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Water sports are notoriously healing. Whether you swim in a pool, surf the waves, explore ocean depths, ride a boat, or kayak down the river, there’s something undeniably stimulating and relaxing about being in or on the water. We like to share this passion with our readers while alerting you to the inevitable dangers of our beloved wet.

 In Smooth Waters is your go-to guide for all water-related activities. We are water enthusiasts who publish new posts regularly.

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Our featured guides will provide some valuable insights into the dangers of drowning and how to eliminate them when you and your beloved ones are on the water. Drowning is a leading cause of death. Especially for children. In the United States, More children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects. Get educated on the dangers of drowning now!


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 In Smooth Waters is your go-to guide for all water-related activities. We publish new posts regularly and update our existing content base every week. If you are a water enthusiast like we are, you are going to love our latest posts:

Top 10 Swimming Movies and Documentaries That Will Make You Want to Jump in the Water

Top 10 Best Swimming Documentaries and Movies

Most people have gone swimming at some point, even if for fun. But if you want to know more about what swimming is like for professionals and competitors, you should watch these best swimming movies and documentaries. There are tons of them available, so there’s something for everyone. Consider a few of the best swimming […]

Top 10 Kiteboarding Movies and Documentaries You Dont Want to Miss

Top 10 Best Kitesurfing Documentary Films and Movies You Must See

Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, is a popular water sport with similarities to wakeboarding, waterskiing, and surfing. Anyone interested in learning more about kiteboarding, or just wanting to see some amazing kitesurfing feats, may want to check out any one of a number of kiteboarding movies and documentaries.  But with quite a few to choose from, you […]

Best Snorkeling Life Jackets

7 Best Life Jackets for Snorkeling of 2023

The vast ocean is home to many of the world’s most incredible and awe-inspiring creatures, and snorkeling is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the wonders of the ocean. Of course, the waters aren’t without their fair share of dangers, and it’s essential to take proper safety precautions when […]

Fly Fishing Movies to Fuel Your Passion

10 Best Movies about Fly Fishing to fuel Your Passion

Are you looking for a good fly fishing movie to start the weekend off with a bang? Fly fishing movies are timeless and provide you with comedic relief, deliver instructional information on how to improve your skills, and shed light on environmental happenings. By selecting one of these 10 featured films, you can experience all […]

10 Bass Fishing Movies to Pull on all Your Strings

10 Bass Fishing Movies to Pull on all Your Strings

There is nothing better than a relaxing bass fishing movie on a weekend night. Are you trying to get in the right mindset for your weekend fishing trip? You can wind down with a comedy film that gives you a good laugh with its ironic twists and creative humor. If you want to discover the […]

Best Sailing Movies to Binge

Top 10 Sailing Movies and Documentaries to Watch Immediately

Sailing brings adventure and excitement, and there’s nothing like the wind in your hair and mist spraying your face as you glide across open water. Days spent on the water are some of the best. But if you can’t get out to sea right now, why not bring sailing to your screen.  Whether you’re a […]

Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Movies And Documentaries Ever Released

The 10 Best Diving Documentaries and Movies Ever Released

The deep ocean is one of the most unknown places our species has ever visited, with only about five percent of the seafloor mapped. Scuba divers are some of the few people who ever get close to seeing more of the seafloor, so movies that feature them show the unknown in a way few other […]

How to Spot an Ocean Friendly Restaurant

How to Spot an Ocean Friendly Restaurant

The past few decades have spelled tragedy for the world’s oceans. More than 8.75 million metric tons of plastic fragments flow into the sea each year, damaging marine ecosystems at unprecedented rates. With 5.25 trillion parts of plastic already in the world’s waters, what can we do to stop it? Luckily, we can do something […]

Best Windsurfing Movies And Documentaries

10 Surfing Documentary Movies That Make You Miss the Ocean

Tons and tons of surfing movies have been created over the years, and while many of them tackle different issues, they all have one thing in common: they all make you want to take to the ocean and ride some waves! While some documentaries like Soul Surfer and Chasing Mavericks might make you marvel at […]

Best Spearfishing Movies and Documentaries to Hook You

10 Best Spearfishing Documentary Films & Spearfishing movies

When you think of watching movies and documentaries, spearfishing may not be a subject that comes to mind. But if you’re interested in it or learning something new, you should consider watching some spearfishing movies and documentaries. You don’t have to pursue spearfishing now or after you watch these spearfishing shows. But you can use […]

Best Boat for Shallow Water

Best Boat For Shallow Water: 17 new models that can go less than 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) deep

Exploring the shallow waters, whether it’s for fishing, leisure, or research, requires a vessel that can handle such precarious conditions. The freedom and thrill of navigating through tight, shallow channels or casting a line in secluded flats are unparalleled, but these joyous moments can quickly turn sour without the right boat. This is your comprehensive […]

Most Expensive Fish for Aquariums in the World

The 10 most expensive aquarium fish

Many of the most expensive aquarium fish in the world cost more than what people can justify paying for a single animal. But if you want to add something unique to your aquarium, you may want to save up, no matter your budget. Keep reading for a list of the most expensive fish to add […]

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