Best Sand Castle Builders on Youtube and Insta

Best Sand Castle Builders to Follow on Instagram and YouTube Who Will Make You A Master Builder


There’s no better activity for beach fun than building a sand castle. While most of us aren’t skilled sand architects, and our castles are more like collapsed mounds of sand, there are some true artists constructing majestic sand sculptures for us to admire on social media. We put together this list of the most awe-inspiring sand castle pages for you to check out. 

When you follow these sand builders, you’ll not only feel inspired by their gravity-defying creations, but you’ll learn helpful techniques to apply to your own sand castles. They’ll give you information on the latest tools and tricks to enhance your skills. You can also check out these hashtags to keep up-to-date on all things sand castles.

The Best #SandCastle Hashtags to Follow:

  • #sandcastle
  • #sandcastleart
  • #howtobuildasandcastle
  • #sandcastlesinthesand
  • #sandsculpture

Top #SandCastle Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

You can head to these pages and accounts for mesmerizing sand castles, fascinating sand sculptures, and advice for constructing your own castle.

Andy Hancock

Andy Hancock is an American sand castle champion located on South Padre Island, Texas, where he teaches sand castle building. This channel is one of the most comprehensive sand castle accounts on either Instagram or YouTube. His videos are clear, fun, and packed with tips for perfecting your own sand castles. 

If you’re looking for guidance in sand castle building, then Andy’s channel is the one for you. He has tons of experience and covers all manner of techniques, from bucket building to work with shovels and shaping tools. His clever tricks and use of everyday materials are perfect for amateur and even experienced sand castle builders. 

#How to build a #sandcastle - #Advanced Techniques - #beginniners #sandcastles on the beach #fyp

Kirk Maxson (@drip_sandcastle)

This account, operated by artist Kirk Maxson, has a refreshing and unique take on sand castles. He builds drip sand castles by allowing wet sand to slip through his fingers, eventually becoming large pinnacles resembling fortresses. His distinctive creations get thousands of views and likes, and he updates his page with new designs every week.

Kirk Maxson includes videos on his Instagram page, too, which allow viewers to get a behind the scenes look at how he makes his castles. You also get to see the challenges that come along with building sand castles, which may make you feel better if one of yours doesn’t turn out as expected or when an unexpected wave destroys it. 

Dan Anderson (@dan_in_the_sand)

This Instagram page is a must-follow for anyone interested in building sand castles. Sand sculptor Dan Anderson creates sand figures, art, and castles. But he doesn’t limit himself to typical bucket and shovel figures. Instead, he uses a bunch of special techniques to construct beautiful, towering buildings, like churches and fortresses.

Dan Anderson always posts sculptures or castles for every holiday, including Christmas trees and pumpkins. Every castle is different from the next, though they do share impeccable attention to detail and fantastic base sculptures. This page is sure to inspire you to try building something a little more extravagant.

The Sandcastle Man (@thesandcastleman)

The Sandcastle Man, also known as Bill Pavlacka, combines grand castles and sculptures with personalized messages carved into the design’s base. His castles always have clean lines and incorporate a lot of arches and other details. This page is an excellent example of how to personalize sand castles and earn money through building.

This page will also help you if you’re looking for a way to develop an individual sand castle building style. The Sandcastle Man’s creations are always recognizable and distinct from other sand castles. Plus, the photographs of his work are well lit and beautiful.

Lewis Sand Art (@lewissandart)

Here’s a fantastic page to follow if you’re more interested in sand sculpture, along with sand castles. You’ll find many animal and character sculptures on the Lewis Sand Art account. It’s an excellent way to learn how you can incorporate your own personal interests and pop culture passions into your sand work.

This account shows the progress of the Lewis family’s sand sculpting, which is perfect for beginner builders. You can see how your work can advance with time and practice and get an idea of what sort of techniques you need to practice. Check out this impressive Hogwarts sand castle to see just how far you can take sand castle construction.

Hannah Emerson (@bermudasandcastle)

This page operated by Hannah Emerson covers the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition but also posts photos of amazing sand castles throughout the year. Along with beautiful castles, you’ll also find sand sculptures and sand signs. This account also likes to have fun with their sand art, so you’ll find a lot of themed designs.

This account’s time-lapse videos demonstrate the creative process of some of their sculptures and castles, which makes it a useful follow for anyone interested in venturing into the detailed work of sand art. Besides sand, this page also provides inspiration for utilizing the natural environment, including rocks and seashells, in your creations.

Dig It! Sandcastles (@dig_it_sandcastles)

The Dig It! Sandcastles account always takes a creative approach to sand castle building. From tall, sleek towers to expansive garden creations, they’re not afraid to take their inventions off the beach. They post helpful photos and videos of their building process and include up-close shots to highlight their castles’ details.

Because these builders teach lessons, they also post photos of their students’ work, which helps beginner sand builders see what they can accomplish with proper technique and hard work. If you’re looking at some of these castles and starting to feel intimidated, this page is a refreshing place to restore your confidence.

Sand Sculptures Australia (@sandstormevents_)

This Australian sand sculpting company hosts sand art exhibits to admire and explore, plus they hold sand sculpting events and competitions throughout the year. On their Instagram page, they post photos of their own creations, along with those of competitors in their challenges, so you get a wide range of designs.

Many of their creations are so expansive and detailed that they take entire crews of artists and multiple days to complete. Whereas other accounts on this list show you what you can do on your own, this one gives you an idea of what advanced sand design looks like. It’s especially helpful if you want to expand your art into the sand medium.

Sandcity (

This Instagram account belongs to the sandcity company, a group of professional sand sculptors who take their designs to theme parks, shopping malls, and events. They’re an excellent follow for intricate designs and guidance on how to earn money through your sand art. You’ll also learn how to extend your sand castle building beyond the beach. 

In 2023, the team behind sandcity built the tallest sand castle in the world, which stood over 52 feet tall. They earned the Guinness World Record for this castle constructed in Germany over the course of three and a half weeks using 3,500 tons of sand. Take a look at the towering feat for inspiration to build an imposing castle of your own.

Weston Sand Sculpture


This YouTube channel belongs to the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival, which takes place every summer, but it also has videos that offer step-by-step explanations of how the builders created their sculptures. Some of the best videos on this page are interviews with the sculptors who talk about their work and advise amateurs builders.

And, you get way more than just ordinary sand castles with this account. Many of the creations are authentic sculptures of people, animals, and other figures. They are at least life-size, with many being on an even grander scale. All of the sculptures have exquisite details, and the sand castles are expansive with unique architecture. 

Wrap Up

When most of us think of sand castles, we remember hot, sunny days on the beach. Maybe we recall filling buckets with sand and building some rather fragile-looking turrets and towers. We were probably lucky if it stood for even a couple of hours before toppling over. But today, sand castle builders are experts dedicated to a new art form.

The YouTube and Instagram pages on this list showcase the very best sand castle building all over the world. Their castles and sculptures are full of intricate details and complicated designs. They’ve even adopted innovative and unique techniques for giving their creations an individual style. Now, certain sand artists’ work is instantly recognizable.

Whether you’re interested in creating sand castles of your own and need a few pointers to start out or if you’re becoming a sand castle design aficionado, these accounts are fantastic places to learn more about the skill of sand castle building. Sand castle art is just emerging on social media, so these pages are really setting the standard for this field.

The next time you take a trip to the beach, give sand castle building a try. It’ll make you appreciate the work of these sand architects that much more. Then you can revisit their pages and admire their work with a whole new perspective.

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