Best Snorkeling Experiences in Puerto Rico

Top 10 Most Iconic Puerto Rican Snorkeling Destinations


Planning your next vacay to beautiful Puerto Rico? Make sure you include snorkeling on your agenda! 

Imagine taking a boat excursion trip with icy cocktails, fresh fruit, and the salty ocean air breezing through your hair. When you’ve arrived at your beach, it’s time to grab your snorkeling gear and take a dip into the ocean. 

Immersing yourself in the snorkeling experience is a colorful, magical, and exciting way to explore all the wonders of Puerto Rico. Snorkeling is also the most sure-fire way to get up close and personal with all of its mesmerizing sea creatures and ocean life, as well as exploring the island’s many coral reefs. 

These spots and snorkeling guide companies will ensure that you have a safe and satisfying snorkeling experience. We even added a few bonus destinations that didn’t make the top 10, but were definitely worth mentioning. So let’s get into it! Here are the top 10 best snorkeling spots to check out in Puerto Rico. 

Top 10 Snorkeling Spots 

Continue reading to discover some of the greatest places for snorkeling.

1. Icacos- Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Cayo Icacos Sail & Snorkeling | Puerto Rico Travel

The waters near these beaches are remarkably clear, making sea life all the more vibrant. Icacos is an island, so you have to travel there by boat. Once you arrive, the island is all yours! Icacos doesn’t have any lodging or places to purchase goods, so make sure you pack everything you need. Traveling time to Icacos is relatively short, so it’s a wonderful option for those who crave a more private experience without the long travel times. 

Imagine kicking your feet around in colorful coral reefs, and spending the afternoon exploring both on land and sea. 

Salty Dog Catamaran 

Another touring company, offering snorkeling in Icacos, Lobos, and Palomino. Salty Dog also includes lunch and free bottomless cocktails in their excursion price. For an adult or child ticket, the price is $92. 

2. Isla de Palominos- Fajardo, Puerto Rico 

Palomino Island Snorkel

An extremely secluded option for scenic snorkeling adventures is the private island of Isla de Palominos. The beach stretches over 100 acres of land, giving plenty of room for activities on both land and in sea. It’s beautiful plant life creates the perfect scene for snapping pics, and the beautiful ocean water is sure to give you an amazing snorkeling experience. 

East Island Excursions 

A boat tour/ excursion company that has tours available in Icacos and Culebrita. The tours last a little over five hours, and you can expect to pay $75 for adults and $55 for kids twelve and under. Their excursion package even includes lunch and drinks during your excursion! 

3. Escambrón Beach- San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Snorkeling at Escambron Beach

This not-so-secluded yellow sand beach has a lot to offer. In addition to snorkeling, you will have access to other activities such as checking out restaurants and nearby parks. While the island experience is one of a kind, Escambrón is an exciting option for those looking to pack more into their snorkeling excursion. 

Another plus about Escambrón is that due to the significant number of rocks, this particular area doesn’t experience choppy, rough waves. Keeping the water a lot more still and peaceful for Snorkelers to explore. 

Scuba Dogs 

Offering short snorkeling sessions at the Marine Park in Escambrón, Scuba Dogs is a short adventure to squeeze into your tightly-packed itinerary. The tour is in a bay area away from strong waves. 

The tour also gives you an opportunity to check out the gift shop, as well as a walking tour of the Escambrón Battery. The prices for a forty-five-minute snorkeling session and the above-mentioned extras for just one person is $80, however, if you tour with two or more people, the price drops to $55 per person. 

4. Isla Verde– San Juan, Puerto Rico

Multiple different beaches make up the beach of Isla Verde, including Balneario de Carolina, El Alambique, and Pine Grove. Noted to be less populated during weekdays, Isla Verde can also give you a more private and relaxed snorkeling and beach experience. You also have quick access to facilities unlike some other less crowded beaches. Isla Verde stretches across the shore for miles, giving plenty of room for families to spread out and explore without being crowded together. 

Try Scuba 

Try Scuba focuses on welcoming beginners to the adventure of scuba diving. The snorkeling price per person is $39 for a guided tour with equipment provided. You will snorkel for around two hours with your guide!

5. Esperanza Beach- Vieques, Puerto Rico 

Swimming and Snorkeling In Vieques, Puerto Rico

On this beach, you can expect to see more than just fish. Esperanza offers access to dining, lodging, and entertainment all conveniently located close by. This beach is also known for being a family-friendly hangout spot by local Puerto Ricans. There is also a pier located near a scenic snorkeling spot. Esperanza is also located within walking distance of other beaches to include Playa Grande and Sun Bay. 

Black Beard Sports 

Black Beard’s snorkeling tours come with water and snacks provided. The price per person is $50 for two hours of snorkeling fun. They offer a ton of rental gear to ensure that you have all of the equipment you need to explore the ocean!

6. Blue Beach- Vieques, Puerto Rico 

Blue Beach Snorkel (Vieques)

Blue Beach has some prime snorkeling spots with shallow areas of the ocean. For families with smaller children, this is a safer option. The water is so clear that you will most likely be able to see ocean life while sitting beachside near the shallows! Blue Beach is located near the island of La Chiva, where you can find great reefs to snorkel!

Fin Time Adventures 

Fin Time wants their snorkelers to know that they believe each visitor should have a fun and unique snorkeling experience. You can expect to see some of the most vibrant coral reefs in Puerto Rico during your offshore coral reef tour. 

Clear your whole day if you explore with Fin Time because they offer a full six-hour tour (including boating times). Like many others, Fin Time also provides lunch and snacks during your time with them. Their prices are a little more expensive, at $150 per person, but their thoughtfully chosen locations and perks that come with booking them have a lot to offer!

7. Playa Carlos Rosario Beach– Culebra, Puerto Rico

Snorkeling at Carlos Rosario Beach in Puerto Rico

Located close to Luis Peña Natural Reserve Park, Carlos Rosario is a little less populated. It’s a calm, easy-going place to snorkel if you are trying to avoid large crowds. Keep in mind that this beach also does not have any shops or restaurants, so it’s crucial that you pack what you’ll need for the day.

8. Flamenco Beach- Culebra, Puerto Rico  

snorkeling playa flamenco culebra puerto rico

Perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing beaches in Culebra with mountain scenes as your back-drop view, and deep blue-green water. Holding a spot for one of the most amazing beaches worldwide, Flamenco Beach is a white-sand beach and a busy area. Lots of locals and tourists want to soak up all it has to offer. With mild waves, Flamenco is a popular spot to go on a snorkeling adventure. 

9. Tamarindo Beach- Culebra, Puerto Rico


While Tamarindo doesn’t offer as many practical benefits as other beaches like Flamenco (bathrooms, restaurants, etc.) it can still give you an immersive snorkeling experience. With this in mind, it is also a much less populated area to have your under the sea adventure. So if crowds aren’t your thing, Tamarindo might be just what you’re looking for. Pack a picnic lunch if your snorkeling vendor does not offer one, and bring plenty of bottled water! 

Culebra Snorkeling & Dive Center 

Culebra Snorkeling & Dive Center works as a useful resource page for those with questions about snorkeling. Just about any question you have can be answered by these pros! They understand that snorkeling for the first time can feel a little intimidating, and are there to serve as your guide through the process! 

Kayaking Puerto Rico 

If you are looking for an even more active experience for your snorkeling excursion, look no further! Kayaking Puerto Rico has a kayaking and snorkeling combo adventure. They offer a one day touring option at $85 that includes transportation fare to the snorkeling site, or a two-day touring option that does not include the transportation costs at $65.

The Aquafari snorkeling excursion covers multiple beaches including Tamarindo and Flamenco. You will also kayak in the Luis Peña Marine Reserve! 

Note: Make sure you are checking the amenities located on or near the beach you select for your snorkeling adventure. While some of them are located near the things you’ll need, others are not. Nobody wants to be stuck without food all day! 

10. Steps Beach- Rincon, Puerto Rico

Snorkeling Step Beach Rincon Puerto Rico GoPro Hero 7 Black

Seize the opportunity to snorkel in the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve! Famous for their steps (yes, literally concrete steps) located on the beach. Due to the waves at Steps Beach being larger than some of the other snorkeling destinations during certain seasons, snorkeling is available during the Spring and Summer months. In addition to fish, you can expect to see dolphins, turtles, and even lobsters! 

Great Escape Puerto Rico 

Great Escape offers tours lasting between one and two hours of Steps Beach. Their tour guide comes along with you to explore, making sure you don’t miss a thing! They are currently charging $39 per person for their snorkeling tours. 

Here are a Few Other Beaches to Check out for Snorkeling in Puerto Rico: 

  • Condado
  • Playa Peña
  • Ocean Park 
  • Boqueron
  • Crash Boat 
  • Seven Seas Beach 

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Wrap Up

When choosing your snorkeling destination in magical Puerto Rico, make sure you consider several factors to help decide on the right beach for you and your friends or family. Always check and see if the beach you choose has access to food, lodging, and bathrooms. 

If not having these modern luxuries available doesn’t work for you or the people you are traveling with, don’t worry! Luckily Puerto Rico offers many beach options to snorkel located close to the things you need (there are many included on our top 10 list!) 

If you choose to visit an island for your snorkeling adventure, check with your snorkeling company to see if they provide food and drink or if you need to pack your own. 

Prepare for whatever snorkeling environment you decide on, and you are sure to have a day filled with warm sand, clear water, and iconic views of coral reefs in Puerto Rico. You might even make a few new ocean-life friends!

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