with Puddin segments that are sure to keep you entertained. 

These recipes are classics that use ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets. You’ll get a scrumptious finished product every time. Darcie has plenty of how-to videos, like filleting red snapper, and lots of advice and tips in all of her videos for productive fishing and proper cleaning and preparation. 

Jessica Ting – Catch & Cook (@catch_and_cook)

Here’s one of the best Instagram pages for catch and cook enthusiasts. Jessica Ting posts mouthwatering photos of her final products and even of her excursions on the water. You’ll always find a descriptive recipe in her captions so that you can replicate her results at home. Many of her recipes are versatile, and you can use different kinds of seafood in them.

Jessica also takes artistic photos of her catches and the scenery from her fishing spots. You’ll get lots of beautiful snaps of the wide-open ocean and colorful skies. It’s almost relaxing to visit her page and find out what’s for dinner.

Catfish and Carp

Catch & Cook Bowfin (aka Mudfish, choupique, grinnel, dogfish) - How to catch bowfin

Although this channel’s focus is catfish and carp, you’ll also find videos for catching and cooking salmon, bass, trout, and almost any other fish that comes to mind. You can find fishing tips and tricks and information on fishing equipment that can improve your haul. These videos will take you to all different fishing environments, including ice fishing in Alaska.

Catfish and Carp’s videos are easily watchable thanks to their relatively brief runtimes. From time to time, they conduct live videos and answer subscriber questions in order to interact with their community. They pack tons of useful material in their videos so that you can make the most of your fishing and cooking time.

Wrap Up

Catch and cook accounts are rapidly growing in popularity, which is leading to more techniques and better recipes for us to experience. It’s not just grilled trout or fish and chips anymore. Now, you can find diverse cooking methods and recipes that combine classic and international cuisine for mouthwatering meals made from all kinds of fish.

YouTube is probably the best resource for catch and cook accounts because you can watch for yourself as the fisher progresses through each stage of the catch and cook process. They’ll show you how they prepare their bait, what they do to catch certain types of fish, how to properly clean the fish, and finally how to cook it up for a mouthwatering meal.  

Despite the success of YouTube with catch and cook accounts, you can find some excellent Instagram pages dedicated to the “eat what you catch” movement. These accounts specialize in artistic photos of their catches and detailed written recipes that will walk you through cooking your fish step-by-step. Plus, you’ll also get some beautiful scenery shots.

Whether you’re scouring the videos on YouTube or the photos of Instagram, you’re sure to find the catch and cook guidance you’re looking for. With these experts at your disposal, you’ll get a perfect catch, a clean fish, fresh flavors, and a delicious meal every time.

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