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Bester Fisch für Fisch-Tacos

Die 10 besten Fisch-für-Fisch-Tacos

Fish is a light, healthy, and versatile protein that perfectly complements a spicy, flavorful Mexican flavor profile. It’s no wonder that fish tacos are world-famous crowd-pleasers served in restaurants and cookouts across the globe. Salsas, cabbage slaws, citrus, guacamole, and cilantro make any fish taco taste great, but ultimately, the fish is the star of …

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Fischrezepte für Menschen, die keinen Fisch mögen

10 Fischrezepte für Menschen, die keinen Fisch mögen

Fish, while extremely nutritious, can be a bit controversial within the foodie world. It’s one of those things that people tend to either love or hate, with very few people residing in the middle. However, we firmly believe that if you’ve never found a fish recipe that you like, you haven’t tried enough of them! …

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Der häufigste Fisch im Meer

Top 10 der häufigsten Fische im Meer

Fish are a vital part of our ecosystem, transporting nutrients and providing food to humans and other animals (including larger fish). We’re always hearing about overfishing and declining fish populations, but it’s rare to hear about the fish species that are thriving. Let’s look at the most common fish in the sea and learn a …

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Die buntesten Salzwasserfische

Die 10 buntesten Salzwasserfische

Saltwater fish live in a hidden world most people never see, so you might be surprised to discover their colorful beauty. Used for camouflage and to warn away predators, a fish’s color is far more than decoration. We’ve rounded up the most colorful saltwater fish found in oceans around the world, including a species that …

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Die verrücktesten Aquarien und teuren Aquarien

Die 10 verrücktesten Aquarien und teuersten Aquarien

Fish tanks and aquariums uniquely combine engineering and creativity. You have to blend form with function to create an environment where fish can thrive, but you also have a lot of design freedom. Don’t limit yourself, or your fish, to a standard, rectangular aquarium. Think outside the box with inspiration from the ten most insane …

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Der am meisten konsumierte Fisch der Welt

Top 10 der am meisten konsumierten Fische der Welt

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the popularity of fish worldwide, including fish, crustaceans, and mollusks, is on the trending rise. In 2022 alone, fish accounted for nearly 17% of the world’s animal protein consumption. But why is it that fish is so popular worldwide? There are many benefits …

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Seltenster Fisch der Welt

10 seltenste Fische der Welt

As fishing continues to increase in popularity, the negative impacts on marine species are evident. Unfortunately, here are several species of fish that are now increasingly rare to find in the wild.  Through protective efforts brought upon by conservationists, many species have been able to make somewhat of a recovery. Still, it is essential to …

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Aggressivster Süßwasserfisch

Aggressivster Süßwasserfisch

A display of aggression is a survival tactic common in many animals, and freshwater fish are no exception to this phenomenon. There are numerous freshwater fish that are often predatory, and we’ve highlighted the ten most aggressive species below – with a few honorable mentions to keep in mind. Top 10 Most Aggressive Freshwater Fish …

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Die schönsten Schnorchelplätze Kubas

Die 10 schönsten Schnorchelplätze Kubas

Wenn Sie in Kuba tauchen möchten, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Dieses wunderschöne karibische Land ist bekannt für sein strahlend blaues Wasser und seine sonnigen Küsten. Das angrenzende Karibische Meer und der Atlantische Ozean bieten atemberaubende Unterwasserwelten. Kubas zahlreiche Inseln und Archipele haben lebhafte Seegraswiesen, Mangroven und Korallenriffe voller Haie, …

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