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Water sports are notoriously healing. Whether you swim in a pool, surf the waves, explore ocean depths, ride a boat, or kayak down the river, there’s something undeniably stimulating and relaxing about being in or on the water. We like to share this passion with our readers while alerting you to the inevitable dangers of our beloved wet.

 In Smooth Waters is your go-to guide for all water-related activities. We are water enthusiasts who publish new posts regularly.

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Our featured guides will provide some valuable insights into the dangers of drowning and how to eliminate them when you and your beloved ones are on the water. Drowning is a leading cause of death. Especially for children. In the United States, More children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects. Get educated on the dangers of drowning now!


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 In Smooth Waters is your go-to guide for all water-related activities. We publish new posts regularly and update our existing content base every week. If you are a water enthusiast like we are, you are going to love our latest posts:

Learn from the best Fly Fishermen on Youtube and Insta

Best Fly Fishermen to Follow on Instagram and YouTube Who Will Make You a Better Fisherman

Since the rise of social media, the world of fly fishing has seen big changes. When fly fishermen started sharing pictures on social media, some were worried it would ruin the sport. Instead, it has invigorated it, bringing welcome attention from diverse fans worldwide. In particular, women fly fishers have rocked the sport with their […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Fish in the World

The 10 Most Beautiful Fish in the World

Fish are some of the Earth’s most diverse creatures, coming in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. From adorable clownfish (think “Finding Nemo”) to regal Koi, the diversity is astounding. Below, we’ve summarized ten of the most beautiful fish in the world. We’ve also thrown in some honorable mentions at the end for good measure […]

10 Most Expensive Types of Koi Fish

Top 10 Most Expensive Koi Fish and why they are so expensive

Do you know what type of koi fish sold for $1.8 million in 2017? Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive koi fish, starting with the priciest koi ever sold and finishing with some truly honorable mentions.  Top 10 Most Expensive Koi Fish There are more than a hundred different types of […]

Deepest Pools in the world

10 Deepest Pools in the World to Accomplish Astounding Dives

If you’re someone who suffers from thalassophobia or the fear of being in deep water, you will most definitely stay away from the ocean and deep-sea diving.  However, did you know that some massive swimming pools in the world appear to be almost as dark, deep, and unknown as the vast ocean?  Whether you’re fascinated […]

Best Floating Ice Chests

Best Floating Ice Chests and Coolers of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)

Few things in life are better than hanging out poolside with a cold drink in your hand surrounded by people you love. But why get out of the water to fetch another drink when you can keep your beverages nice and cool using a floating ice chest? With all the options available, choosing the best […]

Best Automatic Self Inflating Life Jackets

7 Best Automatic Self Inflating Life Jackets (Buyers Guide!)

Safety is essential when working or traveling on open waters.  Anything can happen, and  although you may be a strong swimmer, you will need to have a life jacket to keep you afloat for long. An automatic self-inflating life jacket is a must-have given its comfort and flexibility. Getting the best automatic self-inflating life vest […]

Best Rigid Inflatable Boats

Best Rigid Inflatable Boats of 2023 (Reviewed!)

If you’re looking for a boat with better performance levels, improved sea keeping ability,and unlimited style and size choices, then a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) may be your ideal solution.  RIBs differ from the typical inflatable in that they have solid contoured hulls. This makes them a perfect combination of an inflatable and traditional fiberglass […]

Best Baby Beach Bed

7 Best Baby Beach Beds of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)

As much as you would like to enjoy your time on those sandy beaches and turquoise waters, you want to make sure that your baby is not just tagging along but also comfortable and enjoying the beach with the rest of the family. To that end, finding the best beach bed for your baby is […]

Best 4 Person Inflatable Boats

Best 4 Person Inflatable Rafts of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)

You don’t necessarily need to take out a loan on a boat to gather your friends and head out on the water this summer. The best 4 person inflatable rafts can give adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts an exciting time on the lake or ocean, even if they aren’t able to purchase a regular boat.  Our 4-person […]

Best Personal Flotation Device Belts

11 x Awesomeness: Best Flotation Belt for Swimming [2023]

Choose your personal flotation device as if your life depended on it, because it does.  Our 11 Awesome picks contain what we consider the Best Flotation Belt for Swimming. Whether you are boating, fishing, paddleboarding or kayaking, or just staying in shape by taking a water aerobics class, having the best personal flotation device belt is […]

Best Inflatable baby Water mats

7 Best Inflatable Baby Water Mats of 2023 (Buyers Guide!)

Our guide to the best inflatable baby water mats can help you find the ideal water mat to enhance your tummy time with your baby, making it both fun and safe.  If you’re a new mom, you might be wondering about the importance of tummy time and how you can make the most of that […]

Best incontinence Swimwear

9 Best Incontinence Swimwear of 2023 (Buyer’s Guide!)

Incontinence is a pesky problem that can be a little embarrassing to discuss. It generally affects older adults but can also affect children, teens, and young adults.  Our picks of the Best Incontinence Swimwear are discreet and have sportive designs. Nobody at the pool will know about your little problem! If you’re planning a vacation or […]

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