Learn from the best Fly Fishermen on Youtube and Insta

Best Fly Fishermen to Follow on Instagram and YouTube Who Will Make You a Better Fisherman


Since the rise of social media, the world of fly fishing has seen big changes. When fly fishermen started sharing pictures on social media, some were worried it would ruin the sport. Instead, it has invigorated it, bringing welcome attention from diverse fans worldwide. In particular, women fly fishers have rocked the sport with their captivating content, expertise, and insights. 

As a sweet escape, fly fishing is the perfect subject in an often stressful world. So, enjoy following these fly fishermen on Instagram and YouTube. In each post, you can travel to a peaceful moment while enjoying the art of fly tying and world-class fly fishermen and women.

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Top #FlyFishermen Pages and Accounts to Follow in 2023

1. Tom Rosenbauer

Fly Fishing For Bonefish

With over 50 years of fly fishing experience, Rosenbauer is credited with inventing tungsten beads and bringing popular bead-head flies to North America. The bead-head and tungsten beads sink deep in the water column where fish are used to finding their food. Now commonplace, it’s often taken for granted how these innovations began.

Rosenbauer, who lives in southern Vermont, is the host of the popular Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide Podcast on iTunes and author of The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, published in 1984. Orvis calls it the “best-selling instructional fly-fishing reference of all time.” In all, the author has published more than ten books after becoming a commercial fly tier by age 14. Over the years, he’s fished all over the world and can offer tips for fly-fishing in any environment.
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2. Barry and Cathy Beck


With over four decades of fly fishing expertise, this couple is legendary in the fly fishing world. From northeastern Pennsylvania, they have traveled and hosted trips around the world fly fishing with a focus on fly fishing photography. 

Since the couple serves as hosts, it’s possible to find yourself in their company and learning from the best. If you instead have to learn from afar, you can enjoy their social media posts, which reflect professional photography skills.
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Cathy is a world-class casting and fishing instructor, fly fisher, and author of Cathy Beck’s Fly Fishing Handbook. Together, the couple has produced numerous handbooks, guides, nature photography books. Their work has appeared in many magazines. 

In July 1980, Barry showed President Jimmy Carter how to fly cast at Camp David. Thus, there’s a rich history and depth of experience behind this duo’s story.

3. The Lange Sisters and Casting for Recovery


By the age of 15, sisters Hilary Hutcheson and Whitney Milhoan became whitewater and fishing guides in Glacier, Montana. Known as the “Lange Sisters” locally, they were no sibling rivalries but rather shared adventures, up until today. How many siblings can say they enjoyed each other’s company this much? Much less made it a lifelong endeavor?  

The sisters joined forces with Casting for Recovery, a fly fishing program for women breast cancer survivors going back over 20 years. Milhoan became executive director in 2013, and Hutcheson lends her skills as a media producer, marketer, and fly fishing expert. Together, they are leaders in encouraging female fly fishers with sustained interest from many participants.

4. April Vokey

"Shorelines With April Vokey" is Finally Available Online!

Popular TV personality April Vokey has traveled the world as a respected fly fishing authority from Canada. An aspiring author, her writing has appeared in numerous industry-leading publications, such as Fly Fusion magazine. Recently, she hosted her own series on the World Fishing Network called ShoreLines with April Vokey.

As a traveling fly-tying instructor and speaker, she travels between homes in Australia and Canada with her faithful dog, Colby. Vokey opens up conversations with the most influential fly fishers in the world. Thus, there’s always something fascinating on her blogs, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Known for her uncensored, honest approach, she explores the history of the sport in-depth.

5. Svend Diesel


If you enjoy seeing a mix of fish, fly tying, and Viking art, Svend Diesel’s Instagram and YouTube channels are excellent. The pictures can be inspirational for tying your own flies. Each shot of the custom flies has stunning color and detail, so you can see exactly how it’s done. The photos are always on point with enthusiasm, passion, and humor, sure to pique your interest.

On the Svend Flies website, you can take advantage of step by step videos and tutorials. For fans, there’s a good selection of Viking-style merchandise and flies to order. The Viking influence seems appropriate, given the popularity of the Viking Midge and the 2,000-year-old history of fly fishing.

6. Maddie Brenneman


Based in Colorado, Maddie Brenneman is a fly fishing guide with a strong passion for conservation. A lifelong fly fishing enthusiast, she teaches that only time, patience, and practice can make great fishermen. In a male-dominated sport, she has risen to prominence as an influencer on social media. At first, she didn’t love fly fishing, but her passion grew thanks to a patient teacher.

Now, she’s bringing more women to the sport while focusing on conservation, a priority for most fly fishers, she says. As each person connects with nature, she notes an important interconnection and impact. Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious in her posts from around the world. Understanding that getting started can be intimidating, she’s an advocate for newcomers as they begin the learning curve. 

7. Flylords

A digital media company with a mission to “inspire the next generation of anglers,” Flylords has a slick social media presence. They work with the biggest names in the industry on compelling and exquisitely produced campaigns. On the web, they offer interviews, tips, gear, and conservation information.

Their YouTube channel features epic professional-quality videos telling the unique stories of fly fishers. For example, learn about a devastating earthquake in New Zealand and how it changed the fly fishing community’s lives. Or, go fly fishing for the Nile Perch, the “the elephant of the river” in Cameroon.

8. Faceless Fly Fishing 


Darcy Toner and Timbre Pringle share incredible photography and content on Instagram and Facebook. The duo has written for Orvis, sharing their tips for “how to take better fish portraits.” Getting “down low and dirty,” each shot has exceptional intimacy, angle, and quality. As the name suggests, Faceless is focused more on fish and scenery and less on ego.

If you want to see the absolute best in fly fishing photos, check out their highly popular Instagram and Facebook pages. The colors are always popping, laser-focused, and exquisite. Best of all, each shot transports you to a peaceful moment, a sweet escape from daily stresses. Sounds soothing, doesn’t it?

9. Fly Fish Guanaja and Guide Flies


If you’re into saltwater fly fishing, then this fly tying company is one to follow. The company, founded by long-time fly fishing guides Dave McKenna and Steve Brown, supports the best fly tiers from the Island of Guanaja, Honduras. Profits support Fish for Change, a nonprofit that unites diverse students in conservation and education efforts.

On Instagram, their posts are a beautiful escape to a tropical paradise. Plus, there are posts focused on local inspirational conservation efforts and fly tying. Even better, the group shared a fantastic film called Beyond the Horizon about how fly fishing saved a family from a dangerous future. It’s amazing to see how fly fishing can change so many lives.

10. Derek DeYoung


Fly fishing is an art form, but Derek DeYoung is also an accomplished artist focused on incredible fish. However, don’t expect your typical artwork. The Lake Michigan natives’ work is unique and original and often surprising. Success for the young artist started when he began sharing his joy and enthusiasm for fly fishing.

However, there’s a perfect mix of art and fly fishing to see on Instagram. In many cases, his shots are a fantasy of colors, with 3-D fish mounts painted in bright patterns and colors. In other photos, you’ll see more traditional fly fishing shots. Always, the mixture of fantasy, art, and fly fishing is great fun and refreshingly surprising.

Fly Fishing is For Anybody

As you can see from this diverse list, fly fishing has transformed lives all over the world. In a troubled world, fly fishing offers an escape with a sport that unites people from all walks of life. 

From far-off distant lands to unexpected urban settings, there are opportunities and inspirations. Both newcomers and long-time experts alike are sharing exceptional content every day. So, you never know what you’ll see next. 

Best of all, fly fishing is a way to appreciate our waterways and oceans with conservation in mind. Thus, an interest in the sport often goes hand-in-hand with the will to maintain and preserve our shared environments.

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